Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 2

Abeer: plz Meher give me one chance to prove myself, give me one week then I won’t stop u from taking your decision.

Meher looks at him cryingly.
Meher: u r late, u have come when I m going to be someone else’s, u should have thought about it before giving me divorce, now the time of thinking has passed, u should also move on like I did, attend my marriage if u want because m not going to give you another chance (turns to Suman) Maa tie the knot, I will marry Akshat n not Abeer.

She said this with hatred in her words, but her eyes spoke the truth, they were clearly showing that she loves Abeer, but a part of her was scared to trust him again, its said that if u love her then tell her because she won’t wait her whole life.
Listening to Meher’s answer, he takes Meher’s hand in his hands.
Abeer: I know I have hurt u a lot, but plz give me one chance, just one chance, everyone deserves second chance, if I won’t be able to prove myself I will let u marry anyone u want and also attend your marriage, I will move on I promise.

Meher looks deep into his eyes, it had so much pain and love for her, somewhere deep down, it pinched her heart to see him in so much pain. She stared at him blankly for sometime and says:
“OK I will give u one chance but remember this is your last chance, if u won’t be able to prove yourself then I will marry Akshat and move on”
Listening to this Abeer smiles and hugs her, she cries but doesn’t hugs him back. Seeing them hug, Akshat fumes and says:
“Abeer, don’t u dare touch my wife”

Abeer: don’t forget she is just ur fiancee, soon she’s gona be all mine.

He gives a hopeful smile to Akshat breaking the hug. The guests leave blabbering and Akshat goes to his room and fumes and throws his sehra on the floor, he changes his clothes and goes to Meher’s room and knocks it. Meher is sleeping on the floor still in her bridal dress, her face fully tearstained. She fell asleep while crying. After getting no answer, he tries opening the door but finds it locked, he breaks the door and panics seeing her on floor, he sits down beside her and is about to pick her up, Abeer comes and stops him, he picks the jug of water and sprinkles it on her face, she wakes up and finds herself on floor. She gets up and takes comfy clothes out of her cupboard and goes to washroom to get out of her bridal dress. Akshat and Abeer wait for her without fighting.
They wait for her in her room and after sometime she comes out and Akshat goes towards her and holds her hand. Abeer burns in jealousy.
Akshat: Meher why were u crying, that too for Abeer
Meher pulls her hand out of Akshats hand and says:
“leave me alone, I want to rest”

Abeer gets happy seeing her paying no heed to his words,
he goes meanwhile Abeer and Meher have nonstop eyelock, he too goes, the rest of the day went rough for Meher, her heart and mind were battling over Akshat and Abeer. Its night, Meher lays on bed crying herself to sleep and drifts into sleep sometime later.
Abeer outside his house is laying on the roof of his car gazing at stars, he smiles.
After all day passed and night came, everyone were asleep, Mehbeer used to gaze at stars laying on the roof of the car.
After work, they came out of their house secretly towards their car, Abeer lifted Meher up to make her lay on the roof and he came from the other side of car and climbed on the car, he lays down with his hands behind his head and Meher laying with her head on his arm and her arm around his waist.

Meher: I love these stars, I wish to see them the whole time
Abeer: I have a desire to see u only, my lady love.
She blushes.
Abeer: oh sorry u r miss akdoo he he
Meher: Abeer! m not going to talk to u
she sits with her back facing him.
Abeer too sits, a naughty plan comes in his mind. He hugs her from back and kisses her on cheek.
Abeer: what about now?
They have a laugh and she kisses him on his cheek.
they smile.
Flashback ends.
How beautiful were those days, and he being a dumb head broke that beautiful relation with her just because of one misunderstanding, unlucky he. He gets teary eyed and goes to his room and kisses Meher’s photo.
Abeer: I promise I will win u back.

Soon he too sleeps. His dad looks on from outside the room. He says in heart, “sorry son, u had to bear this because of me, I will rectify my mistake I promise.”
He goes.

Precap: Abeer on the road sees Akshat holding Meher’s hand forcefully and Meher feels uncomfortable.

thanks for reading my ff

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