“plzz…..don’t do anything with him” sujata pleaded while crying.
“maa!…’little sanskae cried and tried to wriggle out from strong grip of his cruel father.
“what relation u have with that man…tell me?” ram shouted while holding sanskar up in air.
little sanskar cried, forwarding his tiny hands toward sujata.
“he was just my…my college friend…i have no relation with anyone…plz leave him…he is your son”sujata cried joining hand in front of him.
“u lied to me…he is not my son…he is your and that’s person bad blood……he….he have to go from here……i will kill him”ram shouted hysterically
“no…there is nothing like that…..he is your son…your blood….spare him”sujata said falling in his feet
‘plz spare him….do anything with me but plz leave him….”
“that’s good idea….tha…that’s a good idea…’ram said madly.he through sanskar on ground harshly, clenched sujata’s hair in tight and started dragging her in room.
sujata cried in pain.sanskar gets up from floor and run toward them.
“papa….plz leave mama…plz she is feeling pain…”little sanskar pleaded him,while tears rolled down from his eyes seeing his mother in such pain.
ram slapped him hard,making him fall down on ground.
“sanskar..”sujata cried seeing her little son falling down and getting hurt.
ram drags sujata in room and close the door. after sometime her screams started coming out from room.
sanskar runs and beats the door with his tiny hands.
“papa…don’t beat mama…plz….she is very nice…leave her”sanskar cried
sujata’s screams were continuously coming out from room.
At that time main door gets open and an old man came inside with two guards beside him.
he startled seeing sanskar in miserable state then gets extreme shock hearing her daughter’s scream.
sanskar run toward old man.
“grandpa!…plz ask papa to not beat mama”sanskar said holding his hand.
DP’s eyes turned red.he looked at his guards.they nodded,goes and start breaking the door.
sanskar and DP also goes close to the room.
sujata’s scream were stopped.
guards breaks the door in few minutes. sanskar and DP entered inside.
ram was standing holding his belt and sujata was laying on ground,blood was coming out from her mouth and forehead.sanskar sits beside her, new tears start coming out from his eyes seeing such state of his mother.
DP grabs ram’s collar and rattled him firmly.
“how dare u raise hand on my daughter….u blo*dy ****……….leave in her house, spends her money and beats her” DP shouted at him and slapped him hard.
ram staggered back.
“i…i didn’t do anything…she….she is doing dra…drama…yes she is doing drama…i love her a lot”ram said quickly, horrified seeing DP there.
meanwhile sujata managed to gets up from ground.
“no grandpa…papa beats mama daily”sanskar said while crying.
sujata gets scared and keeps hand on sanskar mouth and hides his face in her, clenching him tightly.
DP looks at ram angrily.
“this what u teach your son….you characterless woman….can’t even teach your son to respect his father”ram shouted at her again getting hysteric attack.
before anyone would have understand anything,he snatches the gun from one guard and shouted pointing gun at sanskar” its better to not have no son instead of such son”
he pulls the trigger of the gun.sujata pushes sanskar to the ground.bullet pierced in the chest of sujata.she falls down on back at the ground.
guards quickly surround the ram and kept him on the floor while locking his arms at his back.
DP and sanskar run toward sujata.
“da…dad….sav….save….mm… son…..he….he…ii….is mad”she completed her sentence with much difficulty and her eyes turned lifeless.
“maaaa!!!!!….”sanskar shouted, shaking her lifeless body
‘grandpa!….wake the mama….why is she not speaking?…plz wake her up.”sanskar cried shaking his grandfather’s shoulder who was silently crying at his daughter’s death.

“your mother was characterless woman….you are her bad blood”ram said in mocking tone. standing in front of sanskar, outside the court.
sanskar losses his temper at that and grabs his collar with both hands.
“if my mother was characterless then all woman of the world are characterless……..i can kill you right here but my mother’s pure blood is running in my veins therefore i am not doing anything” sanskar said in dangerous tone.ram gets scared seeing the burning fire in his eyes
One inspector holds sanskar arm.
“sir plz let us and court handle him….i assure you he will get death penalty today”inspector said.
sanskar left him and looked at him.
“make sure of it…’sanskar said and walks out from putting black sunglasses.
And as inspector said, judge ordered to give death penalty to ram in next two days.

