Mehak’s Past Episode 9

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The episodes starts kanta recalling mehak’s daadi(Grandma) last wish in her death bed was not to let mahek to enter the house after her death because she cannot handle the pain of losing me.Kanta was very afraid about leaving mehak alone at that house.So she tells to jeevan let’s go and stop our daughter from reaching the house.Then all leave to the place where mehak was going.
They reach the place at the same time when mehak was coming there mehak was shocked to see them but acts as she did not notice anything and crossed from them ,leaves behind them. Kanta stopped mehak to come to their house but mahek says you said that there is no relation between us so why are you acting in front of me to show yourself as great .Just leave from here don’t forget this house was still in my name. Kanta still insists her to come with her but she refuses to stay with them because it hurts her self respect and harshly ask them to leave her and have some peaceful life.Sharma family sadly leaves from there.
Then mehak entered into the house she has mixed emotions .

Dil ke chaman me who bahaar ban ke aayi
Fulo se angadaai le khushi paas aayi
Chu kar mere dil ko diya AISA ehsaas
Labjo me bayaan naa ho sake woh dastaan
Dil ne kiya swagat achraj se
Rom rom mehak utha uski khushboo se
Fail gayi woh hontho pe banke hasi
Ansoo banke aankho se who barsi
Aankho ki nami waise to gawara nahi mujhe
Par aaj who pasadn thee bahej se pare
Nahi aaye they woh aansoo aaj rulane
Deekhayi dee thee khushi ki jhalak us me
Chupke se sambhale who khushi ke moti
Is khajane ki kimat kar naa sake koi
Kajre ki dharne dekh lee meri hoshiyaari
Muskurakar usne dee mujhe badhaii
Like advent of spring in the garden of my heart
Flowing out of the flowers joy came near me
Creating the feeling unparallel by touching my heart
It is impossible to express it in words

Heart welcomed it with a sudden delight
Every pore of my being was fragrant with its fragrance
It tickled my lips and made them smile
And flew through eyes in form of tear drops
In normal course I hate tears
But today I had no urge to stop them
They were not here to express sadness
I could see the joy lurking in them
I gathered those pearls of joy to hide
They were priceless in my eyes
Kohlline in my eyes looked at my act
gave me a look of approval with a smile…..
She was happy by recalling the incidents which was occurred in that house but at the same time she was sad also.
There she went to her grandma room and remembers the memories linked with daadi and says to her photo that she misses badly.
Abhi also come at the entrance of the same house and knock the calling bell.Mehak was shocked to see him at the door and opened it saying that why are you here abhi?
Abhi says to mehak that the half of house was in his name also he show the papers to her.
In the Past
Mehak’s grandma says that I want you two to be together in this house even after your marriage So I naming this house( property) to both of you.
Abhi asks her to come out the past and says you still did not forgot me.Mehak tells you as usual you always takes advantage of my and daadi(grandma) innocance.Mehak holds the knife at her wrist and says to abhi “If you want me to stay alive just leave from here.”Abhi with concern tells her that he will leave from there.Wow! abhi you are acting really well you are easily faking showing concern for me.You never understand me mehak.He holds her close and says “Can’t you just read my eyes like before”.Mehak replies sometimes eyes will say something and person behaves in some other way .so we must not trust those eyes and persons who always act concern for others but when in reality they won’t be in our side when we need them.she smirks and leaves his hold and asks him to get out.Abhi leaves from there.Mehak remembers how he betrayed her.
In the past
Abhi says to his friends that “I used mehak to learn cooking tricks because she is one who do worse also the best things and also learn singing from which may be used for future growth in that field.I won’t let her name shine because the only need that.If a want to success in anything we must need a sacrifice for that must be done by mehak for me.She was a fool to trust me completely now I use her against my all enemies.she is a trump card for me.”
His one of the friends says that I thought you and mehak are best friends forever who can sacrifice things for each other but you are so selfish that you want success and fame to yourself.This is cheating yar”.
This conversation was heard by the mehak with teary eyed who comes to abhi & slapped him on his face.Mehak says to abhi “I thought you as a friend but you don’t deserve to be my enemy now I understand why everyone will say that friendship and enemity must be with same class of people otherwise they will fail and asks him not to show his face never and ever to her .”
This was all listened by grandma of mehak and she got an heart attack and died.
Mehak says to her grandma photo that she never forgives abhi that because of him I lose you forever.
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Abhi recalls the same incident but the truth was different and talks to him that mehak considers him always wrong.she never give any chance to explain her.

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