“what the hell!….”swara angrily said picking up her book, raised it high to throw it but stopped seeing sanskar looking at her.her breath got stuck in her lungs.she quickly place book again in front of her and bend her head,almost digging inside it.
tomorrow was her test and from hour she was trying to understand newton’s third law.but nothing was going inside her tiny tiny brain.
sanskar walked toward and sit in front her on bad.
“what’s wrong….”sanskar asked politely. swara shook her head vigorously. saanskar sighed and takes book in his hand.
“which topic?” saskar again asked looking at book.
“newton’s law”swara said in low whisper.
snaksar explains her everything very efficiently.
“arra!…this was so easy…..and i was scratching my hand from an hour”swara exclaimed happily taking book from his hand and starts reading it.sanskar smiles a little and gets up.he was about to walk outside from room but swara;s low whisper stopped him
“dhanewaad (thanks)….”swara said, fidgeting her fingers.
sanskae didn’t turn toward her.
“if again need any help…u can ask” sanskar said in normal tone and left from there.
swara nodes her head and again start preparing her test.


swara was standing outside sanskar’s study, nervously holding her books.
“hey bhagwan…..”swara said cryingly looking up at sky.
Exact that time door gets open and sanskar comes out.swara gets scared and books fall down from her hands.swara cursed herself and sit down to pick up books.
sanskar shook his head and also sit down to pick up her books.
“wo…wo from tomorrow my final exams are starting….i…..i…need little help”swara said nervously, without looking at him.
“then what were you doing here?”sanskar said annoyed a little.don’t know from how long she was standing there.
both gets up after picking up books. sanskar silently walks inside the study. swara keep on looking without moving a little.
sanskar sit on chair and looked toward door.
“come inside……why are u standing there?” sanskar said shocked a little, seeing her still standing there like statue. swara quickly walked inside and sit on opposite chair and keeps her books on small round table between them.
she gives him book.sanskar teaches her difficult topics and tick mark the important topics.
everything took almost 4 to 5 hours.swara’s eyes started getting close near mid night.she reads last page of her book and gets up to leave.
First she strikes with table in sleep then direct strike with door.
“careful…”sanskar said loudly seeing her striking here and there.swara looked back at him and nodes her head with closed eyes and AGAIN strikes with door and fall down on ground with little squeak. sanskar beats his forehead seeing that. swara starts crying rubbing her nose.
sanskar gets up, goes to her and sits in front of her. he looks at her innocent face and big eyes, anytime ready to shed big big tears.
that day only after seeing her innocent eyes and tears he called her angel and now again.
sanskar sighed heavily.some day he will drown in those tears.
“Angel stop crying…”sanskar said
swara cried more loudly. sanskar closes his eyes.
“why this door is here?….”swara said still crying, pointing at door with her hand.
sanskar looks at the door then at her and chuckled lightly.
he wipes her tears still chuckling continuously. swara looks at him with wide eyes.
he was so different. sanskar makes her stand and TEACH her how to walk properly.
both slept at the same time.
swara came out from school after giving last paper and as usual sanskar was standing there lying against car.swara walked toward him making sulking face.
“paper went well?…”sanskar asked casually. that was his big mistake. swara looked at him with sad face.
swara starts crying like baby. sanskar gets worried.
“teacher didn’t let me complete my last sentence…”swara said and cried loudly,complaining to him about her teacher continuously. sanskar holds her from shoulder.
“only last line…its fine” sanskar said trying to stop her from crying.
“my marks will not come good…then u will say what’s the need to study when i don’t get good marks” swara said crying, telling him her real worry.
sanskar hardly control his loud laugh.
“i will not say that” sanskar said assuring her.
“promise..”swara said sniffing.sanskar nodes his head and wipes her tears.
“are u keeping large water tankers behind these eyes” sanskar asked chuuckling
“what is tanker?” swara asked innocently.
“huh….make me remember i will show you some day”sanskar said opening door for.
swara nodes and sit inside.

