Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 20


The episode starts with Sasha thanking Nisaar. He says no problem. Akshat comes to Sasha.
Akshat: Sorry I wasn’t staring, I think I have seen u somewhere, I was trying to identify where I saw u.

Sasha: OK
Akshat goes.
Akshat to himself: I feel as if I m in love with her, don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Everyone dance on Punjabi Wedding Song. The ceremony ends.
Abeer whispers to Meher: let’s go to a club tonight just me n u, what say?
Meher whispers: I will tell u later.
Everyone leaves.
Meher goes to her room and looks at her engagement ring.
Meher: I hope nothing separates us now.
She looks around her room, their old pictures were there on every wall of the room, she smiles seeing the pics. She opens her cupboard and takes out the teddy bear Abeer gave her, she hugs it. She changes her clothes and lays down on the bed. She gets a video message by Abeer, he says, “Hi my wifey, I know u must be thinking about me only, m missing u already, be ready at 7, I will come to pick u, till then take care, love u (flying kiss)”
She smiles. She replies him with a voice message and says “What should I say to Maa? Everyone will be here at home.”
Abeer replies “Tell her u r going out with ur pati dev ?”
Meher replies “Naughty boy, u r saying as if she will agree, v r not allowed to talk or meet before marriage ?”
Abeer says “I can’t live without u, get real baby, I m missing u badly, just today come to meet me”
Meher says “OK”

Tunnu meets Tina in a cafe, they have coffee together.
Tunnu: Tina, I want to say something.
Tina: hmm?
Tunnu: I m in love.
Tina is about to take a sip but stops and looks at him in a shock.
Tina: with who?
Tunnu: u.
Tina gets shocked.
Tina: with me?
Tunnu: yeah with u, u heard it right.
He pulls out a love bracelet from his jeans pocket, she forwards her hand and smiles, he makes her wear the bracelet, they have an eyelock and hugs each other.

Suman tells Meher that she is going out of the house for some friend’s wedding and that she will come late after 10. She goes. Meher smiles and thinks now I will be able to go without anyone knowing. It was 6:30 in the evening, she was happiest person on the world right now, she went through her wardrobe and checked for some good clothes, she finally found it and went to the washroom to change, she comes out after sometime wearing a western dress, it was a long black sleeveless outfit, she curled her hair from down and applied a little make up, she wore silver ball earrings and a pendant and a black pearl bracelet, she wore black high heels and looked stunning. Abeer calls her and asks her to come down, he has come, she goes from her house without being seen by anyone, she goes to Abeer’s car and he gets mesmerized seeing her, she sits beside him.

Meher: chalein?
Abeer comes out of his trance and nods in yes, he drives the car.
Abeer: how did u manage to come when everyone were there at your house?
Meher: Maa went to her friend’s wedding, she said she will come late so I came.
Abeer: Miss Akdoo, on a serious note, today u came by hiding, I mean it didn’t happen before, how come u took advantage of a situation, u r not like that?

Meher: I was also missing u, n everything is fair in love, u said that today in the morning.

Abeer: ooh, copycat, by the way u r looking very s*xy today, pretty in black.
He winks at her, she blushes.
Abeer: aww u r so cute when u blush.
He pulls her cheek. She smiles. They reach and he stops the car. They go out of the car, it was a club where they were going. He holds her by her waist and they go inside the club. Some boys stare at Meher but she didn’t paid any heed to them and didn’t got scared as Abeer was there with her.
Abeer: will u dance with me?
Meher: of course. U r my fiance after all.

They dance on baatein kuchh ankahee si. (Sorry guys I m daily adding songs to my ff). He entwines both her hands in his hands and they move according to the song, he spins her, he sits on one knee with her hand in his hand and stands up, he pushes her holding her hand and she spins coming in his arms, he entwines her one hand from back and move left and right, he again spins her, he pushes her backward holding her hand and pulls her forward putting hand on her waist, he spins her and she lands in his arms, he leans more into her and pulls her up slowly by her waist, they have an eyelock, she moves to his side holding his hand and he pulls her entwining her hands, her back facing him, he picks her up with their entwined hands and spins holding her, she turns her head to look at him, he puts her down and she turns towards him, he spins her and picks her up in his arms, the song ends.
Meher: u dance very nicely, do u practice daily?
She teases him.
Abeer: no, but I just love to dance with u.
She smiles and he puts her down, he gets drinks for them, they drink and goes from the club, Abeer drops her to her house, luckily her mother still wasn’t home, Devki was sleeping, Tunnu was in his room the whole time, no one noticed she wasn’t at her house for sometime, she silently went towards her room, she changes her clothes. She picks her diary and opens it.
“Life is so beautiful when u have someone u love and its even more beautiful when he loves u too, I finally found the love of my life and he’s the one and only Abeer Malhotra, I love his eyes especially when he stares at me lovingly, my life has settled properly, I have everything, I love my life right now, its as if I m the luckiest person person in the world.”
She smiles at the diary entry she wrote on her marriage day previously. She turns to an empty page and writes everything what happened today, she was extra happy today, her happiness had no boundaries, someone has said right that if u love someone, set him/her free, is he/she was yours then he/she will surely return and if he/she doesn’t returns, he/she was never yours.”

Precap: haldi ceremony.

Guys m not showing that chudail taiji, she won’t be there in any of my ff. ?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. Superb yaar happy that taiji is not a part.And quote was also very nice. 🙂

  2. Very very interesting yaar

  3. I am sorry I have been a silent reader for a long time but today I decided to comment on ur fan fiction because it is just amazing.
    The one thing I ask for is please make it romantic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DOnt just make it romantic make it a little nasty…. Its up to u it u want to make it nasty or not but it would be nice to read something that makes you a little watery… If u know what i mean… And the positive side to making it a little nastier is ull be able to update more. Love u i hope u do make it just a little bit nasty. I love your fanfiction it would be better with some nastiness

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