Mehak’s Past – episode 2

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The Judge immediately called Abhinav Khurana and he lift it he asked “Are you willing to host the cooking competition which was held today Mr.Khurana ?”Abhinav immediately replied “yes”.Then judge was very happy and told informed to anchor.Every body(competition members) who was in hospital told judge “To Take care” and leave the hospital to their respective homes.Mehak and shaurya reached khanna house and they went to see their mother karuna who was now come out from coma and ask the news about cooking competition.They both replied happily that they won the first round at the same time and karuna was happy for their victory.Both look into each others eyes and lost themselves.suddenly vicky called shaurya and break the eye lock and shaurya introduce nikki to his mom as a best friend in college by holding her hand where mehak feels jealous by seeing that angrily glares at them and leave from there.Then karuna asks shaurya why are you doing this drama infront of mehak she asked.Then shaurya replies to make her to accept defeat in competition we have to change focus we know that she is a good cook he cannot win against our talent but we can win by diverting her attention to this I did like this ma.This was all listened by mehak who was standing at the door so she also decides not to focus on the issue ,keep dedicated towards the competition and leave from there.Then nikki asks shaurya to leave her hand since mehak was not in the room who was uncomfortable for the shaurya’s behaviour.
Next morning starts with Mehak’s puja done and giving prasad to every one in the house including shaurya and nikki .Mehak says to shaurya “ALL THE BEST “ to him and goes to Sharma’s House where mohit is already for leaving the competition.Sharma’s family also come to competition with mehak and mohit to cheer mehala and mohit.While along with shaurya niki and vicky comes to competition.
Anchor tells that yesterday one judge was fainted since he was not feeling well we are introducing the new Judge name “Abhinav Khurana” who was good chef and also a singing sensation in india.Mehak is stunned to hear his name.Then Abhinav made an entry in the show with song (While singing the song he continuously looking at mehak)
Kuch Paane Ki Ho Aas Aas
Kuch Armaan Ho Jo Khaas Khaas
Har Koshish Mein Ho Waar Waar
Kare Dariyao Ko Aar Paar
Toofano Ko Chir Ke
Manzilo Ko Chin Le
Aashayein Khile Dil Ki
Ummedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kuch Bhi
Nahi Kuch Bhi
Then anchor asks him to take the seat and moves to next round of the competition.Mehak who was still in the shocking face was disturbed by mohit suddenly pinch her she asks what in anger look?Then say sorry I am thinking of something and listening about round 2 .In this round first they have to collect the ingredients listed in the paper which was in the table within 10 min if you are not collected in given time you will be eliminated from the show because without it we can’t make the recipe and then returned back to their table and make a desert with a dish with that ingredients in time limit 1 hour to finish with well carved and decorated bowl.Then the competition starts then mehak run toward storeroom to get all the ingredients but shaurya needs the same one so he snatched it from the mehak and she took another one from another corner which shaurya did not see and left after collecting.Everyone gather all ingredients except one team they miss two ingredients so they are eliminated there are 4 teams after elimination.They are continue for cooking dishes with in the time.While the contestants are busy in cooking their own recipes the judges come to each contestants and ask what they are making ?All other 2 contestants said what they are making then turn comes to mehak she says I am making Pumpkin oats cake and pumpkin oambhal with chapati. Then shaurya is asked for what he was making he said he was making Bottlegourd kurma and Lauki kheer.Round completed the judge was tasting the recipes and given the marks but other judges was also there taste this recipes those are kids.They came and tasted all the recipes and also given the marks.The anchor is announcing results for 4 teams ,Mehak is announced as first but confused because she added more salt in dish when khurana ask about dish.Next second was shaurya and third was other team but 4 th is not eliminated since judges are given a chance to them for continue next round (Because already 1 team was deleted at the start).Then abhi comes to mehak and says in the ear he added sugar to reduce salt from the dish so that you can won the round.Mehak angrily glares at him and recalls her past which represents the same situation with him
He did the same dish but added more salt then mahak came silently add sugar in it without his notice that day Hotel People is coming to examine him to work in to his hotel so he was nervous there was no time agin to prepare mehak asks him to serve the people but he hesitate it to do so but serves them in urge of mehak they all tasted it and says it is perfect.Then he was confused and thinks how this is possible then mehak silently whispers in ears that I ADDED SUGAR IN YOUR DISH so that it can reduce extra salt.
Back to present
How can you forgot me did you remember something that remains about me mehak he said
I can’t remember anything And asks Who the hell are you to interfere in my life she smirks and leaves.
He hold her hand and said “I am the one who always remains who actually you are………”
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Precap: Mehak breaks the glass which she was holding for drinking water after listening to video shown by Abhinav Khurana

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