Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 12

Abeer: Thank u Meher, thank u so much, u r an angel, thnx again.

Meher: Welcum, but if u thank me once more, u will get a slap from ur Miss Akdoo.
They laugh.
Abeer drives the car, Meher is sitting beside him, they were going to Meher’s house, Meher’s phone rings, she picks up seeing its from office, its Sattu who called her.
Meher: Jee sir
Sattu: U r invited to the office’s party today at 4:00 pm, tell Abeer also, his phone is coming engaged.

Meher: OK sir I will tell.
Call disconnects.
Meher: it was Sattu sir’s phone, he was saying there’s a party in the office at 4:00 pm.
Abeer: oh I forgot today is Valentine’s day, happy Valentine’s day.
Meher: Same to u.
They reach Meher’s house. They get down the car and goes to their flat and rings the doorbell. Tunnu answers the door. He says Abeer Jeeju and hugs him. He congratulates Meher, she smiles and they come in the house.
Tunnu: Di, today is Valentine’s day party in college, I don’t have a valentine, I m not going as I m alone.
Meher laughs.
Meher: Hey why are u saying like that? U will get someone when time comes, who knows that time has already come or that day is very near, I suggest u go.

Abeer: Exactly, I also say the same.
Tunnu goes to his room to get ready.
Abeer and Meher goes to Meher’s room to rest for sometime. Abeer was sitting with his back resting on the bed board, Meher got fast asleep, Abeer was looking at her face with love.
Abeer’s P.O.V:
She looks so cute while sleeping, I can’t take my eyes off her. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, she was having a peaceful sleep after a long time.
end of P.O.V.

Abeer was thinking about the day after college when they were going from college to home.
Abeer is driving his jeep when he sees Meher walking from college to home when some goons come and surround her, they holds her wrists, she begs them to leave her, she panics and starts crying, Abeer gets down his jeep and goes towards Meher.
Abeer: Why are u troubling her? let her go, leave her.
Goon: Should we trouble u?
He leaves Meher and Abeer gets into a fight with the goons, the goons run away. Meher thanks Abeer. He takes her to his jeep. She sits beside him, he drives the jeep, it starts raining, Meher plays in the rain while Abeer drives the jeep. Suddenly it starts raining heavily and it was getting foggy, Abeer couldn’t see the road, their jeep breaks down. Abeer gets irritated, he sneezes.
Meher: Abeer, if u r feeling cold then let’s sit under the tree so that u don’t get more cold.
Abeer agrees. They get down the jeep and sits under the tree, Meher falls asleep leaning to the tree and her head slips to Abeer’s shoulder. He looks at her and finds her asleep, she clutches his shirt tightly in sleep, he smiles seeing her.
Fb end.

Abeer too falls asleep watching Meher. At 3:00 they wake up and gets ready for the party, Abeer wears a red shirt, black pants and black blazer. Meher wears a red and black dress.
Abeer: i have something for u, close your eyes.
Meher closes her eyes and he makes her wear a floral headband around her forehead and takes her in front of the mirror.
Abeer: now open your eyes.
She opens her eyes and smiles seeing the head band.
Meher: thank u.
Abeer: welcome.
They go in the party, everyone greets them, Nisaar comes and hugs them. Everyone gets bored in the party, Abeer goes on the stage and sings “tu hai to main hoon” and dedicates it to Meher. She smiles looking at him.
Sattu’s wife comes on the stage. She asks Abeer, “What relation u have with Meher?”
Abeer: She is my to be wife.
He winks at Meher. Everyone gives them a big round of applause and congratulates them.
Abeer: Guys let’s have a dance, let’s have some fun.
“Han hasi ban gaye (male)” plays in the background.
Abeer dances with Meher, he holds her by her waist and she keeps his hand on his shoulder, Abeer holds her other hand and spins her, they joins their foreheads together and have an eyelock, the screen freezes in their joined foreheads.

Precap: A girl gifts Tunnu a box of chocolates and hugs him, Tunnu is shocked as to who is she?

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