“Angel…get up u will get late for school” sanskar said coming out from washroom and was startled seeing her still sleeping.
he always gets up before him.
“i have holidays till exams….”swara said without opening her eyes.
“oh….i see”sanskar muttered under his breath.
he gets ready on his own and before walking out.
“don’t sleep too much…..its bad for health and eat breakfast when get up” sanskar said, after waking her up again.swara nodes and her head again fall down on pillow.
sanskar chuckled and leave from there.


sanskar entered inside the room, sit on bad and starts removing his shoes.swara pass him smile after seeing.sanskar gives her tired smile.
“what’s wrong?” swara asked seeing him like this.
“headache…” sanskar said tiredly.
“should i give you oil massage…..maa always says i have magic in my hands” swara said excitedly.
“no need of that…” sanskar said with half smile.
swara makes sad puppy face. sanskar sighed and nodes his head.
swara jumps from her place and runs outside. sanskar chuckled.
swara comes after warming the oil and starts moving her soft fingers in his hair.sanskar closed his eyes feeling relax.
‘how was your day?” swara asked during her massage.
“i spent whole day roaming here and there…..” swara said making face.
“u can watch TV if u get bore…’sanskar said chuckling.
“what will watch on TV….every channel is in english…not a single one is hindhi channel” swara said complaining another thing to him.
“she is complaining box…press the button and complains start coming out one after another”sanskar thought in his mind and lightly laugh on his own thought.
she kept on talking and telling him different things. sanskar’s eyes start getting close. he was hardly able to open his eyes.
“Angel u can stop…my headache is gone”sanskar said yawning. swara stopped in an instant and takes remaining oil to kitchen. sanskar lay down on bed. sleep came to him instantly and peacefully.
swara came inside the room and was about to say something but closed her mouth keeping her hand on mouth.
“he slept…should not disturb him”swara thought and went back walking on her toes.
swara was trying to comb her hair or another words was trying to break them.
“hey ram……why kaki went to her relatives”swara said cryingly and was ready to cry again.
sanskar entered inside, talking to his someone on phone.
swara again was trying hard to break her hair.sanskar looked at her.
“i will call you back…”he said cancelling the call.
“angel what are u doing?” sanskar asked confusing
“huh….combing”swara said nervously.
“combing or trying to take out hair from their roots..”sanskar said annoyingly.
“i don’t know how to comb…”swara said making puppy face
“where is kaki?…”
“kaki went to her relatives house…”swara said and again start breaking her hair.
sanskar covered his eyes.he can’t see this murder of such beautiful hair.
“give me this brush….”sanskar said not able to see that.
“why?…”swara asked confusingly. sanskar show her eyes. swara quickly gives him brush.
sanskar pull a chair beside her,sits on it and start brushing her her hair slowly slowly, not hurting her.
“you should comb them carefully and slowly” sanskar said still combing her.
swara’s heart beat increased to maximum limit seeing him through mirrors.
he was telling her how to comb. sanskar left from there after combing her hair. swara was still sitting there thinking about sanskar. she always saw his father beating and yelling her mother.
In fact all men in village were like that only his father was not different.
“he is so kind(mehrbaan)…” swara whispered to herself blushing a little.
Swara jumped happily after seeing her result and hugs sanskar.
“i got admission in college…’swara said happily. sanskar gets happy seeing that she got admission in one of the best college.he breaks hug.
“congratulation…”he said patting her cheek,smiling wide.
“i want treat……”swara said pointing finger at him. sanskar chuckled lightly but nodded.
Both start walking outside and settled inside the car.
‘what u want as treat….”sanskar said while driving.
“yummy…yummy food, then ice cream, then gol gappa, then……”swara was still telling what she want to eat. sanskar looked at her.
“can’t even eat half plate of food and want to eat everything”sanskar said taunting at her lightly.
“i eat more than you….okay?” swara said glaring at him.
sanskar stopped car in front of five star restaurant.before sanskar could have open door for her she came out herself.
After ordering food they start talking about random things till food didn’t came.
“you know…my father and his father also didn’t study this much as i am studying” swara said, putting food bite in her mouth and start laughing all together.
“are u happy because you are more educated than your father and his father or….you got admission in good college” sanskar asked laughing
swara gets confuse with his question. sanskar raised his eye waiting for his answer.
“both…i guess…”swara said in low whisper.
sanskar laughed again. swara makes face.
“after lunch…we will go for shopping” sanskar said still laughing lightly.
“why?….”swara asked confusingly.
sanskar looked at her dryly.
“need to buy your new books and clothes also…there are a lot of things to buy”sanskar said
“i have a lot of clothes at home…”swara said making face.
“eat quietly….not asking from you” sanskar said dismissing her.

