Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 10

Abeer makes Meher sleep properly and promises in his heart to bring a big smile on her face. He gets up from the bed and is about to leave from her room but notices a diary on the bedside table, he reads many pages but then comes across a page and gets teary eyed.
Diary page 15:
Today was the best day, I found the love of my life, he’s exactly the same like I wanted, I feel so lucky right now.
diary page 16:
Today was our marriage, I was sad that I will have to go away from my parents but then he came and hugged me and said that he won’t let me feel alone ever. I found a soulmate in him, I m really thankful to God that He did so much for me.

diary page 17:
Abeer filed divorce against me, what the hell? I love him not his money, he called me a gold digger, I tried explaining him but he never gave me a chance to speak, he told me to sign on those papers, I did it, I left from his house, it was a rough day for me, I kept wandering on the roads because I didn’t wanted my family to suffer because of me, but fortunately or unfortunately Akshat saw me, he consoled me and became a shoulder to cry for me, he hugged me and took me to my house, he never allowed anyone from my house to talk about that matter, after all he is my childhood friend, he knows me very well, I know he won’t leave me like Abeer did.
End of diary entries.

He keeps the diary on the bedside table in the position it was before and wipes his tears.
Abeer says to himself, “I deserve it, I rejected her I broke her heart, I also deserve it, my own karma is chasing me, now one week is over, I don’t think I proved myself, so I should leave from here as soon as possible, I can also do anything to bring back her smile.”
He gets up and packs his bags, he was about to go just then the light switches on.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer doesn’t turns back, now he was more guilty, Meher comes out of the bed and stands at his side.

Meher: r u going?
Abeer: yes, I couldn’t prove myself. I m going as I promised.
Meher makes him turn to her side and cups his cheek, he looks at her in shock.
Meher: u have proved yourself Abeer, u proved it wasn’t ur mistake, it was ur dad who did all this and u broke all ur ties with him, but I don’t want differences between u and him, I will unite u both I promise.

She smiles and hugs him. Abeer was surprised happy shocked, all emotions came together, he hugs her back lightly, her arm was fine now and her plaster was to be removed today but still he was very careful. They stood there in the same position for sometime, but then they broke the hug. Meher took the bag from his hand and kept it aside.
Meher: u r not going anywhere, u can stay here for some more days, then we’ll again be one, I think we should give this news to everyone, Maa was waiting for this only.

She tries to go but Abeer holds her hand.
Abeer: u forgive me?
Meher: of course I do.
Abeer: I love u
Meher: I love u 2.

She goes to freshen up and he smiles. Akshat passes by and sees him smiling. He comes in the room.
Akshat: what happen? u look very happy today?
Abeer: I and Meher reunited, I was going but now u go as Meher is mine now.
Akshat smiles at him. Abeer is surprised as Akshat hugs him.
Akshat: congratulations, I was waiting for this only, I intentionally fought with u to increase your desire to win her as I saw love for u only in her eyes n not me, I m really happy for Meher n u.
He goes from the room tapping his back, it was a shocking day for Abeer or should I say he got so much happiness in one day.

Meher comes out of the washroom, she was in a red top and black pants, her hair were wet, he was continuously staring at her, she sits to dry her hair but was uncomfortable as her arm was plastered, Abeer immediately came forward and helped her in drying her hair.
Abeer: u look cute in wet hair.

Meher blushes.
Abeer: oh Miss Akdoo can blush, that’s something new.

Meher blushes more and they continue talking. During breakfast, they gave the good news and everyone were very happy for them, after that they went to meet Meher’s doctor and finally her plaster was removed. After getting her plaster removed, they went to Marine drive, they have a very good time.
Abeer: now I can hug u properly.
He hugs her tightly, she hugs him back, after a long time she was feeling like she was safe in someone’s arms.

Precap: Abeer and his dad have a hug, Meher smiles seeing them.

What happened to all the readers? It looks like I have only two reader and that’s Rishi and my frnd Ishita, where did others went? ?

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