Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 14

Later at night, Mehbeer are asleep, Tunnu is not able to sleep, all he could think about is his and Tina’s dance, her words were echoing in his ears, “No problem I can wait.”
However after 1 hour he too slept.

Its morning, Mehbeer wakes up to go office, they do breakfast and gets ready and goes to office, Abeer records a new song “wajah tum ho.”
Meher gets happy listening to it.

In Tunnu’s college, a class was going on when Tunnu felt something hit his head, he looks down and sees a crumbled paper.
Tunnu: Who threw this on me?
He picks up the paper, it said:

“I can’t stop thinking about u, I can’t take stop looking at u, I can’t stop loving u……Tina”

He looked at Tina whose eyes were continuously on him, she gives him a flying kiss.
Sir: who did this? n what kind of love story is going on here?
Tunnu hides the paper quickly in his bag. Tina winks at him. Teacher continues his lessons.

Meher is going upstairs, she collides with Abeer.
Abeer: Where r u lost that u can’t watch where u go?
He raises his eyebrows.
Meher: M not lost, I was coming to u.
Abeer giggles.
Abeer: I will take u to my cabin by myself, come lady love.
He holds her hand and takes her making her irritated.

At Tunnu’s college, its break time, Tunnu was sitting with his friends in the cafeteria, they all decide to bunk the class, they go but someone palms Tunnu’s mouth and holds his hands and takes him to an empty classroom, its Tina.
Tunnu: What Tina? what’s all this?
Tina: u weren’t giving me time, so I did this, and this place is new for me so no friends.
Tunnu: Bol deti na, and why u threw chit on me during the class?
Tina: just telling my feelings.
Tunnu: But I already know ur feelings and I also told mine, but this is not the way yr, u said u can wait.
Tina: I said but I can’t wait, I miss u when I m away from u.
Tunnu: Even I missed u yesterday, but I think its just a friendly closure.

Tina: its OK, but I want to bunk the next class.
Tunnu: so go
Tina: with u
Tunnu: r u mad? where will we go?
Tina: ur favourite place
Tunnu: but that’s children’s swings.
Tina: Come plz.
Tunnu: OK
They go out of the college.

Precap: Tunnu and Tina love scenes, Mehbeer’s alliance fixed.

Sorry guys I know I said that in today’s update their alliance will be fixed but I wanted to show something different, I hope u understand, guys I have a question, should I show Abeer’s Tai ji and Meher’s bua? if yes then do u all want the same in the series or u want different women? Do tell me

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  1. S show all the series mehar-buva,abeer-taiji

  2. Wow.It’s amazing.You’r just brilliant Sara.I love Mehbeer’s irritesion Scene.Really Fantastic eppisode.

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