“Focus…’ sanskar said hitting pencil other end on her forehead, snatched mobile from her hand,switch it off and keeps it on side table.
“i didn’t give you mobile so that you can keep on chatting with your new friends. swara rubs her forehead and looked at him pouting.
“it will be so rude if i will not reply them…”swara said innocently.
“create balance between your study and friends….otherwise u will fail in college”sanskar said making her understand.
swara’s eyes widened hearing the word fail.
“i don’t want to fail…”swara said shooking her head, side to side.
“good….”sanskar said smiling and again start teaching her.after completing the lesson, he looked at her.swara looked at him confusingly.
“its so difficult…i don’t want to study” swara said frustratingly and crossed her arms over chest making sulking face.
“its not difficult…its very easy”sanskar said showing her eyes.
“i am not Einstein like you…”swara said making bad bad faces.
“i am not Einstein….” sanskar said laughing lightly.he puts his arms around her from back, holds her hand and make her solve example.
“what is difficult in this?” sanskar said after making her solve the example.
“you are very good teacher…..”swara said complementing him.
sanskar glares at her.
“can i take my mobile now…”swara said making puppy face.
sanskar nodded in NO.
“complete your work first…”sanskar said strictly. swara peeps from his back, at phone, bending back a little. sanskar holds her arm and make her straight.
“after study…otherwise i will keep your mobile in lock.”sanskar said in warning.
“u are behaving like baba….. YOU DID THIS MISTAKE NOW U WILL GET PUNISHMENT….TAKE HIM FROM HERE AND HANG HIM IN MIDDLE OF THE VILLAGE UPSIDE DOWN ” swara said mimicking her father,pointing her finger straight,acting like him.
sanskar laughed seeing her drama. swara also laugh with him.
“do as much drama you want but i will not let you sleep before preparing your test…”sanskar said still laughing and bends her head on book.


sanskar was working on his laptop sitting on bed and swara was sitting adjacent to him studying when it started raining.swara’s head jerked up hearing melodious sound of rainfall.
“baaarish….” swara exclaimed loudly, jumped down from bed and run toward balcony.
sanskar was shocked a little with her sudden shout and looked at her with wide eyes.
swara comes to him running.
“sanskar its raining…first rain….”swara said jumping a little.
“angel i can see that…” sanskar said chuckling
“let’s play in rain…”swara said beaming with happiness.
“u go and enjoy” sanskar said looking back at laptop again.
“but i can’t play alone na…in village all my friends used to play in rain….i have no one here” swara said sadly, tears start forming in her eyes remembering happy moments.
“don’t start crying…”sanskar said in warning exact that time one drop of tear fall down from her left eyes.
“no…no not again” sanskar thought annoyingly in his mind.
“let’s go…” sanskar said quickly getting up.
swara jumps exclaiming, hold his arm and runs toward balcony, dragging sanskar behind her.
swara twirls around, extending her arms, looking at the sky, laughing and giggling.
rain drops were falling on her face like transparent pearls.
sanskar was standing near her,crossing his arms over chest, looking at her enjoying rain like angels.
he skipped his several heart beats. he always cared for her.she was his duty and too innocent to deal with world.but first time in these years his heart was beating with new beat.something new something special was touching his heart.
he was engrossed in her innocence when swara throw water on his face and starts laughing.
sanskar closed his eyes with sudden sprinkle of water and loud laughing sound.
he looked at her and said in warning”angel…don’t do it ag…..”
his sentence was not completed yet and swara throw water on his face again.
sanskar starts pulling his sleeves up and said”u wait…”
swara’s eyes widened and she runs from there.sanskar run after her quickly to catch his naughty angel.
swasan run in whole house laughing and servants were seeing sanskar laughing like this first time after his mother death.
he was changed in these year so much that servants were not able to believe. they often heard his loud laugh coming out from their room several times in day but such LAUGH.
swara entered inside the room, throw her bag on bed and sit on it, crying hard.
sanskar entered after worriedly.she was crying whole way.
he pulls chair and sit in front of her.
“angel….what wrong why are u crying?”sabskar asked worried like hell.
“i will not go college again…”swara said still crying hard.
sanskar holds her soft tiny hands in his large rough hands.
“why u don’t go college?” sanskar asked politely.
“my friends….they asked from me who are you?…(sniff)….why you come to pick me….(sniff)….i told them you are my husband and made fun that i am married……(cry)…i will not go there again” swara said crying and shooking her head side to side.
sanskar sighed and wipes her tears from his thumb.
“angel…..”he tried to speak but swara cut him.
“i will not go there…i don’t know anything” swara said looking at him while new tears flows down from her pink cheeks.
“don’t want to go…”
swara shook her head.
“okay don’t go……stop crying now and listen to me”sanskar said again wiping her tears. he don’t like single tear in her eyes but she always keep on shading tears.
“there are difference between real friends and fake friends…..fake friends are near you to make fun of you and make you feel low………and real friends are near to take care of you and stand with you in difficult…they don’t make fun of you and accept you as you are” sanskar said
“like you…’swara quickly said.
“that you have to decide who is real friend and who is fake friend” sanskar said smiling.
“can’t you tell me…like everything?” swara asked with so much hope in her voice.
sanskar missed his heart beat.she was so dependent on him.
“call your friends on dinner this Sunday…okay?”sanskar said patting her cheek.
swara nodes her head, smiling.
he was about to get up but swara stopped him.
“every girl in our village gets married at that age only…….is this wrong?” swara asked in deep voice.
“marriage at 14 is very wrong……girls are not even mature at that time……it cause severe problems……in cities girls gets married in their mid twenties” sanskar said
“what problems?….”swara asked confusingly.
sanskar coughed hearing her question.
“angel i am hungry….go get fresh” sanskar said changing the topic.
“okay….’swara said, gets up and was about to leave but kiss on sanskar’s cheek.
“thank you…” swara said smiling and left from there.
sanskar looked at the close door of washroom with stopped heart beat then touch his cheek and smiles.

