Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 21


Anonymous, I respect ur request to make my ff a little nasty n I will try it. ?
Guys, I showed that Akshat was staring at Sasha, n like he was in love with her, tell me what to do about Akshat? I have no idea.

The episode starts with Meher writing something in her diary, she wrote about her engagement and then about all the mixed feelings she was getting in her heart, although she has what she wants, but her mind was warning her again and again that not to go so close to Abeer, she was happy but her mind kept reminding her about Abeer’s all the rude words to her.

Before divorce, everyone were having food, Meher was in her room waiting for Abeer to return as he went out of the house whenever he got angry on Meher, she didn’t had food and was starving but Abeer being stubborn didn’t came early, he came late at night even after knowing she doesn’t eats without him, when Abeer came, Meher ran and hugged him cryingly.
Meher: Tum agaye Abeer, I knew u won’t be angry on me for long, I trust u, (breaking the hug) u must be hungry, come let’s have food.

Abeer had an angry look on his face.
Abeer: I blo*dy don’t care if u trust me or not, I returned home for mom, she must be worried for me, I had food, I don’t want anything of urs, go, just go away from my life.

Meher cries.
Abeer: and u better stop shedding crocodile tears as I know u don’t care about me, u care about my money.
He pushes her away from her way and goes to the bed to sleep. Meher cries seeing him.
Fb end.
Still those sad memories and his rude words which he once said and now he regrets affects her. There’s always a little pain behind every “it’s OK” of hers, those wounds still hurts which she thought that they had healed long ago.
Just when she was thinking about her past, she gets a message by Abeer, “Can’t sleep, all I can think about is u and our dance.”

Meher replies with a smiley face ?. Abeer says, “I think same is with u too ?……. Baby u r smiling but I think u r sad on something, tell me what happen?”

Meher thinks how does he know what m thinking? She replies, “no m not sad”

Abeer says, “plz Meher tell me what’s wrong, I won’t take u wrong, Maa kasam now tell”

Meher has no option but to tell him, she tells him everything, her mixed feelings and all that she is scared that he will leave her again. Meher says, “I told what I was thinking about….”

Abeer says, “Meher, if u think its too early for u to trust me again, then take ur time, I won’t mind ”

Meher says ,”u sure?”
Abeer says, “yes”
Meher: OK good night.
Abeer: bad night, get scary ghosts in ur dreams ?
Meher: Abeer!

She laughs on him. *end of messages.* She sleeps.

Its morning, the day for Mehbeer’s haldi function, Meher does breakfast and takes out the clothes for the function and irons them. Meher gets a bad feeling about the function but brushes it off and gets ready for the function in a yellow anarkali and a chooridar, she does very light makearrives, the guests starts coming.
Meher: I don’t know why but I m getting a bad feeling again and again like something bad is going to happen to me today, I hope nothing such happens.
Suman brings Meher downstairs and she sits on the floor, Abeer’s family arrives, Abeer smiles seeing Meher and sits beside her, she smiles at him. The function starts and everyone applies turmeric to Mehbeer, Abeer takes haldi in his hands and smears Meher’s face with haldi.
Meher: kya kia tumne.

She too does the same to him. Madhvi laughs on them.
Madhvi: oh God u guys fight like kids.
They both get shy. Everyone laughs.
Soon the function ends. Abeer winks at Meher and goes.

Later that day, Meher is in her balcony gazing at the stars, someone is coming towards her and palms her eyes.
Meher: who’s it?
He/she tickles her and giggles.
Meher: yr who’s it?
He/she continues tickling and kisses her on her cheek.
Person: m a ghost.
Meher: don’t joke, u r Abeer.
The person removes his hand from her eyes, its Abeer.
Meher: nice surprise Abeer.
Abeer: missed me?
She nods in a yes. They gaze at the stars together.
Abeer: I have one more surprise for u.
Meher: what’s it?
Abeer: come with me, today u won’t need to come by hiding, I took permission by my n ur parents so that we can go together somewhere.

Meher: aww
They go down the building and sit on Abeer’s scooter, she puts his hands on his shoulders and he rides the scooter, they have a talk on the way, a car comes from the other side and dashes with their scooter and there was a loud bang.

Precap: Mehbeer in hospital.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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