“congratulation son!…finally sujata got justice” DP said in happy tone.
“mom’s soul will be in peace today” sanskar said in calm voice,
“she will be proud of you”DP said putting hand on his broad shoulders.
sanskar sighed deeply and gets up from his seat.
“i am going Ahsanpoor(imaginary village) to sell some property there” sanskar said in general tone and walks out from there.
“i am sorry sujata…….i tried to give him everything, values,education,money but was not able to stop him from becoming machine” DP said sighing
sanskar reached the village after 5 hours driving and was talking with lawer.
“this land is very fertile therefore sarpanj(village head) wants to buy it”lawer told to sanskar, walking toward his home as there was no proper path for car.
“how much amount he is giving…”sanskar asked
“whatever u will say…” lawer said and opened the door of haveli but the scenario startled them.
“plz spare her…..she didn’t do anything”a woman was pleading, joining hands in front of old man of about mid 60s.
man pushes woman aside, making her fall down and clenched the fallen a girls hair tightly and makes her stand.
“baba!….i didn’t do anything……he hold my hand…..”girl cried in pain.
“no sarpanj ji……..she called ma herself, saying baba is not at home…come soon” a boy said in fake innocence,who was standing at some distance.
girl shook her head vigorously while extreme fear was imprinted on her face.
“he is laying baba…..”girl said in fear filled voice.
sarpanj slaps her hard,printing his fingers marks on her cheeks.
“it would have been good if i would have dig u alive when you was born….”sarpanj said in hatred filled voice and slapped her again.
“maa!….”girl hissed in pain after getting rapped slaps from her father.
that was enough for sanskar.his own past started coming in front his eyes.
Same helpless child,same pleading mother and same CRUEL father.
sanskar’s eyes turned dark charcoal.he walked toward them with firm steps, freed the crying girl and slapped sarpanj hard on face.
“shit…..” single word came out from lawyer’s mouth.
“why the hell you all get by raising hand on weak women?” sanskar shouted at sarpanj in full anger.
everyone looked at him in full shock.
“who are you to speak in my family matter?”sarpanj in anger.
meanwhile girls mother went to her daughter and stands beside her holding her from shoulder.girls looked at her
“i..i…”girl tried to speak but her mother stopped her
“i know…”mother assured her.
girl looked at her father with fear filled eyes then at sanskar with strange eyes.
“saarpanj ji…plz firgive him….he came from city…he don’t know anything”lawyer said quickly.
sarpanj looked at layer angrily but nodded.
“dakho shari babo(look city boy)…this is our personal matter…when women will do such shameful act and ruined their’s family respect we have to deal only this way with them”sarpanj said controlling his inner anger.
sanskar just stared at him with full anger.
“you prepare her for marriage”sarpanj said in firm tone looking at his wife.
“wit…with whom?”mother asked in fear filled voice.
“with whom your daughter was ruining my name”sarpanj shouted
boy smirked fully.
“but he is not good enough for can…”her mother tried to protest but sarpanj gives her death glare, making her went silent.swara looks at boy in disbelief.
sanskar looked at mother’s face and he felt like his own mother is standing there helpless again.he can’t let her die again.
“i want to marry your daughter….”sanskar announced in loud voice.
swara and her mother looked at him with jerk.
sarpanj opened his mouth to say something but sanskar cut him.
“i don’t think you really care with whom she will marry….and i will take her with me far from here”sanskar said understanding his nature very well.
he just wanted to get rid of this problem(swara)
“but sarpanj ji….”boy tried to speak but sarpanj prevent him by raising his hand.
“take her from here”he ordered his wife.
she looked at him with disbelief and shocked expressions then shook her head,one tear fall down from her eye and she takes swara from there.
sanskar sighed heavily aand looked at boy.who was looking at him with range.sanskar narrowed his eyes at him.
“u can leave….”sanskar said in firm tone.
boy clenched his fist tightly and leaves from there.
“come….”sarpanj said
everything happened with in a blink of seconds and swara was not able to understand what is happening with her after marriage when she was made to sit in his car.
her mother came near sanskar.
“look son!… daughter is innocent….she didn’t do anything…i…i saw myself with my own eys that boy was forcing himself on her…..behave nicely with her” her mother said with motherly love.
sanskar nodded with small smile.she caressed his head and leaves from that time sarpanj came there.sanskar’s face expression changed into hard stone.
“don’t brig her here again…got it”sarpanj said in hatred filled voice.
“i am not going to bring her in living hell again” sanskar said in same tone as his and sit inside the car behind wheels.
swara looked at him then looked outside the tears start flowing down from her eyes.while sanskar started the car without giving her a single glimpse.
Again after hectic 5 hours they entered inside the house.
sanskar was tired like hell.he looked at swara who was looking at his house with wide eyes.
sanskar looked around thinking what is so special?
“kaki…….”saanskar called out loudly.
swara gets scared with his loud voice and looked at him with jerk.
one main came there hurriedly.
“take her to guest room…”sanskar said and maid looked at swara then nodded and took swara from there.
sanskar also went in his room.after getting fresh he fall down on bad and went into deep sleep.