swara worriedly looked at wall clock which was sticking 12:00 am.
“where is he?….”swara thought that time door bell ringed. swara runs outside and opens the door before any sevant could have woke up.
“u are still awake?….”sanskar asked narrowing his eyes at her and entered inside.swara lock the door and walked behind sanskar till the room, throwing daggers at his head.
“angel i have sever headache…give me oil massage”sanskar said. swara nodes and went to bring oil.
swara after putting oil on his haed, start hitting her plams on his head, angrily.
“angel what are u doing?” sanskar asked after getting three to four hits on his head.
“oil massage…”swara said and again hit on his head. sanskar holds her hand from back and maks them loop in his neck,pulling her forward.
“why is my angel angry?….”sanskar asked
“look at the time…..this is the time to come home?….and who works on sunday?…..u promised me to take me out……..u left early morning….should have atleast informed….whole day i wait for you” swara said putting her chin on his shoulder.
sanskar bites his tongue.
“i am sorry angel…….foreign delegates came today therefore i forgot”sanskar said apologetically.
“what’s new…u always forgot me.” swara said making sad face.
sanskaar turns his head and looks at her sad face.
“don’t say like this….i am sorry i promise i will not do this again”
swara nodes and smiles.
“let’s go we will go now…”sanskar said getting up.
“now?….it’s 12 already.”swara said little tensed.
“only 12….”sanskar said chuckling,make her stand and push her toward washroom.
“go change…fast”


