Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 19

Two days passed by, the day for Mehbeer’s engagement came, Meher wakes up early and smiles thinking about Abeer.
Meher to herself: I never thought Abeer will come again in my life, he is the best thing that ever happened to me, I m so lucky to have him in my life, today we’ll be engaged and he will be all mine, he’s already mine, engagement is just a formality.
She was smiling like a fool laying on her bed, Abeer climbs to her window and jumps inside and falls on the floor, he screams a little, Meher turns around.
Meher: kia hua? y did u scream? lagi kya?
Abeer gets up and nods in yes.

Meher: where?
Abeer rubs his b*m making a puppy face, Meher laughs.
Meher: hahaha, so u made an effort to meet me before engagement, y r ur eyes puffy? didn’t u sleep the whole night?
Abeer: no, u r a drug, m addicted to u, sleeping without thinking about u is difficult, so now u know y I didn’t sleep the whole night.
Meher: aww, but u should’ve called me, y did u sacrifice ur sleep?
Abeer: I thought u would have slept.
Meher: I slept late, I was up till 3 am.
Abeer: ohh, I missed u baby.
Meher: I missed u too, these 2 days were boring without u.

He keeps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer, she threw her arms around his shoulders, they looked in each other’s eyes and kept moving closer and closer, she runs her fingers in his hair and he kept caressing her hair up and down and had a kiss (m not writing what type of kiss as some youngsters also might be reading my ff). They hugged each other with all the strength they had, they weren’t ready to loosen their grip on each other, they were very deeply in love with each other, this hug made both of them feel protected once again, in these 8 years they both had craved for this protection which they lost coz of one misunderstanding, its said that loving someone is nothing, being loved is something, loving and being loved is everything.The only person who can mend a broken heart is the one who broke it.

They stood there in the same position for some more time.
Meher: (without breaking the hug) Abeer
Abeer: hmm
Meher: I wana say something, don’t take me wrong, u came back in my life and once again I trusted u, I got trust on u again with much difficulty, r u sure u wont leave me again? R u sure u won’t let anything come between us like before? R u sure that this time nothing will part us from being together?

She said this with a quiver in her voice. Abeer breaks the hug and cups her face.
Abeer: I know I did a big mistake by leaving u n hurt u a lot, I know u might be scared that I may leave u again, but trust me, I can’t forgive myself for hurting u so deeply, after u left I was shattered, I realized I lost a diamond, every time I used to miss u I wanted to take u in a warm hug, I wanted to call u, but I didn’t had courage to face u, I promise I won’t hurt u again, I will never let u go again from my life, I love u Meher.
Meher: I love u too
They again hugged each other.
Meher: Abeer I think u should leave now, Maa can come anytime.
Abeer: sure m going, bye.
Meher: bye. Go safely take care.
He smiles at her and goes.

Meher smiles dreamily. Later that day, 30 minutes before the engagement, Meher is ready in her bridal dress and is sitting in front of the mirror getting her make up done she was wearing a pink and golden draped anarkali with golden and pink diamond jewelry, her hair styled beautifully with curls, a constant smile plastered on her face, the make up girls complements her and wishes her luck, she smiles and they go.

She recalls Abeer combing her hair lovingly and smiles. Suman comes to take her downstairs and complements her kissing on her forehead and takes her downstairs, Abeer looks at her and smiles, she too smiles looking at him and sits beside him, Sasha comes there and smiles at them, Akshat and Nisaar are also present in the ceremony. Akshat stares at Sasha.

Meher and Abeer exchange rings, everyone claps. Han hasi ban gaye (female) plays in the background. Sasha, Nisaar, Abeer and Meher take a group selfie. Akshat keeps staring at Sasha the whole time and gets caught by her, she feels strange. She goes to Nisaar.
Sasha: Nisaar baat sun.
Nisaar: hmm?
Sasha: Akshat is staring at me from so long, m feeling something strange.
Nisaar: I will go talk to him u stay here.
He goes to Akshat.
Nisaar: hey Akshat? Any problem? why r u staring ?
Akshat: staring? no m not u must be having any misunderstanding.
Nisaar: I know u were staring at my friend Sasha, what’s ur problem?
Akshat: whatever I look at, its none of ur concern Mister.
Nisaar: yes that’s none of my concern but if u stare at her again then m telling I won’t spare u, don’t stare at any girl and make her feel uncomfortable, I m warning u don’t stare again.
He goes. Akshat fumes.
Nisaar: Sasha I warned him, be with me, don’t be alone.
Sasha: thank u.

No precap.

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