Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 18

Dazzling four decides to party after the college ends, they go to the jam room to decide the songs for their album with their instruments, Tina on the keyboard (piano), Tunnu with guitar, Miyaki with electronic guitar and Karan on drums.
Karan: Which songs should we sing for our album?
Just then the principal comes and announces that they have to prepare 5 songs in 4 days, so u all can sing each song of different themes like sad, happy, fusion, rock and love, I suggest u to choose 5 songs of different themes or all 5 of same themes, its ur wish, thank u.
He leaves.
Miyaki: We should do as sir said, 5 songs of different themes.
Tina: I second u.
Tunnu: I m also in.
Karan: I also say the same, so first decide the sad song we will sing, and we all should know the lyrics and tune of the song.
Tunnu: I bet everyone here would have heard that song Kuchh Iss Tarha by Atif Aslam and I think everyone knows the tune as well.

Karan: I have heard.
Miyaki: me too
Tina: I also, so sad song is decided, now the happy song comes next, which one should we sing?
Miyaki: Apna har din aise jiyo jaise k aakhri ho, both boys n girls will get chance to sing in it.
Tina: What about daaru desi?
Tunnu: That’s also good.
Karan: I think v should do voting in this, who wants to sing the song Tina said?
Karan and Tunnu raises hand.
Karan: what about Miyaki’s song?
Miyaki and Tina raises hand.
Tunnu: Equal.
Karan: let’s keep both of them in the list, what say?
Miyaki and Tina happily: fine
Karan: 3 songs decided. Which theme next, fusion or rock?
Miyaki: rock
Tina: rock
Tunnu: rock song, now Karan u suggest any song?
Karan: I think koi mil gaya song is perfect.
Everyone agrees.
Miyaki: just one left, which love song should we sing?
Tina: nazar laaye na.
Karan: i haven’t heard it, but I can do it for u guys.
Miyaki: I have heard it.
Tunnu: I have heard half.
Tina: 5 songs done?
Karan: yes, let’s practice.
They do practice.

In the office, Abeer was still lost, Meher comes and sees him lost.
Meher laughs seeing him lost and clicks her fingers in front of his face.
Abeer comes back to reality.
Meher: What happen Mr Abeer Malhotra? Where r u lost?
Abeer: In ur dreams lady love.
Meher: ohhh so the angry young man Abeer Malhotra turned into a majnu.
She smiles naughtily at him.
Abeer: no u r my Miss Akdoo n u will always remain my miss Akdoo only.
He winks at her, her jaw drops open. She makes a cute sad pout and fakes anger.
Meher: Abeer u will never change.
She turns and smiles and tries to go but Abeer pulls her and she lands up in his lap, they have an eye lock. He catches her smiling shyingly.
Abeer: u look so cute when u smile shyingly.
She blushes.
Meher: thank u but anyone will come and see us like this, what will they say? Abeer Malhotra in his studio that too so close to his boss.

Abeer: boss nhi, hone wali biwi.
He sticks his tongue out. They keep staring at each other for sometime. Abeer sitting with Meher in his lap with her hands around her neck and his one hand around her waist and one hand caressing her hair. Sometime later they straighten themselves and Meher goes blushingly in her cabin, Abeer smiles.

Tunnu’s college is over, the dazzling four decide to meet at 8 at Karan’s place, Tunnu reaches his house and gives the news of the album to everyone, they all praise him and he goes to freshen up.

In the office:
Office has finished but Meher was still working, Abeer comes to her.
Abeer: what yr? don’t u wana go home? do ur work later
Meher: no, so much work is left.
Abeer: I got ur mom’s call and she asked me to bring u to house early, she will be tensed, plz come.
Meher: Tell her I m busy.
Abeer switches off her computer and drags her out of the office ignoring her words, he makes her sit in car and locks her side of door, he sits on driving seat.
Meher: Abeer what is all this?
Abeer: u can continue ur work tomorrow also, no arguments just come.
He drives the car and she glares at him and stays quiet, she keeps looking out of the window and didn’t glanced at him not even for once. He lied to her that her mom called him, Abeer is with her so why will she worry? She loves him as his own son after all.
Abeer was driving the car a little fast, she didn’t noticed he changed his way and didn’t let her see that he is taking her somewhere else and not to her house, he stops the car at a restaurant.
Meher: why did u stop the car? n where r we? This is not my house.

