Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 22


Abeer’s bike dashes with a car and there was a loud bang, Mehbeer falls unconscious and severely injured on the floor, some people sees them and calls ambulance, the people try to make them conscious but all the efforts went in vain. The ambulance arrives after 20 minutes and takes Meher and Abeer inside the ambulance with the help of people. They reach the hospital and the nurse finds their family’s number and informs them about the accident. Meher is taken to OT and Abeer in ICU.

The Malhotras and Purohits reach ASAP and gets worried about them, they all cry.
Suman: I don’t know whose evil eye cursed our children.
Madhvi: Suman ji, we’ll have to be strong and trust God, come we should pray for them.
They go to the hospital temple and pray to God.
Meher is treated by doctors, she starts breathing heavily, the doctors makes her wear oxygen mask, her breathing becomes normal. The surgery goes on and after sometime doctor comes out, Suman rushes to him.
Suman: what happened?
Doctor: her surgery has finished, she will take time to regain consciousness as her wounds are very severe.
Suman: can we meet her?
Doctor: yes after we take her to a ward.
Meher is taken to the ward, Suman goes inside the ward along with the doctor and nurses, they shift her to another bed and goes. Meher again breathes heavily, Suman calls doctor, he supplies oxygen to Meher, she becomes normal again.

In the ICU, Abeer’s surgery is going on and his heart beat is decreasing with time. The nurse comes out of ICU and goes to Madhvi.
Nurse: I m sorry but we don’t think he’ll be saved, we can’t say anything right now, his heart beat is decreasing, and also he has lost most of his blood, he will need blood, what’s his blood group?

Madhvi: AB+
Nurse: we will try to arrange blood.
She goes, Madhvi breaks down.

Suman sits by Meher’s side and cries seeing her. She recalls little Meher saying that she will never marry, Suman laughs and asks why? Meher says you will be alone if I go, I will never leave u, I love u mumma, Suman gets emotional and hugs her.

Present, Suman looks at Meher and says please come back to us, wake up. Madhvi comes there.
Madhvi: How is she?
Suman: She is OK, but will take time to get conscious, how is Abeer?
Madhvi: he is critical, he lost most of his blood, nurse went to arrange blood.
Suman: He will be OK.

The nurse doesn’t gets blood and informs Madhvi, she cries even more hearing this. Meher regains consciousness. Suman calls doctor, he checks her heart beat and says everything is normal.
Meher: where is Abeer?
Madhvi: he is OK, he will come.
Meher: don’t lie to me, tell me where is he?
Madhvi: He is OK.
Meher: Maa plz don’t lie to me, tell me where is he? how is he? is he OK? u r crying I know something is wrong.
Madhvi: he is in ICU, he is critical, he lost most of his blood.
Meher: what’s his blood group?
Madhvi: AB+
Meher: mine also, I will give blood for him, call nurse.
Meher tries to get up from the bed but can’t as her feet are injured the most.
Suman: u lay down, we will call the nurse.
She goes to call the nurse and tells that their blood is of same group, u take her blood for Abeer. The nurse takes her blood in the same ward and goes to the ICU.
Meher: I want to see Abeer.
Suman: u r not OK, plz lay down.
Meher: Maa plz let me see him, I understand ur worry but plz let me go.
Suman: no u take rest.
Meher: Maa plz, let me meet him, m worried, he needs me, plz let me see him, I will be OK, I can’t let him die.

She cries and again goes unconscious.
Suman: Meher!
Madhvi calls the doctor for her, once he comes, she goes to Abeer.
The doctor checks Meher.
Doctor: her condition is worse than before, we’ll keep her under observation.
He goes.
Suman: sorry Meher, it happened because of me.
She cries.

How much they love each other that one doesn’t wants to be alive if the other is not alive, it was as if they die they will die together and won’t leave any one of them alone in this world of cruel people just like they were living together.

Precap: Meher gets conscious and runs to the ICU with injured feet.

Boring update??

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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