Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 1

A boy is standing in front of a girl’s photo with a sad face in deep thoughts and says to himself:

“I wish I could have tried to understand you so u would have been mine today”
He says this running down his fingers on the girl’s photo, a lone tear escapes his eyes, he keeps crying looking at the photo. The boy is none other than Abeer.
The same girl in the photo is getting ready for her engagement, she gets teary eyed but manages to stop her tears from flowing, the girl is Meher.
She recalls her engagement with Abeer and goes downstairs with her side friends where a groom is sitting with sehra covering his face, she sits beside him, after some rituals Meher along with the groom who is Akshat stands up and Meher’s mom is about to tie their knots but is stopped by a familiar voice

“this marriage can’t happen”
They all turn towards the voice and gets shocked seeing Abeer. Meanwhile Suman (meher’s mom ) is happy. Abeer comes inside and goes on his knees joining his palms.
Abeer: Pls Meher give me one chance to prove myself, give me only one week then I won’t stop u from taking your decision
Meher looks at him cryingly, the screen freezes on Abeer’s pleading eyes.

Precap: keep guessing

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  1. seems interesting

  2. Thaks updating plz dont stop continue regularly plz yaar

    1. Hi Rishi, of course I will continue ?

  3. Sara nice yaar dont stop carryon

  4. Sally where is 2nd epid jaldi postkaro yaar,dont stop middle plz,ff writers of badtmeejdil, they r leave us middle so plz dont stop it, i am so crazy about bd, update regularly

    1. I will update, I have submitted my 2nd episode to telly updates for review, they will publish as soon as possible ?
      Badtameez dil rocks

    2. check ur inbox dr..Rishi

  5. Its awesome.. i think m late but its amazing keep uploading the epi regularly..

    1. Thnx Anaita, I gave my update to telly updates, don’t know when will it be published, that other writer of mehbeer ff isn’t continuing her story n I thought to write a ff on b.d, If u r interested to read more ffs of b.d, then follow me on instagram : badtameez_dil6890777
      Wattpad: @salley145

  6. awesome story please don’t stop in middle …please please

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