Abeer: I lied to u that ur mom called, I wanted to spend time with u so I thought to take u here.
Meher keeps his arm on his shoulder.
Meher: Man’na parega, u r the best in giving surprises.
They smile and Abeer goes out of the car towards Meher’s door, he unlocked it and she comes out of the car, he locks the car and goes in the restaurant with Meher holding his bicep, she sees the whole restaurant decorated, there was no one except them.
Meher: wow, thank u Abeer.
Abeer: everything is fair in love.
They smile and dance on the song “saawali si raat ho”, he holds her hand and keeps his other hand on her waist, she keeps his hand on his shoulder with her other hand enfolded in his hand, they have an eyelock, he spins her and she falls in his arms, they keep moving according to the song, the song ends and he picks her up in his arms.

In Karan’s house, dazzling four were partying and drinking champagne.
Karan: Guys let’s play truth and dare what say?
Tina: yes u r right, it will be fun.
Tunnu: I agree
Miyaki: me too.
Karan rotates the bottle, it comes on Miyaki.
Karan: truth or dare?
Miyaki: truth
Karan: so tell whom do u love besides ur friends, yourself and your family?
Miyaki: I loved a boy but he died 3 years ago.
Karan: I m sorry I didn’t knew.
Miyaki: its OK.
Miyaki rotates the bottle and it comes on Tunnu.
Miyaki: truth or dare?
Tunnu: dare
Miyaki: you’ll have to drinks 4 shots of wine.
Tunnu: OK.
He drinks four shots one after another. He rotates the bottle and it comes on Tina.
Tunnu: truth or dare?
Tina: dare
Tunnu: sing a romantic song without music.
Tina: fine.
She sings “joganiyan” song in her sweet voice looking at Tunnu. He smiles in a drunk state.
Tunnu: very nice Tina, u r the worlds best singer.
She smiles and rotates the bottle, it comes to Karan
Tina: truth or dare?
Karan: truth.
Tina: have u ever loved someone?
Karan: yes I have, she’s still there in my life.
Tina: oh nice.
Tunnu: guys this truth or dare is getting boring, let’s play never have I ever.
Tina: hmm
Karan: ok
Miyaki: fine.
They keep beer glasses for everyone on the floor.
Tunnu: first my turn, never have I ever broken someone’s heart.

Karan and Tina take a sip.
Tina: can I go next?
Tunnu: sure
Tina: never have I ever loved someone.
Everyone takes a sip.
Miyaki: Never have I ever cried for someone.
Karan takes a sip.
Karan: Never have I ever been alive.

They all get shocked and looks at Karan with surprised expressions.
Karan: oh God m joking.
They relax and laugh.
Karan: never have I ever kissed someone.
Tunnu and Karan takes a sip.
Tina: whom did u kiss Tunnu?
Tunnu: I kissed my mom on her cheek.
They all start laughing.
Tina: oh God I think u r feeling high.
Tunnu: m fine.
They continue playing and after sometime Tunnu keeps singing a song; “oh sari night besharmi ki height”
He kept laughing and singing, he passes out and falls in Tina’s lap.
Tina: Tunnu! Tunnu.
He doesn’t responds.
Karan: let him be here for the night, I will manage, u both head home.

Tina and Miyaki leaves, Karan puts Tunnu on the couch and informs his mom about his night stay.

Mehbeer are dining together in the restaurant and after sometime they also go to their house and soon sleeps.

Precap: Mehbeer engagement.

Guys I wana know if my story is on track or not? M I focusing more on Dazzling Four and less on Mehbeer?

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