Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 23

Suman cries for Meher and apologizes her for not letting her meet Abeer.
Suman: if I would have let u meet Abeer, u would have been conscious right now, its all because of me.

Abeer’s heartbeat gets more low and he breathes heavily, Madhvi comes in the ICU and sees this, she cries and calls doctor. The doctor comes running to Abeer and checks the oxygen mask, its empty, he supplies him oxygen and he becomes a little normal, Madhvi cries seeing him.
Doctor: If he doesn’t gets conscious in 3 hours then we will lose him, I m really sorry.
He leaves.

In Meher’s room, Meher is still unconscious, she breathes heavily, the doctor comes to check her and corrects her oxygen mask and leaves, she starts moving and slowly opens her eyes, she sees Suman sleeping by her side, she recalls Madhvi’s words and gets up from her bed, she removes her oxygen mask and the drip pipe from her left hand and silently leaves the room, she hides seeing the nurse, the nurse goes and she runs towards the ICU with injured feet.

Abeer is given electroshocks, Meher falls on the way and her feet starts bleeding but she gets up and keeps running. The nurse is giving shocks to Abeer but he doesn’t responds.
Nurse: Doctor, I don’t think he will make it, his pulse is also decreasing with time, he is about to die, sorry.

Madhvi gets angry.
Madhvi: how dare u say that ? don’t u dare say anything like that again, he will come back to us I know, he will wake up, he won’t leave us, God can’t be so cruel.
Everyone leaves from there except Madhvi.
Madhvi: plz wake up Abeer.
Meher: Maa
Madhvi turns and is shocked to see Meher standing with bleeding feet.
Meher: Maa, u go take rest I m with Abeer.
Madhvi: y did u came by running, ur feet also started bleeding again.
Meher: Maa, I m here with Abeer, u go take rest, Abeer is important for me, i got conscious, my wounds doesn’t hurts more than seeing Abeer in such condition, u go I will stay with Abeer.
Madhvi: OK but on one condition.

She goes and brings a wheelchair for Meher.
Madhvi: take care of urself too, sit on it, u r also injured.
Meher sits on the wheelchair and Madhvi goes to Suman to inform her.
Meher gets teary eyed and doesn’t lets her tears flow, she holds his hand in between her palms.
Meher: Abeer, m sorry, u got critical in an attempt to give me surprise, Abeer plz wake up, don’t leave us, I love u Abeer, if u die I will also die with u, I won’t live without u, my life is empty without u, plz Abeer wake up.
She finally lets her tears roll down her cheeks, she sobs. Abeer doesn’t responds.
Meher: if u want that I don’t cry, fine I won’t (she wipes her tears), now wake up, I will sit by ur side till u wake up.
She keeps her head on his chest and again starts crying. After good 15 minutes, she lifts her head and caresses his face with her fingers and goes near his ear.
Meher whispers: I love u Abeer m sorry, wake up, I want to spend my life with u, I want to make some more memories with u, the memories we made till now won’t be enough for our lifetime, u r my everything, my best friend, my soulmate, a shoulder to cry on, everything, I will do anything u say, deal?
Abeer responds by holding her hand. Meher smiles with teary eyes.
Meher: u accepted the deal, but u didn’t wake up, Abeer, wake up baby, my love, I don’t know how to smile without u, bring my smile back Abeer, wake up.

Abeer stops breathing.
Meher: Abeer! u can’t leave me like this! I will die if u don’t wake up, utho Abeer, don’t do this, wake up, stop joking, q sata rahe ho? come on baby wake up.

Abeer’s POV: I felt being taken up in the sky by the angels, but was stopped by something, the angels made me see Meher sitting by my side crying and begging me to come back, I was asked to choose between life and death, of course I chose life as I can’t leave Meher like this.

She hugs him by putting her head on his chest and keeps her arm around his waist.
Meher: Abeer, wake up, I will be urs forever, I promise.
The monitors starts ticking, he starts breathing again, his heartbeat becomes normal, Meher sees this and smiles and calls the doctor.
The doctor checks him and Meher’s words echoed in Abeer’s ears like a mantra, “I will be urs forever I promise.”
He opens his eyes.
Doctor: Congratulations, its a miracle that he is alright, ur love made him alright.
She smiles. Madhvi and Suman comes there and gets happy seeing Abeer conscious. The doctor gives prescription to Madhvi and asks her to bring these medicines. She leaves.
Suman: Meher Madhvi ji told that u came here running in an injured state as soon as u woke up, u should have informed me before going, I got worried for u.
Meher: sorry Maa, but I was worried for Abeer.
Abeer holds Meher’s hand.
Abeer: u will be mine forever right?
Meher: of course Abeer, u scared me by not waking up, I love u Abeer, n m sorry it happened because of me, u wanted to surprise me and all this happened, really sorry.
Abeer: no sorries, I love u too my Meher, go take rest, now I m OK, u go, nothing will happen to me, we will be in touch with each other.
He smiles at her, she kisses on his forehead and Suman takes her from there.

Suman lies Meher on the bed and calls the nurse to give her drips, the nurse pierces the back of the palm with canula and gives her sleep injection, she sleeps.

Abeer too sleeps.

Precap: Mehbeer in one ward, they have fun.

I hope I fulfilled everyone’s wish.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)


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