Mehak’s Past – episode 4

Hello Guys …Hope you enjoy reading it.please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….
The episode starts with Mehak hand bleeding stops by keeping ice until then abhishek and mehak lost into each other eyes.Then anchor comes and inform abhi to start the competition.He tell to anchor to wait for 10 min and take mehak for dressing to doctor arranged by the competition.shaurya who is seeing this fuming in anger and a little bit surprised with the new talent of mehak.Sharma family members are shocked to see the video of mehak because they did not know anything about it.They have so many questions in their minds which they want to ask mehak.Then abhi rushed to medical room where he called the doctor.
Inside the medical room,Doctor said it was severe injury because the glass pieces are still inside the hand he was removing the glass pieces , mehak was not feeling the pain but abhi is feeling it by watching it.The doctor asked him to stop shouting and said that patient is bearing pain but he is reacting oddly he said in irritative tone.Then doctor completed the dressing and advices her not to keep to pressure on the palm for 1 week.Then he left the medical room.Abhi close the room.Then mehak said the abhi “You feel more pain than me Now I am now enjoying the game you have started Mr.Abhishek khurana”.This is not a game mehak please try to understand me.I know why you entered my life again “TUM YEHA MUJHE PAANE KE LIYE AAYA THA NA ISS LIYE TUMHE DARD HO RAHA HAI” and I will never surrender myself to you abhi do all you want but remember one thing when that day comes I will suffocate me some much that I can’t live and can’t even die So that you will feel more pain than me.Abhi thinks in his mind she will never understand me why I came in her life,so I have to talk what she says to stay connected with her.
Abhi says to her “Yes,I came to take you with me” and remember If I was not in your life you are incomplete/nothing without me Don’t forgot this.You are my property and how can I see with some other random person ?
“Mujhe suna hai ki jisne tum se shaadi kiya hai vusee ne tumhare maabaap ko maar diya hai “and you forgive that person even though he played your emotions and move on with him.Then Why can’t I get a chance to be in your life.”
Mehak angrily stares him and says “He is not liar and betrayed like you”.He just played with my emotions but not with me”.He accepted all his mistakes in front of world and my family for that any one has to repent for mistake they did and guts to accept it which you don’t have mr.khurana.
After listening to it he angrily grabs her other hand and says “You are only mine mehak that’s why he did not touch you”.I know everything about it.So please don’t act in front of me.Then song plays in background
main to bas teri chaahat mein, chahoon rehna sada
main to bas teri kurbat mein, chahoon rehna sada
saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda..
main tay kar liya..
tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe, bas haq hai ik mera
teri rooh pe tere jism pe, bas haq hai ik mera
bas haq hai ik mera, bas haq hai ik mera..
Then she asks to leave her hand shaurya must be coming here please ……she says to abhi.I am not afraid of anyone mehak let him come I will handle him by punching him in face for hurting you from the first time of meeting.she was surprised hearing her concern from him.You also som’t act in front of me you are soo good I know what you are .I know you are famous chef and singer but also nothing infront of me.shaurya opens the door.Then abhi leaves her hand and opens the door and acts as door locked itself after leaving the doctor.shaurya asks mehak “how was she now?”Abhi excuse himself and leaves from there by giving a glance at her.
Mehak says to shaurya that I am fine but doctor said that not to keep pressure in palm.shaurya says to mehak “ main jab bhi tumhe sab kuch samaj chuka jaisa socha tha hoon tho tab tuu kuch aisa karata hoon jo mai jaan nahi paa sake”.Now What did i do shauya ?Your new talent mrs.khanna now did you understand.Woh…wohh…mai time pass ka liye gaate thi …I did not tell to any one.So Announcement for shaurya and mehak to come for the competition is announced and they leave for the competition together.
Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…

Precap:Kanta asks mehak did you learn singing but when?

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  1. Nice. Waited today to read. Do write more. But english will b better as i dont understd hindi

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you alisha.ok I will write in English or English translation for Hindi words from next time onwards.

  2. nice & waiting for next part .update soon ??

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you asas.

  3. Nice waiting for next one

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you sakshi

  4. Hii sorry for lete comnts…
    I also reed your 3 parts…
    I love everything about mehrya… And i love your ff… Love your storys…
    Thanks for entertaining us….
    I this zkm writer ko kuch sikna chiye tumse…
    Love you…

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you sapna

  5. Priyanjali Das

    keep it up!!!!

    1. Jhansi

      Thank you priyanjali

  6. can you post the english translations for what is wriiten in Hindi? I do not speak it.

    1. Jhansi

      TUM YEHA MUJHE PAANE KE LIYE AAYA THA NA ISS LIYE TUMHE DARD HO RAHA HAI means You came into my life to achieve me that’s why you are getting pain for my wound.
      Mujhe suna hai ki jisne tum se shaadi kiya hai vusee ne tumhare maabaap ko maar diya hai
      means I listen that the person who killed your parents you married him.
      main jab bhi tumhe sab kuch samaj chuka jaisa socha tha hoon tho tab tuu kuch aisa karata hoon jo mai jaan nahi paa sake means when ever i think i understand you ,you will do some new thing so that i can’t understand you…………..

    2. Jhansi

      Thank you Moon Angel for reading my FF.I hope you enjoy it.

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