Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 24


The nurses are finding a private room for Abeer but couldn’t find any of the room empty, they shift him to Meher’s ward while he is asleep and leaves from there, Meher is asleep as well. She wakes up at midnight and sees Abeer in her ward.
Meher: how did he come here? Maybe the nurses shifted him on his insistence, by the way he is looking like a cute baby while sleeping.

She picks her phone from her bedside table and snaps a pic of him. She smiles looking at him and again sleeps.

Its morning, Abeer wakes up and finds himself in Meher’s ward and sees Meher.
Abeer: Wow, just wow, how lucky I m, wow God how well u understand me, I m so lucky, that all my wishes come true really fast and that I got a beautiful and caring wife like Meher, but her feet got injured because of me, then also she came running worrying about me not thinking about herself, plz God plz give her all the tears to me and all my happiness to her, she matters a lot to me, n thank u for letting me come back to life, love u.

Meher gets awake.
Meher: who r u saying love u?
Abeer: To God.
Meher: seriously?
Abeer: yes, thanking Him for giving me a beautiful wife like u. So sad we are in one room but our beds are apart from each other.
Meher laughs.
Meher: now u want romance even in hospital room.
They laugh.
Meher: I saw a cute boy today.
Abeer’s eyes pops out of the sockets.
Abeer: who’s it?
Meher: I snapped a pic of him, I will show.
She picks her phone and sends him his pic. Abeer smiles seeing it.
Abeer: aww u took a photo of me while I was sleeping.
Meher: yes u were irresistible n so cute, I wanted to pull ur cheeks but I couldn’t.
Abeer: don’t worry we’ll soon be together n close to each other.
He smiles and gives her a flying kiss. She too does the same.

The day comes for their discharge. Suman and Madhvi were packing Abeer and Meher’s bags.
Abeer: Meher, I wana say something
Meher: what?
Abeer: i won’t be ur fiance for long.
Meher’s jaw drops open in surprise.

At Meher’s home, Tunnu and Devki were making arrangements to welcome back Meher.
Tunnu: Bua, I want to ask something.
Bua: say?
Tunnu: I love a girl.
Bua: who?
Tunnu: do u remember Tina?
Bua: yes I do
Tunnu: she is the one.
Bua: oh I will tell later about it.

In hospital:
Meher: y r u saying like this?
Abeer: coz u will be my wife now.
Meher: oh, u scared me.
Abeer: jab pyaar kiya to darrna kya? ?
Meher laughs on him.
The discharge papers gets ready and Suman and Madhvi does the formalities, they leave towards their house.

Meher with Suman comes home. Tunnu hugs her.
Tunnu: di, I missed u.
Meher: I also missed u.
He takes her to her room. She sees her room decorated.
Meher: who did this?
Tunnu: aur kisne aap k bhai Tunnu ne.
Meher: thank u.
Tunnu: welcome.
The room was filled with her and Tunnu’s photos, there were Abeer’s and her photos together too. Meher sits on the bed with Tunnu and talks with him, he teases her and sometime later he leaves, she rests.

Suman and Devki talk to Pandit Ji about mahurat. Pandit says the best mahurat is after a week. They do arrangements for the marriage. Everyone is happy.

1 week passes by, its the day for Mehbeer’s marriage. Abeer and Meher have completely recovered from their injuries. Meher is happy and sad both at one time, she didn’t wanted to get separated from her family but she was happy that she got her love back. She goes to the parlour. Someone keeps an eye on her. He/she says, “Meher, today is ur marriage but I won’t let u be happy for long as u all didn’t invited me. Wait and watch what I do with u.”

Precap: Mehbeer’s marriage to be spoiled, Meher gets heartbroken, Abeer makes a plan.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. Adorable ff very nice

  2. I think that man can be shyam. Ohh plzz end the curiosity update soon 🙂

    1. Haha I will tell in the next update itself ?
      Bd rocks

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