sanskar gets up feeling damm hungry.he was walking toward kitchen when he hear someone’s crying sound.he startled in his track.he walked toward room and opens its door.
it was too dark.he switch ON the lights and looked around.
swara was sitting at far corner of room and crying hard.she raised her head and looked at him and quickly stands up,wiping her tears.
sanskar walked toward her and stands in front of her.
“u are again crying…”sanskar asked in general tone
swara shook her head vigorously.
“why were you crying?….”sanskar asked this time in firm tone.
“i…i…am scared……i..i never slept alone…i am missing maa”swara said sniffing.
sanskar takes deep breath.
“did u eat anything?”
swara shook her head.
“come with me…” after saying that he walked outside.swara silently followed his trial.
sanskar warm the food and arrange the table and both started eating food silently.
after finishing food he takes her to his room.
“sit….”sanskar said seeing her standing like frightened kitten.
swara goes and silently sit on corner of bad opposite to him
“my name is sanskar….i married you because your father was doing wrong with you….u can live from here whenever you want……no restrictions from my side”sanskar said normally.
swara nodded slowly.
“now sleep…don’t cry again”sanskar said
“where?”swara asked innocently
“on bad”sanskar said with raised eye brow.
“fortunately or unfortunately you are my wife” sanskar said lying down on bad.
swara silently goes and sleeps. on bad.sanskar went into world of dreams after 5 min.but swara keep on stirring whole night.
New place,new bad,strange husband.
“hey bhagwan!….”swara cried in her mind looking at sleeping sanskar.

sanskar came inside the room to pick his car keys and few files before leaving for office.
he stopped seeing swara crying again sitting in front of mirror.
“why are you crying….AGAIN”sanskar asked being annoyed.
“i don’t know how to comb hair……maa used to do that for me”swara said and again ctarted crying in slow voice.
sanskar closed his eyes,turned on his heels and left from there leaving swara crying.
“kaki!!…..”sanskar called for her
“g baba(yes son)….”kaki said after standing in front of him.
“comb that girl’s hair….”sanskar said and left from there.
kaki saw leaving with confused face then walks toward his room.
she combed swara’s hair,give her breakfast and left from there.
she called DP and told him that his grandson had brought grand daughter in law.

