Mehak’s Past – episode 1

Hello Guys …This is my first article. Hope you enjoy reading it.please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

The story continue from cooking competition where shaurya and mehak competing against each other with white chillies and food truck for supporting their own families.
The competition starts where there are 2 judges and an anchor who is introducing the contestants to the people.They first introduce Shauryakhanna and then moves towards mehak who is also competing with his husband .He asks mehak how does she feels about competing his husband then
mehak replied “I am not competing with anyone but with myself because I think i am only competitor to myself”.

Anchor praised her to be fantastic reply with confidence.
Then he moved towards SK and asked the same question then
he replied “I want to prove that my WC is best than other small food trucks” he gave reply with angry look.
Then anchor introduced other contestants and start the competition with specified rules:
Like they must be 2 people must be in a team for each restaurants etc
After listening this shaurya was very tensed because he was only one who is competing for WC and he made a call to his friend.His friend said she is on the way.

The first round of competition starts with giving a selected ingredients given to the contestants and they have to make something from it with in 30mins. Shaurya’s friend niki joins in the competition and mehak feels jealous of them after seeing hugging each other.
In the middle of the competition one judge got a call he is nervous after listening to the call but sat silently.The competition end and both shaurya and mehak are very excited for the judgement and result because they think they perfectly made it but they are little bit nervous.

The judges tastes the food and give their marks.Anchor comes to the stage to announce the results the mahak,shaurya are selected for next round with few other contestants and they are happy with that but shaurya says “Now Please back off mehak otherwise I won’t leave a chance to win the competition”.Then Mehak glares him and says” let us see and wait for the result”.
Suddenly the judge who answered the call was collapsed and everyone rush to hospital with him but of no use his condition was critical so doctor asked him to take rest.Then anchor has to select some other judge so he asked another judge to give him a suggestion.Then the name come to his mind was “Abhinav Khurana” who was famous singer and chef.Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…

Precap:The entry of Abhinav Khurana is shown in competition then mehak is shocked to see him.

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  1. Yeah!! Nice… Will eagerly wait for next episode…

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      Thank you kenya for your appreciation

  2. Please write more. I am more eager to read your track then the current ones. Well done

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      Thank you Alisha .I will remember your suggestion to add more content.

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