Mehak’s Past – episode 7

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The episodes starts abhi asks the media to go out and does give answers for them which they are asking so many questions but still in shocked state of listening statement declared by mehak.That words echo in his mind continuously.Abhi bodyguards make media away from him and asks them to leave.Shaurya who is listening to this statements was very angrily grabs mehak and says to her “Until now I thought you are angry with me because I killed your parents but now I think you are shameless women I made a mistake for trust you and did marriage with you.Now i am regretting for the decision I made”.

and tries to strangulate her neck.Then abhi bodyguards comes there , hold shaurya and take mehak from his clutches.Mehak was breathing heavily because of suffocation made by shaurya.shaurya angrily beats them and calls abhi try to beat him where his bodyguards stops him beating and gives warning to him that we will call police.There mehak was recovered from suffocation grabbed collar of shaurya and says “Our marriage is just a cheat Mr.shaurya Khanna I just want to end it because it suffocates me(like you did now) so much that I am leaving with parent’s murderer so stay away from me and don’t try to touch me”.Otherwise I will file complaint that you are trying to kill me.You always hurt me so much without thinking the pain I go through.Now it’s my turn to take revenge from you shaurya.

This scenes which are watching by sharma family who are shocked about mehak behaviour and the relation she disclosed with a stranger abhi.They can’t believe what they are seeing.They have many thoughts and questions going on their minds.Kanta comes to mehak By what pressure you are saying like this?This is truth aunt(chachi), I always pretend to be happy with all of your decisions now i can’t suffocate more for others so please don’t interfere in my personal life.Other time I won’t say please remind that chachi.kanta was shocked by sudden change in behavior of mehak.I suffer a lot because of you all.Now I am getting a chance to live like myself with abhi why can’t I leave this please don’t advice me that if we did marriage we can’t live with another and your so called gyaan(knowledge) to me I am not in a mood to listen all your crap.kanta says to mehak does our relations make you suffocated?Yes,she says angrily.Now I can forgive shaurya but not you just remember mehak your relations from parent’s side(Maayka) end today.From Now on we have no relation with you we doesn’t want to keep relations who does not respect it.

Mehak also says(mujhe tumse koi lena dena nahi hai) I have nothing to do with you,because it always give me pain.They all leave from there along with shaurya.But shaurya want to know what will happen after so he silently on the video camera and leave to sharma’s house where they can see live video from there to see it because they want to know why there is sudden change in mehak.Mehak was hurt by saying harsh words to the family.

Then abhi came out from shocked state and asks mehak “ How can you display everything like that mehak our relationship is one of the purest I always thought of but you make it fun/joke by declaring your so called statement. I just came here to change your thinking and stubbornness about misunderstanding occurred between us but you will never change your way…”
Then she replied to him that ” Why are you feeling so bad? really I said that whenever you try to enter my life I will destroy my life did you remember that the said to you last time…this is the first step of it Mr abhi

Dekho aaage aaage Kya hota Hai mere yeh baarbadi khi khel mein(just see what happens next in this destruction (of my life) as a game)
Chot mujhe lag jaayaga daard tuje Hoga(The wounds will happen to me but pain will occurs to you).
“Oh you think you did a great thing by saying all the crap about us.You always forgets one thing for satisfying your ego you are ruining your own life” says abhi.How can you fall so low…..didn’t you feel anything by describing our relationship like that………
She says mind your language abhi .

Abhi asks “why did you hurt your own family ? Didn’t you feel any pain by seeing their distress state because of you ?“mehak reply me.
Just leave me I feel more pain than them because of acting to hurt them.I just did this things in my life because of you.You are solely responsible for state abhi.I know you use my family to hurt me and take me with you.That’s why I did this drama to not give any chance to hurt them.Why my family should suffer because of my mistake which is ruining my life?she vents out her angry which she kept up to herself until now.

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Precap: Abhi says“Lets go to our house mehak you said that we are together right.”

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