DP stepped inside sanskar’s cabin
“what am i hearing sanskar?….u bring a girl from village?”DP said worriedly.
“information reached you…first sit i will tell you everything”sanskar said calmly.
he told him everything from start to end.
“but what’s was the need of getting married….should have helped in other way”DP said
“i did what i find right at that time….”sanskar said normally.
“are u planning to introduce me or not”DP said annoyed with him.
“i have work…..come home in evening”
DP stared at him.
“what…”sanskar asked with narrowed eyes.
“get up right now……need to do reception also”DP said getting up
“no need of reception”sanskar said annoyed
DP glares at him.sanskar gets up from his chair.
“come here…sit with me”DP said pointing swara to sit with him.
swara looks at sanskar who was sitting on single sofa then goes and sit with DP.
“what is your name?” DP asked
“swara….”swara said in low scared voice
“no need to be scared dear……i am his grandfather…u can call me grandpa just like him….hmm?”Dp said smiling
swara noddes.
“in which class you are?…..”DP asked
“9th…”swara said
sanskar head snapped toward her.DP also get worried a little.
“your are not adult?” sanskar asked in shocked tone.
swara nodded in NO, getting worried seeing them worried.
“what is your age dear” DP asked not wanting to hear what was he expecting
sanskar cursed badly under his breath.
“just great…..i am married to a teenager”sanskar murmured under his breath.
DP also holds his head.swara looks at sanskar’s worried face then at DP’s worried face.
“how can they marry a girl in this age?”saanskar asked angrily sitting in his library, opposite to DP.
“in villages marriage happens in this age only”DP said calmly.
“but its illegal…”sanskar said in more anger
“government had just passed notice…..didn’t do anything against those people who do this illegal work”DP said.
“legally or illegally she is my wife”sanskar said sighing heavily.
DP smiled. at least he face the problems bravely just like his mother.
“grandpa!….”sanskar said engrossed in deep thoughts.
“i was thinking i should sent her school…..”sanskar said looking at DP.
DP chuckled but nodded.
sanskar looked at him dryly.
“what was funny in that?” sanskar asked with frown.
“nothing…”DP said then laughed loudly
sanskar shook his head.


“come here…”sanskar ordered swara.
she comes and stands in front of him.
swara sit at far corner of bad.
“tomorrow be ready…i will take you to your…uh…new school”sanskar said feeling a little weird.
“really…i can study further?” swara gets up and exclaimed with twinkling eyes.
sanskar looks at her with frown.she quickly sits down again.
“and don’t tell anyone in school that u are married…okay?” sanskar said
swara nodded vigorously.sanskar gets up and leaves from there.

swara was waiting for sanskar,standing near school gate,looking at empty road worriedly.
he always comes on time to pick him.don’t know how he got late today.whole school got empty but there is no sign of him.
Meanwhile few school boys happened to come out from classes.
they were about to cross the gate of school but stopped seeing swara standing all alone.
they came near her and start teasing her.
“hey babe!……didn’t went home”boy said and snatched her bag and start taking out things from it.
swara tried to snatch her bag back but another boy holds her from arm.
swara starts crying because of their teasing.

sanskar entered inside his cabin after 2 hours long meeting and sits on his chair,laid back and closed his eyes to relax himself.
after few seconds he jerked up and looked at the time.
“dam!…that girl..”sanskar muttered under his breath.he quickly picks up keys and run outside
after rush driving he stopped car in front car in front of her SCHOOL and stepped out.
swara looked at him and literally runs toward him.
“i am sorry….i had me…..” he tried to explain but swara didn’t let him complete and hugs him crying hard.
sanskar froze at his place with her sudden hug.she was still crying,hugging him tightly.
sanskar slowly places his hands on her back and looked back at her.
he understands everything seeing boys there.he looked at them with stone face and dark charcoal eyes and hugged swara tightly.
boys vanished quickly from there.sanskar breaks hug and wipes her tears softly.
“u are safe….i am here”sanskar assured her in soft voice.
“u..u forgot me”swara said sniffing
“i am sorry angel….that will not happen again..promise”sanskar said with half smile
swara smiles a little


i know its a little boring and there are less swasan scenes but next part will be full of there scenes i promise.plzzz plzzz comment.its my first try of an SS.

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