‘sanskar are u alright?….u seems worried?” swara asked worriedly seeing him tensed from morning.
“huh….i am fine”sanskar said coming back to his senses.he closed his eyes for several minutes then opens it and looked at swara who was chatting with friends, smiling at some joke.
“angel come here…”sanskar said trying to behave normal.
swara keeps phone aside and comes to him.
he holds her hand and make her sit on near chair.he takes deep breath before starting.
“angel…..your father dies this morning… u want to go there to see his face last time” sanskar said trying hard to give less shock.
he knew his father did very wrong with her but hiding her father death from her will be wrong. at least near him it was wrong he knew her from more than four years and somewhere he knew she misses her family ever after they did wrong with her.
swara felt like her breathing stopped for instance. she was not able to understand what she should do.tears automatically start coming out. sanskar silently pull her in soothing hug.swara clench his shirt, close her eyes and start crying in his arms.
sanskar let her cry even it was hurting him. shedding tears for a heartless person was idiotic near him.
when she was stable a little he takes her to her village.he was holding her all the time.h was afraid she may fall down at any time.
after seeing her mother crying near her husband dead body. swara walked to her. sanskar left her hand and stands near other men.
swara place hand on her mother’s shoulder.she looked at her. she was so shocked to see her there.first she didn’t recognize her. she was so was more than four years she had saw her little girl.
swara hugged her quickly.both mother and daughter started crying. sun drowned but there crying was still continue.
All funeral customs were done till then.
“angel…stop crying now…look at your eyes there started swelling”sanskar said scolding her.
“baba…..”swara said sniffing.
‘your baba will go in hell…i am dam sure about that”sanskar muttered under his breath.
“did u said anything?” swara asked looking at him with teary eyes.
sanskar shook his head vigorously.
“we need to go back also…..go meet your mother”sanskar said
at that time shomi came there and give water to sanskar.he takes it silently.
“thank u son…for bringing her here” shomi said caressing swara’s hair.
saanskar nodes his head.swara smiles.
“maa…we are going back……”swara said holding her hand.
“just now you came…stay here for few days…i didn’t even see you properly…you are so changed” shomi said with hope in her old, tiring eyes.
swara looked at sanskar.
“i have important meeting tomorrow…i can’t stay” sanskar said helplessly .
“let swara stay here….”shomi said giving him another option.
their heart stopped for minute thinking about it.both looked at each other at same time.
“plz…..just for few days”shomi said pleading.
sanskar nodded will he spend one day without her.he is so habitual to see her around him all the time.sanskar sighed heavily and gets up.
“then i should leave…its already late”sanskar said putting storm inside his heart in lock.
swara and shomi also gets up.
“go drop him near door” shomi said and leave from there after giving him blessing.
swara and sanskar walked till door awkwardly.such moment never came in their lives when they were separated.
sanskar stopped near door and looked at her who was fidgeting her fingers.
“angel…eat properly…don’t skip food….okay?”sanskar said
“u also don’t skip food because of work….and…and drive safely” swara said in same tone of his.
sanskar nodes, turns to leave but again turns kiss her on forehead.
“take care…”he murmured on her forehead and leaves from there.
“u also…’swara whispered.

sanskar was walking toward his car when he saw same boy there because of angel came in his life.
“she is not safe here…’sanskar thought in his mind and start walking toward boy.
“let me make him straight before leaving”
‘swara cut these onions….”shomi said giving her few onions and knife.
“huh….”word escaped from her mouth holding onions.
Tears start rolling down from her eyes while cutting onions.
swara again sniff while cutting another onion.
after cutting every onion she gave it to her mother.
shomi looked at her nose, red eyes few cuts on her fingers,dried tears on cheeks.
“swara…what is this?” shomi asked worriedly and takes plates from her hand.
“i didn’t cut onions from long time na….therefore” swara said and rub her red nose.
“what do mean…u didn’t cut onions from long time…who cooks at home?”shomi asked cofuse
“we have cook at home……sanskar don’t let me do any work.”swara said smiling remembering him.
“you know maa….once while cooking i burnt my hand….he scolded me sooooo much and restricted me from doing any work” swara exclaimed with so much love in her voice.
shomi smiled.whole day swara keep on talking about sanskar and shomi was just seeing her daughter. there was different shine in her eyes whenever she took his name.
“pta ha maa…….he is so different from baba….he talks so politely whenever he talks i feel like honey is melting in my ears ,never yelled at me…raising hand is so far…and also helps me in studies” swara said putting her face on pillow, laying beside her mother.
“he do everything for you….you don’t do anything for him?” shomi said in little scolding voice.
“huh….mtlb” swara asked confusingly
“he is your husband swara…..he loves you so much you should also love him back na” shomi said.
“LOVE????…” swara thought in her mind
“maa we are good friends nothing else” swara said
shomi gets up and looked at her with little shock.
“hey ram…what should i do with this girl…”shomi said holding her head.swara was looking at her confusingly.
“what did i do maa?” swara asked innocently, sitting on bad
shomi holds her ear and twist it
“AA!…maa” swara cried
“didn’t u tell him u love him” shomi said
“maa!…i don’t love him…he just my good friend” swara said rubbing her ear.
“really…..therefore whole day made my ears bleed with his name…sanskar is like this…he is like that….he do this…he do that” shomi said hitting on her forehead.
shomi slept turning her face to opposite side. swara rubs sides of her head.
“maa!!..tell na what do you mean?.” swara said shooking her from shoulder.
shomi didn’t budge a little.
“i can’t make you understand….you are such a brainless girl…don’t now how he manages with you”shomi said with closed eyes.
“you are very bad teacher…” swara said making bad bad faces,steps down from bed and walks out from room. shomi saw her leaving and smiled.
whole night she kept thinking about shomi’s talk.
she calls sanskar which he picked instantly.
“angel are u fine…u called this time…everything fine there” sanskar worriedly asked from her.
“i am fine sanskar….”swara said giggling
“did u reach home?….”swara asked.
“just now….” sanskar said sighing in relief.
“oh kk…take rest…bye” swara said and was about to cut call but sanskar stopped her.
“no…u speak…i am not sleepy” sanskar said quickly before she cut call.
“no…u sleep u must be tired…five hours driving is very tiring…bye”swara said and cut the call
sanskar looked at the screen.
“how sleep will come without you near me…”sanskar whispered to himself.
swara went back to room and sit behind her mother.
“maa…plz tell na” swara said poutingly.
“and i was expecting she will understand herself…” shomi muttered under her breath and gets up.she needs to knock some senses in her tiny brain.

