Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 16

The episode starts with everyone in Meher’s house having breakfast, Meher finishes her breakfast and is about to go office when she gets a call, she picks up the call. Its Abeer.
Meher: Hallo
Abeer: hi spectacled
Meher: say what happened?
Abeer: Boss m not coming office today, plz grant me one day holiday ?
Meher: reason?
Abeer: not feeling well, plz one day holiday? ?
Meher: OK fine, happy? now m going office talk to u later.
She disconnects the call.
Abeer smiles evilly, he is inside his car beside Meher’s car in Meher’s building. Meher comes down towards her car, she is about to open the car’s door, Abeer pulls her inside his car, she screams. He drives the car.

Meher: plz let me…
She sees Abeer is the one who pulled her in the car.
Meher: what’s this? u said u r not coming office.
Abeer: I m kidnapping u.
Meher: what?
Abeer: yes ?
He takes her to office.
Meher: now what’s all this?
Abeer: I wanted to come with u, so I had to do this.
Meher goes out of the car irritated.
Abeer: wait.
He comes out of the car and doesn’t let’s her go.
Meher: leave.
Abeer: no I won’t.
Meher: what’s ur problem?

Abeer: nothing, I want that u perform with me today.
Meher: no
Abeer: yes
Meher: no
Abeer: yes
Meher: no
Abeer: no

Meher: yes
Abeer laughs.
Abeer: u also said yes.
Meher: Abeer!
Abeer: OK fine don’t do, ur happiness is my happiness, I was just teasing u.
Meher: Don’t u know ur boss is so strict, I will suspend u ?
Abeer makes a puppy face, she laughs and goes.

In Tunnu’s college, it is announced that everyone have to make a band of 4 people, they have a time of today to register their bands, Tunnu and Tina decide to be in one band with two more students, they name their band as dazzling 4. Then its announced that they have to register their bands name till 2:00 pm, they register their band and goes to collect instruments for themselves, Tunnu takes a guitar, Tina takes piano, another student Miyaki takes an electronic guitar and the last student Karan takes the drums, they sing a rock song. Meher is in lift, it stops and the door opens, Abeer enters inside, he keeps playing a flute to irritate Meher, she ignores him, the lift’s light switches on and off, Abeer gets scared, Meher laughs seeing this, he chants some mantras, Meher presses her lips hard to control her laugh.
Abeer: y r u laughing?
Meher: m laughing on u, first u irritated me now I will do the same.

Abeer glares at her. The lift stops and Abeer opens the door and rushes out, Meher keeps laughing and comes out of the lift.She stops Abeer from going.
Abeer: what?
Meher: shall we perform?
Abeer: now why u want to perform with me?
Meher: u said to do so.

Abeer: OKAY
They go to Abeer’s studio, Abeer plays the guitar and they sing “aise tera main, jaise mera tu.” They sing very nicely. Everyone appreciates them.

Later that day, in Meher’s house, everyone were doing dinner, someone rings the bell, their maid answers the door, its Meher’s bua Devki, she comes in, everyone greets her.
Devki: (to Suman), Akshat is nowhere in this house? where did he go?
Suman: he wanted to unite Meher and Abeer so now they are together so he went from here.
Devki is shocked.
Devki: but

Suman: leave it ,what matters is Meher is happy
Devki smiles.
In Meher’s room, Abeer sneaks in and hides in washroom. Meher comes there after dinner, she misses Abeer and dials his number, it rings from somewhere around her, the washroom door opens, she screams and gets scared, Abeer palms her mouth, she sees Abeer and gets happy.
Abeer: m here only, for whole night.

Precap: Mehbeer spends a night together.

Sorry for the delay guys, telly updates wasn’t accepting any submissions before today, I will give u one more update today, I hope u liked it ?

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