Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 15

Tina and Tunnu goes out of the college and they sit on Tina’s bike, Tina in front and Tunnu at the back, she rides the bike and after sometime she stops it outside a children’s swing’s park. They both step down the bike and goes inside, they go on the roller coaster ride, it moves really fast, they shout because of the tickles they feel during it and sometime later they laughs.
Tunnu: this place is really nice.
Tina: yes it is.
The ride finishes and they go on another ride.

In the office, Abeer is taking Meher to his cabin making her feel irritated.
Meher: leave, I don’t want to come.
Abeer: seriously?
He takes her inside and locks the door, she looks at him confused and he pins her to the wall.
Meher: yes I didn’t wanted to come.
Abeer: but u have come now, so give me my dose.
Meher: what dose?
Abeer: kiss.
Meher: nhi

Abeer: plz
Meher holds his hand and kisses it.
Meher: happy?
Abeer: what yr?
Meher: u didn’t told where to kiss, u just said to kiss so I did, if u irritate miss Akdoo then she will also irritate u
She sticks her tongue out and escapes from the cabin while Abeer laughs.

Tina asks Tunnu to close his eyes, he does and she takes him inside a balloon, it starts moving, she asks him to open his eyes, he does and finds himself in a balloon.
Tunnu: So much height.
He holds Tina’s hand in fear while she looks on.
Tina: Arey kya? its nothing.
After some time it lands and they go out of it.
They go outside the park.
Tunnu: can I ride the bike?
Tina: ok.

He sits in front with Tina behind him, he rides it really fast and she hugs him tightly from behind. Unknowingly he smiles.
Tina: plz ride it a little slow, m scared.
Tunnu: OK.
He slows the bike and she is relieved. They go towards the college and stops the bike, they go inside, it was a free period so they go to the jam room (they study in music college), they sing together.

Mehbeer go out of the office after the time is over, they go to Meher’s house. Suman is talking on phone with Abeer’s mom, they decide to fix their alliance. Later that day, Meher’s family comes to Abeer’s house, after a lot of discussion their alliance is fixed, Mehbeer hug each other happily.

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