Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 11

Abeer: now I can hug u properly

He takes her into a bone crushing hug, and after a long time Meher felt as if she is safe in someone’s arms, she was smiling whole heartedly and Abeer was also feeling alive after a long time.
After sometime they broke the hug.
Meher: Abeer should we go now?
Abeer: yes
Meher: should I drive?
Abeer: of course lady love.
She forwards her hand for car keys and he happily gave it. They go towards the car, Meher sits on driving seat with Abeer on passenger seat beside her, they have a talk on the way.
Meher: Abeer, u won’t mind wherever I take u, right?
Abeer: no I won’t mind, but where r u taking me?
Meher: surprise
Abeer: surprise, what is it?
Meher: if I tell u, it won’t be a surprise, so just wait and watch.

After sometime, Meher stops the car near the gate of Malhotra Mansion, Abeer frowns seeing this.
Abeer: Malhotra Mansion! this was ur surprise?
Meher: Don’t ask questions, just come.
They go out of the car and proceeds towards the gate and go inside, they rings the bell, Abeer’s mom opens it.
Mom: Meher, Abeer, come inside.
They go inside.
Mom: U both r together suddenly?
Meher: yes Maa, everything is fine between us now.
His mom smiles.
Mom: I m really happy for u both, I wish u stay together like this forever.
Meher smiles. Abeer’s dad come downstairs. Abeer gets irritated.
Meher: Namaste uncle.
She stands up and joins her palms together and smiles at him.
Abeer: Meher let’s go.
Meher: Abeer plz let me say, I know he did wrong, but he is ur dad, till when will u be annoyed with him? Forgive him.
Mom: Abeer, Meher is right, forgive him, give him a chance.
Dad: let him do whatever he wants, I deserve it, I am at fault I don’t deserve his forgiveness.
He is about to go.
Meher: uncle plz stop.
Dad: let me go, how should I face u? I can’t even meet my eyes with u, I always wanted a daughter and God fulfilled my wish by sending u as a daughter but I didn’t loved u, I rejected u as u are a middle classed girl, if u want then don’t ever forgive me, I deserve it.
He goes. Abeer’s mom cries.
Mom: when u were little, u were really close to ur dad, u both had a very strong bonding, u both are the same son and father who now don’t even want to look at each other.

She said between her sobs.
Abeer: but mom, how can he steal my happiness? look at his fault also.
Meher: Abeer, u only say that everyone deserve second chance, so give ur dad a second chance, when u wanted a chance even I gave u a chance with a trust that everything will be fine, when u were little, u were always with him, he was ur life, then why can’t u forgive him and give him a second chance? think about his pain and his love for u, keep yourself in his place and then think, won’t u be pained if someone who means world to u goes…
Abeer palms her mouth and nods no.
Abeer: don’t say this, u r my world.
Meher: then u will have to do this, not for me, but for him, for yourself, for your relation, for ur mom.
Abeer looks at his mom who was sobbing. He goes towards her.
Abeer: Maa, plz don’t cry, u want that I and dad patch up, right, so I will do that, don’t worry.
He wipes her tears and gives an assurance smile to her, Meher smiles. Abeer goes upstairs. Meher and Abeer’s mom share a hug.
Mom: I missed u Meher, very much, I always thought of u as a daughter and not as daughter in law, I am very happy that u both are together again.
Meher: I also missed u, I also thought of u as a mother, now ur daughter is back so smile.
Abeer’s mom smiles and kisses her forehead.
In Abeer’s dad’s room, Abeer enters and sees his dad seeing their old photo sadly.
Abeer: dad.
His dad hides his tears from him.
Dad: yes.
Abeer lifts his face.
Abeer: I m still ur son only n u r still my dad, I can understand ur feelings so no need to hide tears and u won’t ever cry again as I have forgiven u.

Abeer’s dad stands up and hugs him, they cry, Meher smiles seeing them and goes from there.
Meher: Maa, everything is fine now, they patched up.
Abeer’s mom smiles and wipes her tears.

In Abeer’s dad’s room:
Dad: I should apologize to Meher as well, I m going downstairs.
Abeer nods and smiles.
Abeer: I will also come with u.
They go downstairs and see Madhvi (Abeer’s mom) and Meher talking happily and smiles seeing them.
Dad: Meher, forgive me, I did wrong with u.
Meher: Don’t apologize, u r elder to me and I have already forgiven u.

Kuber (Abeer’s dad) smiles and blesses her.
Kuber: stay happy.
Abeer: Mom, dad, if u don’t mind can I stay at Meher’s house for some more days?
Kuber: u can.
Abeer: thank u dad.
He takes their blessings, Mehbeer go from there.
In the car:
Abeer on driving seat, Meher beside him.
Abeer: Thank u Meher, thank u so much, u r an angel, thank u for doing this.
Meher: welcum, if u say thank me again, u will get a slap by your miss Akdoo.
They laugh.

Precap: party in office, Mehbeer dance, Abeer sings for Meher.

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