shomi hits on swara’s head for burning loaf.
“u forgot everything…what the hell you were doing in four years” shomi said removing burned loaf. swara looks at her burned fingers poutingly.
at that time someone knocks at the door.
“go open the door…” shomi said glaring at her.
“i will complain to sanskar…you are not good teacher” swara said stamping her foot
shomi’s hand moves towards her shoes. swara runs from there quickly.
“will complain to sanskar…”shomi said mimicking her.
swara opens the door and her face beamed, seeing sanskar.
“sanskar…” swara said happily and hugs him. sanskar hugs her back and takes deep breath.
she breaks next instant and slaps him on chest
“where were you…no phone calls…didn’t reply my massages” swara said crossing her arms over chest.
“i was thinking to surprise you…” sanskar said chuckling.he looks at her from top to bottom.
she was fine.sanskar keep hand on her waist and makes her walk inside
“want to make me stand on door all the time” sanskar said.
“swara who is on door?” shomi shouted
“maa!….sanskar came” swara shouted back.
“maa is very bad teacher” swara whispered in sanskar’s ear.
sanskar laughed inside his mind.
‘why?…” sanskar whispered back
“see this…can’t even teach how to make loaf” swara said showing him her burnt hand,
sanskar holds her hand quickly
“what happened to your hand….it is so burnt”sanskar said worried like hell
“maa! was teaching me how to cook” swara said making face
“i told you na…no need to cook” sanskar said getting angry
swara looks at him with wide eyes.
“small burn……and i can’t say NO to maa”swara said glaring at him.she moves his hand from her waist seeing shomi coming.
“go put medicine on it” sanskar said still worried. swara show him eyes
sanskar takes blessing from shomi. all settled to eat lunch
“u spoiled her a lot” shomi said serving him food. swara giggled
“maa!…i have a lot of servants.i don’t want angel to work and burn herself” sanskar said glaring at swara.she didn’t put medicine on her hand.
shomi shook her head.


swara hugs shomi tightly before leaving. sanskar takes blessing from her and both left from there.sanskar opens door for swara.she sits inside and both left from there.
swara was too silent in car.sanskar looked at her.
“why are u silent?…”sanskar asked
swara came in her senses and shook her head vigorously, blushing lightly.
“how to tell you?” swara said looking outside the window
sanskar felt little weird.

