Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 13

Chapter 13 of hidden love.
Abeer holds her by her waist, she puts his hand on his shoulder and spins her and he holds her other hand and joins his forehead with hers, they have an eyelock, Abeer leans towards her making her land in his arms, he puts her other hand on his shoulder and he puts his other hand on her waist. The song ends and they straighten themselves.
Nisaar: Bro, do u both do dance practice daily? U both were dancing perfectly, made for each other.

He winks at him.
Abeer: Thank u bro, but where is your girl? Rati
Nisaar: she’s here.
Rati comes and stands by his side, he puts his arm around her shoulders.
Abeer: nice couple haan, perfect, Meher do u remember? He never had any girlfriend before n we never knew he will get his gf too soon, how cool.
Meher smiles and congratulates them. Rati and Nisaar goes, MehBeer have a talk.

At Tunnu’s school, Tunnu was sitting alone in the party, his all friends were busy with their girlfriends, a girl goes on stage and says,
“I was never able to confess this before but today I am saying, Tarun (tunnu), will u be my Valentine?”
She smiles at him and comes down the stage towards him and gives him a box of chocolates, he takes it confusingly, she hugs him, he is shocked as to who is she?
Tunnu: but who r u?

She breaks the hug and looks at him.
Girl: u forgot ur best friend, its me, Tina.
Tunnu: oh, Tina, u came after so many years so I forgot, I will be ur Valentine.
She smiles at him and takes him to dance. They dance on slow music and haves a talk between the dance.
Tina: Tunnu, I wana say something.
Tunnu: say
Tina: I have loved u my whole life n I still love u, do u love me?
Tunnu: Sorry, but I think of u only as a best friend.
Tina: No problem, I can wait.
She smiles at him and the dance ends.

In the office, party ends and everyone goes, Mehbeer goes to their home, it was almost night, they sit on the living room’s couch, Tunnu comes home.
Abeer: Did u find someone?
He asks as he sees the box of chocolates in his hand.
Tunnu: just an old best friend Tina.
Abeer: Friendship turns into love later.
Tunnu: Maybe.

Later at night, Mehbeer are asleep, Tunnu is not able to sleep, all he could think about is his and Tina’s dance.

Precap: Mehbeer alliance fixed.

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