Mehak’s Past – episode 5

Hello Guys …Hope you enjoy reading it.please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….
The episode starts with round 3 cooking competition starts all contestants hearing the rules from the anchor of the round.since there are 4 teams the two teams must serve and rest of the teams must judge the food.The 2 teams must serve are mehak and other team while shaurya and other team must enjoy the food.The one who will make better dishes of the 2 team must be a winner and other must be eliminated .This dishes are served in special theme like a date arrangement.The teams who are enjoying the dish must also participate in the competition by preparing after them by the same theme.They can dance and sing as well when the rest of the teams are cooking.This dishes must be prepared with in half an hour each with proper decoration of theme.After decoration they have call the other team politely and then starts cooking.

The competition starts when the anchor says it would be interesting when husband and wife(shaurya and mehak) both have to set date for each other with some other persons.Shaurya smiles seeing mehak.Mehak smirks and leaves with mohit to start the decoration.Mehak makes candle night dinner for shaurya and nikki where she thought to prepare noodles ,manchurian and chocolate chip cake.Decoration is done where she goes to call shaurya and nikki to enjoy the lunch and leaves fastly to prepare the dishes.There shaurya dances with nikki song plays…

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh to tha tere mere darmiyaan
Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh ab tod doon
Ya phir yoon hi chhod doon, darmiyaaan
Benaam rishta wo..
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo bayaan, darmiyan

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh to tha tere-mere darmiyaan..
that, which was beyond words,
which filled the emptiness,
something was there between you and me..
what turn should I give to this relation,
should I break this relation,
or should I leave it, in between-

that nameless relationship,
which makes (you and me) restless,
which cannot be described (in words),
in between, in between..

there was something in between you and me..
until mehak cooks food for them initially she bought start up clearance soup for them by watching together she feel jealous.Nikki also feels uncomfortable because of acting closeness with her in front of mehak.shaurya eats it.Until then mehak prepare all the dishes with in required time and presented to him.Where he and nikki tastes the dishes and note down the marks.
Other teams also perform this round.Then shaurya has to prepare the dishes and do the decoration.suddenly mohit phone calls rings saying that his wife faints in the middle of the road so he asks the permission of the judge since it is emergency they allowed him and the question raises who will give marks to the team of shaurya.Then anchor asks abhi to judge with mehak because none can judge better than him ,he agrees on the requests of him.mohit leaves to home.Then abhi happily takes mehak hand forcibly and talks to her in ear by whispering “situations are very bad that mehak has to hold hand of abhi to win the show like this only you surrender yourself to me”.Mehak angrily takes her hand , talks to him rudely that will happen in your dreams and moves away from him,While the shaurya decorating for dine in the dark theme for mehak & his brother with pizza ,start up’s and desserts.

Shaurya comes to mehak who was standing alone to come on the stage.Then abhi asks hand for mehak and they go on stage with together while shaurya was in shocked that why was he holding instead of mohit.They(mehak and abhi) dance together passionately by forgetting around the surroundings and lost into each other plays …
Sajde Mein Yuhin Jhukta Hoon

I bow down my head in worship in front of You
Tum Pe Aake Hi Rukta Hoon
I come to a stop on seeing You
Kya Yeh Sabko Hota Hai
Does it happen to everyone
Humko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Why should we be concered about the others
Tum Se Hi Sab Baathe Ab Se
Now all my talks are with You and about You
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua
You have now become a prayer to me
Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
God knows that I have sacrificed myself
Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Mit Gaya
God knows that I have erased myself
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai

God knows why this has happened
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda
Because You have become my God
Tu Kahe To Tere Hi Kadam Ke Mein Nishano Pe
If You say then I will, on Your footsteps
Chaloon Rukoon Ishaare Pe
Walk and stop on Your signal
Tu Kahe To Khwaboon Ka Bana Ke Mein Bahana Sa
If You say, then I will make an excuse of dreams

Mila Karoon Sirhaane Pe
And I’ll meet You on the pillowside before sleep
Hoo Tumse Dil Ki Baathe Seekhi
I have learnt the talks of the heart from You
Tumse Hi Yeh Raahe Seekhi
I have learnt these ways from You
Tum Pe Mar Ke Mein To Jee Gaya
I died on You and I lived
Dil Kahe Ke Aaj To Chhupa Lo Tum Panaahon Mein
My heart says that hide me in Your embrace
Ke Dar Hai Tumko Khodoonga
I have a fear that I’ll loose You

Dil Kahe Sambhal Zara Khushi Ko Na Nazar Laga
The heart says, be careful a little, don’t throw an evil eye on happiness
Ke Dar Hai Mein To Rodoonga
I have a fear that I’ll start crying
Hooo Karthi Hoon Sau Vaade Tumse
I make a hundred promises to You
Baandhe Dil Ke Dhaage Tumse
I have tied together the strings of Our hearts

Yeh Tumhe Na Jaane Kya Hua
I don’t know what has happened to You
Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
God knows that I have sacrificed myself
Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Mit Gaya
God knows that I have erased myself
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
God knows why this has happened
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda
Because You have become my God

After completion of song shaurya serves tomato soup to them and then made all dishes with nikki and serve them.They also taste the food and note down the marks.After completion abhi thanks shaurya for preparing this date theme a for a most eligible bachelor that’s me and said that he enjoyed the lunch with mehak a lot he says. Mehak glares at him and leaves to washroom.Shaurya was angry at him and imagines to punch his face by having date with his wife.Nikki calls him to come and wait for results then his imagination breaks and comes into reality.Mehak also come there waited for results .There are announced that mehak and shaurya goes to next round.while the other two are eliminated from the competition.Then mehak also leaves to home but kanta stops and asks mehak “where did you learn singing and when?”.she said I learn music just for time pass ,5 years back .But she says you did not share this with me. Mehak says to her I thought it is not important so that why i did not mentioned.They all leave to the hospital because just then mohit call mehak and tell Sharma family to come there
Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…

Precap:Abhi says to “You always care about your so called family and husband and sacrifice a lot to them for happiness but always forgot who you are.(Tu hamesha aapna parivaar ko khude se uper raktha hoon hao mehak par tum is me khud ko bhool jaata hoon)”

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  1. Awsome yrrr… Like always…. Just love it.. I also wont to see this in original zkm…
    But you are awsome ….
    Your story more than entreating original zkm…
    And your hindi not bad…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you sapna

  2. nice . do write more…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you alisha

  3. Plz stop abhi role I hate it

    1. Jhansi

      Sanju let the story unfolds abhi character is also good..please try to read the episode

  4. It was nice &intresting precap ??.Now mahek serial current track wsa boring but ur story was really part update Soon .

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you asas

  5. Wow your episodes are really with reading and I love it more than the actual show…. Well I wanna ask the Shaurya is only the male protagonist or is it Abhi here??

    1. I meant your episodes are worth reading….

      1. Jhansi

        Thank you keya…

    2. Jhansi

      The next coming episodes you may find answers to your questions keya…

  6. Priyanjali Das

    good!!! i like it.keep it up.

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you Priyanjali for your appreciation.

  7. U r a nice writer dear plz write more and one request to u sorry if u get hurt to it plz write short songs and more story bcz of songs the story get short and i get more interested in ur story line too.sorry if it hurt u dear.i m a silent reader and i love ur story keep it up.see u soon.

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you for your suggestion dear Hani , I will make sure that it will not happen again.

  8. Priyanjali Das

    continue writing like this.i enjoy it very much. after all we are MEHRYA fans.

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