kaki knocks at swasan room door and entered inside.she was amazed to see swara.she was wearing black choddi dar frock which was coming down to her knees,almost touching her feet.there was deep silver work on chest and black net was falling down after a silver belt.she had put light make up as sanskar don’t like make up.
Long silky dark brown hair were coming to her waist.swara put net duppta around her neck and turned toward her.
“i am ready”swara said to kaki.
“u look beautiful” kaki said smiling.swara blushes.
“sanskar baba is calling you” kaki said.swara nodded and left from there after wearing her sandals.
DP had put small function in house as swara was already 19 and people started talking that the sanskar maheswari who is eligible bachelor, didn’t marry still.
therefore he thought it ill be nice if they introduce swara as swara sanskar maheshwari.
Sanskar who was talking with his friends,saw swara stepping down from stairs and was mesmerized after seeing her.
he excused himself, walked toward her and offered her hand.swara smiles and put her soft hand on his.
“u are looking angel”sanskar whispered in her ear.swara blushed at his comment.
both walked together toward DP and takes blessing from him.
“u are looking beautiful…”DP said
“thank u grandpa….”swara said smiling.
“who is she…DP?” one man asked
“wait for a second”DP said and signs sanskar.he nodes and ask servant to give him mike.
after announcement sanskar introduced swara to everyone individually.
“bhabhi!…u didn’t find anyone else than this kahroos…who don’t laugh?” lucky asked from swara, making face
“and talk once in year” adharsh said
“why are u two saying this…he talks a lot and laughs also”swara said confusingly.
adharsh and lucky looked at her with wide eyes and start laughing.
“bhabhi you are so funny…..we know him from childhood we never saw him smiling and you are saying he LAUGH”lucky said laughing. swara’s eyes start filling up with that time sanskar came there and stands beside swara.
“sanskar your friends are making fun of me”swara said crying,trying to hold back her tears.sanskar looks at tears in her eyes then looks at lucky and adharsh with his dark charcoal eyes and puts hand on swara;s waist.lucky and adharsh gulps down seeing him angry.
“arra! bhabhi….we were not laughing at you”adharsh quickly said.
“no they were laughing at me and saying i am funny” swara said complaining to sanskar like always.
“you go grandpa is calling you..don’t cry hmm?”sanskar said softly.swara nodes and leaves from there.
sanskar saw her leaving and turned toward them.
“she…she cracked a joke….therefore”lucky said stammering.
“what joke?” sanskar said through gritted teeth.
“you laugh” lucky and adharsh said in union.
sanskar closed his eyes, shook his head and left from there.
“his calm nature is very beneficial for us”lucky said sighing in relief.

swara entered inside the room and walked toward cupboard.she was not able to reach near it when she hear sound of rain.her eyes widened,she quickly turned and looked at balcony.
“baaarishhhhh!…”swara exclaimed jumping a little
“sanskar its raininggggg…”swara yelled at top of her lungs and run toward balcony and starts playing in rain.
“sanskar…”she yelled again looking at sky.
‘i am here…”sanskar’s voice appeared from near her.
swara jumps getting scared.sanskar laughed seeing her scared like that.
“you…”swara start hitting him with her tiny hands.sanskar holds her hands, picks her up from ground and twirls her around.
swara extend her arms and laugh gently.sanskar puts her down slowly.there was inch distance between their face.sanskar slid hair stand behind her ear.swara’s heart raced.she closed her eyes feeling his touch.
“sanskar…”swara whispered with fast beating heart.sanskar was losing his control seeing her like that.
“i love you…”swara said in whisper,keeping her both hands on his chest.sanskar’s heart stopped hearing it.he stepped back little,shocked like hell.
swara opens her eyes and looked at him.before she could have said anything further sanskar leave from there taking firm steps,leaving her behind.
one tear fall down from her eyes and mixed with rain. she walked back to toward edge of balcony,holds the railing in her hands and starts crying,don’t know for how long.

“you are again crying…..”
swara quickly turned and saw sanskar standing behind her.swara shook her head vigorously.
“ra….rain drops”swara said trying to compose herself.
sanskar pulls her in tight hug.
‘sorry…i hurt you”sanskar said in guilty voice.
“i..i am sorry….i…yo…you”swara tried to settle things between them,she didn’t want to loose him.
sanskar breaks hug and palms her face.
“i love you too…”sanskar said joining their forehead.
swara starts crying loudly hearing confession from his face.
“why u left at that time”swara said hitting her fist on his chest.
“i was shocked with your sudden confession…..i love long before you even know the meaning of it” sanskar said and kissed her forehead,
swara hug him again and buried her face in his chest.sanskar keeps his chin on her head.
I hope guys u like this part and i didn’t put hot romance in this story because i wanted sweet moments between swara and sanskar.plz comment

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