Mehak’s Past – episode 8

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The episodes starts rudely pushes abhi’s hand.Then Abhi says “Lets go to our house mehak you said that we are together right.”

She says the house you are talking it was mine didn’t you remember?
The name,fame and money which was attained by you was attained because of me without me you cannot have earn a single penny and also Don’t forgot your career was just because of me.Now I have only one motive in my life to destroy you completely by removing this masks of goodness from you and exposing your true face in front of world.Don’t worry about my family they are understanding they will forgive me after knowing truth about you.Now this makes me happy by taking revenge for every pain given by you…Every tear I had cried all these years silently .You said right I forgot about my own life because of you I AM LIVING LIKE DEAD PERSON EVEN THOUGH MY BREATH IS THERE .

Now it’s time to give every pain you given to me by shedding me blood tears which I can’t even share to anybody now you have to feel same mr.abhi.AAJ TAK MERE FAMILY NE KAI LIYE KHUD KO SAMJANA DEKHA THA AAB MAI SIRF MERE KHUD KE DECISIONS MANUGI(Until today I always accept all the decisions said by them (my family )From now I will take my own decisions).[So this [abhi] is the reason why mehak always think about her family rather than giving importance to herself in every decisions.she blame herself for trusting wrong person].

This conversation is listened by shaurya and sharma family (since camera kept by shaurya[ told by kanta ] to know exact reason why she is behaving like this because the one who always care about family now hurts family too much)they all are in devastated state because of seeing a lot of pain in mehak’s eyes.They all blame themselves for not understanding mehak why she always think about others(family) rather than herself.They all remember the incidents spent with mehak who always respect all the decision of family members without any hesitation.
After listening shaurya called some detective and asks to find about relationship between mehak and abhi and get all the details within a day but detective says “sir,I at least need a week”.
Shaurya angrily scolds him “That much of time is not there for us”.Detective calms him saying that ”Sir,I will get the details as soon as possible”.

Shaurya vents out his frustration by saying that “I will not leave that abhi if he did wrong with my mehak.I will also try to destroy him”.He says “I am with you mehak but I want to know truth from you mehak rather than from the detective and leaves to khanna’s house.”
Sharma’s family was guilty for not understanding mehak all these years.They also want to rectify their mistake by supporting mehak in each and every situation.

Abhi says to mahek, “we always believe that what we see and hear.“ Please Trust me mehak I can’t even hurt you in dreams how can you decide I betrayed you by your own assumptions.I came here to solve this misunderstanding between us.Abhi was trying to justify the reason what happened a few years ago but mehak cut him in half of the way and says “I think Mr.Abhinav khurana is get scared about my warning so he was saying everything happened was a misunderstanding to me and says I don’t want to listen all your stories(crap).Be ready to face me next time It would big pain I will give to you.That pain you cannot even bear and you will come and ask me to kill rather bearing that pain But I don’t give death easily. I am not coward like you playing games in back of me I will play everything fairly even in hatred also.So Prepare to face it. “
Mehak turns away from him and tries to leave the venue but his bodyguards stop her and abhi holds her and why are you misbehaving with me just leave me Abhi because he clutches her badly. She says it is paining please leave me abhi she screams with pain.

Abhi leaves her saying that “I will be happy if you give me pain because all these years I am living in guilt for not telling truth to you”.
Mehak is confused what he is saying but thinks he is Emotionally blackmailing/Manipulating her and he tries to divert her mind to think him as positive so that she cannot punish him.I don’t want to listen to you so cut the crap .
Abhi stops her again asks mehak “where will you go your husband’s house where you will give you taunts or parents’s house who break the relation with you without even thinking why did you do this ?”

Mehak says “I will go my house means the house has some many memories from the childhood.Did you understand now Where I will go?”.Of course my daadi(grandma) house both say at the same time with a smile in their face because of remembering the best moments of their life and suddenly she realized that she lost in the thoughts of him and comes to reality and leaves.
While abhi was still in the thoughts of tons of memories interrupted by his bodyguards saying that sir, madam is leaving but he signs to them don’t stop her and let her go.
Sharma’s house
They are shocked to know that mehak was going to Mehrauli,Delhi.Since they are still listening to mehak ad abhi conversation.They all have tense faces after listening to it.

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Precap: Mehak remembers the memories with her daadi and says to photos that misses her badly.

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