Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 17

the washroom door opens, she screams and gets scared, Abeer palms her mouth, she sees Abeer and gets happy.
Abeer: m here only, for whole night.
Meher: when did u come?
Abeer: sometime ago
Meher: I just love to spend time with you
She hugs him. He hugs him back. They lay down on the bed beside each other holding hands.
Abeer: do u remember our college camp trip in jungle?
Meher: yes, we had a punishment of spending all day together, our hands were tied together.
Abeer: hahaha, I made u roam the whole day.
Meher laughs.
Abeer: Meher, v should lock the room so that no one can come in.

He gets up and locks the door.
Meher: u locked the door but I don’t want to sleep the whole night.
Abeer: same here, we will talk whole night and do fun.
He winks at her, she smiles.
They lay on the bed in half sitting position.
Abeer: what should v do?
Meher: u already told v will talk and do fun.
Abeer: what should v talk about?
Meher: nothing, let’s sleep.
She says to tease him.
Abeer: but u didn’t wanted to sleep?
Meher: yes I didn’t wanted but u r not talking so I will sleep.
Abeer: no I won’t let u sleep.
He starts tickling her. She laughs a lot.
Meher: Abeer leave me plz.
Abeer doesn’t leaves her.
Meher: Abeer!
She too starts tickling him. They both were laughing a lot, soon the room was filled with their laughter, they lay down to rest being out of breathe.
Meher: Today the most funny scene was when u got scared in the lift.
She laughs.
Abeer: the most funniest scene was when I asked for one day holiday and when u were about to sit in ur car I pulled u in my car, plz grant me one holiday.
He too laughs.
They keep talking to each other and unknowingly sleeps.

Its morning, Mehbeer are asleep until the sunrays starts disturbing their sleep. Abeer wakes up and sees Meher asleep, he keeps a note for her and unlocks the door to see if everyone are awake or not, he sees no one is outside so he slowly tiptoes downstairs and goes towards the main door of the house and goes from Meher’s house without being seen.

After sometime Meher wakes up and doesn’t finds Abeer, she sees a note for her on the bedside table, she picks it up, the note says, “I have gone from ur house, sorry I couldn’t wait for u to wake up, I was in hurry so I went. Love, Abeer.”

She smiles thinking about last night and goes to freshen up. She comes out after sometime and gets ready for office, does breakfast and goes office.

In Tunnu’s college, every band is asked to do a performance and any one band will be chosen for making their own album. After the performance of 6 bands, the dazzling four(tunnu’s band) is called on the stage to perform, they sing “caller tune” song, they end their performance and everyone gives them a big round of applause. The judges choose them for the release of their own album and the principal calls them in his cabin to sign the album release papers.

In office, Abeer and Meher greet each other with a hug, Meher goes to her cabin and Abeer goes to his studio and plays his guitar lost in his and Meher’s moments and smiles. He rests his face on his palm smilingly and gets deep in his and Meher’s thoughts.

In Tunnu’s college, they sign the papers and go out from the cabin happily and have a group hug.
Tina: let’s party.
Tunnu: yes u r right.
They go from there.

Precap: Dazzling four party, they play truth and dare game, funny moments

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