Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 25


Meher goes to parlour and someone is keeping an eye on her. He/she says, “Meher today is your marriage but I won’t let u be happy for long as u all didn’t bother to invite me. Just wait and watch what I do with u now” He/she leaves.

At night, everyone is ready, Meher’s family haven’t arrived in the marriage hall, Abeer’s family is already there. The guests arrived and were congratulating Abeer, there were his fans too, the girls were drooling over him, but Abeer was being very formal to them.

Meher’s family arrives, Meher comes out of the car, Abeer smiles and stares at her, she was wearing red and golden lehenga with red chunri, her straight fringes were on her face, she smiles back at him. The wedding starts, Abeer and Meher sit near the fire and the rituals start, they get up to take rounds, Suman comes forward to tie the knot but is stopped by a voice.
Person: Sorry to stop the function.
Suman turns around and sees a lady, it was a lawyer.

Person: I am Mrs.Monalika Sharma, Mr.Shyam Purohit has done a complain against u all that u all didn’t invited him in his daughter’s marriage, he has problem with this marriage.

Suman: He has always given pain to us, he has divorced me, he is Meher’s father but doesn’t lives with us.

Monalika: Sorry ma’am, but until u all don’t sort out this problem, this marriage can’t happen.

Meher gets heartbroken and cries. Abeer side hugs her.
He whispers: Don’t worry, this marriage will happen at any cost, its Abeer’s promise. Be strong.

Everyone leaves from the hall, Abeer waves bye to Meher and goes. Meher hugs Suman and cries.
Meher: Maa humesha mere saath he esa q hota hai? Main itni buri hoon kia?
Suman: nhi beta tu bohat achhi hai esa mt bol, sab theek hojayega, tension mt le.
They also go from the hall.
Abeer is in the car. He thinks I won’t let Meher’s life ruined this time, don’t know what her stupid father thinks of himself, I will take revenge of her every tear, chhorunga nh unko main.

Meher in the car thinks about her and everyone’s happiness and cries. They reach to their house, Meher goes straight to her room and shuts the door, she cries her heart out. Abeer gets angry in his room and breaks a vase.

Later that day, Meher goes to Shyam’s house, the servant opens the door, she comes in and sees Shyam reading a newspaper, she goes and snatches it from his hand.
Meher: Why did u do this?
Shyam: what did I do?
Meher: u very well know what I m talking about, why u complained against us that we didn’t invited u? if we invited u, u would have created more problems for me n my family. U can’t see me happy, why? What have I done?
Shyam: U all didn’t invited me so I did this, don’t forget that even if I don’t live with u now I m ur father and u can’t deny the fact.
Meher: No, u r not my father, he died 15 years ago, I hate u pops (she used to address Shyam as pops when he lived with them), Maa always said to be away from u, but I didn’t listen to her, I always said that no, my father is very good, he will come back, he loves me, but no, u never came to me, u also forgot that I m also ur daughter, I m warning u be away from me n my family, don’t come again to trouble us.
Shyam laughs sarcastically.

Shyam: Meher, I only said to invite me at least, nothing else, u think I care about ur family?
Meher: when did I say u care? of course u won’t care, u didn’t came once to meet Bua also, the one who is such a bad brother, why will he care about others? I m warning u be away from all of us coz when u married second time we didn’t do anything so u also don’t have any right to do all this, be away!

She goes banging the door loudly. Two pair of eyes were watching all this from a distance and it was none other than Abeer, he went to meet Meher but saw her coming out of the building so he followed her and heard everything she said to Shyam.
Abeer in his heart: “Meher, if we can’t marry in a grand way then we will run away from our house and marry, I will marry u only.”

Precap: Meher receives a letter by Shyam.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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