Mehak’s Past – episode 6

Hello Guys …Hope you enjoy reading it.please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….
The episode starts mehak with sharma family and shaurya reach hospital.Then they ask mohit to say about what happened to sonal.Mohit happily informs to them that he is going to become father and smiles.All family members are happy with the news including shaurya.Then they reach and share happiness with sweet made by mehak with neighbouring people.while shaurya left for khanna house and share the news with his mother.

At night someone calls mehak and says “Are you happy about the good news in the family”.mehak recognizes his voice and says “Mr.Abhinav khurana mind your own business don’t try to interfere in my personal life”,cuts the call.Abhi try to call again but of no use mehak put his call in rejection list so that he cannot call her.Abhi gets angry on her and says will make you pay for everything that you are doing mehak and goes to sleep.There mehak and shaurya are happy and revives some of the moments by holding each other hands while sleeping without knowing each other(means when other person sleep).In the night shaurya tried to buy mohit with money but he politely says “Respect and self esteem is more important than your money jiju so I can’t cheat my own please keep this money with yourself and leaves from there.”Shaurya vent outs his frustration that he failed to buy this middle class people who always thinks Principals and morals etc great than the money and they forgot this doesn’t earn give food to them.
In the morning mehak and shaurya get reading for last round of cooking competition and take the blessings of karuna at the same time to win the competition.They leave for competition together in the car where there is silence in the car where the khamoshiyan song plays in background….. and reach the venue with nikki.Mohit come directly to competition where sharma family come to cheer them up with sonal.
The competition starts where they have to prepare desserts with fruits with in 1 hour and presents it to judge who ever taste is good are considered as winner.The contestants can selects any one of the fruits and make a delicious dessert with in 1 hour.

Mehak makes apple crisp and shaurya makes cherry pie.They done with in 15 min and present it to judges.Judges tastes the dish and given the marks for dishes and comments that both tastes are good.Then anchor brings the results and says mehak as winner and reasons why shaurya has lost because his dessert is very sweet so that why he did not win he says.Shaurya is in confused state because he added extra sugar in mehak but how his dessert becomes sweet.It is shown that after keeping the dishes with their respective names abhi changes name plates and then shaurya’s men(who was a crew in competition) comes and add sugar in name plate of mehak without noticing the dish made by them .Then abhi again flip the names .Abhi says Proverb to shaurya “If you dig a hole for someone else you will fall into it”.Then he understand he did this to win his wife.This conversation is listened by mehak and takes abhi a side and asks him why you did this?

He says I thought injustice is happening with you so I did this and asks this to your husband not me.She says it’s none of your business and leaves But abhi held her hand and says to mehak that “You always care about your so called family and husband and sacrifice a lot to them for happiness but always forgot who you are.(Tu hamesha aapna parivaar ko khude se uper raktha hoon hao mehak par tum is me khud ko bhool jaata hoon)”
Anchor with media ,shaurya with his family and sharma family searches for mehak but they sees abhi holding hand of mehak and make song by clearing his throat to see him.Then abhi leaves her hand and mehak see them.Then media asks mehak what is the relation between you and abhi (clicking their pics where abhi was holding mehak)?Do you won the game by cheat tell me mehak shaurya khanna?

Then Mehak answers to the Media “Yes I won the game by cheat.You all want to know the relationship between us right I have extra marital affair with him that’s why he made me to win the competition …. did you get all information you needed to telecast your channels with these news for ruining a girl’s respect for your channel TRP , now get lost from my sight.All of you.”
Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…

Precap:How can you display everything like that mehak our relationship is one of the purest I always thought of but you make it joke by declaring your so called statement. I just came here to change your thinking and stubbornness but you will never change….

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  1. Plz i want only mehrya as leading pair plz it was my request .As a frd i am asking as I am their fan .

    1. Jhansi

      It will be not modified just go through the next episode you will understand it.

  2. Plz I don’t want a hi as lead role &misunderstanding btw mehrya.

    1. Jhansi

      For shaurya and mehak misunderstanding clear the distance between them …sanju so please don’t worry about it I will reveal everything slowly in the upcoming episodes….

  3. In ur ff who is playing abhi ‘s role?

    1. Jhansi

      Let us consider Ashish Sharma as abhinav khurana….

  4. Thnx der ur amazing

  5. Yeah amazing… Looking forward to know more…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you keya..

  6. Priyanjali Das

    who is the male protagonist over here? seems like abhinav khurrana!!!don’t feel bad ,u r my friend so i am saying this-keep shaurya only the protagonist.after all we are MEHRYA fans. anyways continue writing. we all support u. best of luck for the next ff.

    1. Jhansi

      ok.Priyanka and thanks for reading…

  7. Why Shaurya’s role is not as powerful as we used to see. We like that dominant possessive Shaurya

    1. Jhansi

      You will definitely see the same shaurya from the upcoming episodes alisha……..

      1. Thank you Jhansi I am excited to read ur FF and the current track. Love from Malaysia

  8. Awsome os…
    But sort…
    Plz this is short…
    Next time plz… Long
    About Story…
    Awsome like always…

    1. Jhansi

      I will try to write more content for upcoming episode..

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