Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS… This is YAZHU again came up with another OS for you all…this OS will be on ISHKARA…I’ve got overjoyed at your comments on my previous update ‘THE CONFESSION- A Shivika OS’…I’m sooooooo happy that you all liked it…thanks a lot for all those lovely comments…and sorry in advance if I commit any mistakes in this part…now let’s get into the story…

It’s an outdoor painting exhibition, sited in a beautiful lakeside place. Omkara Singh Oberoi, a great artist himself is looking at the marvelous and colourful paintings before him. Each one says a story, emotions, peace, they brought smile on his face. The paintings reminds him of every important person in his life, a modern art of yin-yang portrayed as fire and water reminds him of his brother Shivaye and Anika, a beautiful art of kids reminds Rudra and Priyanka, like this every single painting reminds him someone. He came near a unique painting of a lonely girl sitting on stairs, he looks at the art, and it reminds her, the one he tries hard to forget but always got failed in that attempt.

‘Ishana…’ the name came from his throat, unknowingly a smile too

When he realize his action, his beautiful smile disappears instead anger and pain filled his eyes, he felt betrayed, what should he expect from a con girl after all she’s a no one to him, his brain answers. But his heart tells a different answer, she affected him so much, as that every time when he tries to forget her his mind starts reminding her only. She gave him sleepless nights, even he is in relationship with Ridhima his mind only reminds him of Ishana more than Ridhima.

He got frustrated and turns away from that painting to view the beautiful lake behind him. It is indeed a beautiful sight, just then he met with those eyes. A girl having some paintings in her hand, he can just see her eyes as her face got hidden under her shawl. It’s the same eyes with whom he shared his pain to console them.

He got the feeling that it’s her. Her eyes too met him, they widens at his gaze. She leaves the paintings there and started running, trying to get away from there, from him. But unknowingly his legs too started to run behind her.

‘Stop…’ his voice made her legs still, she stands there facing her back towards him

He started walking towards her, bringing courage to herself she too turns to looks at him. Just then she noticed that the pillar placed for the decoration was going to fell on him.

‘Omkara ji…’ she shouts and pushed him aside, by which she got hurt in her hand and her shawl stuck to the falling pillar which makes her face to be revealed

Om was shocked by that sudden act and looks for the girl to know if she’s alright. He got shocked to see Ishana’s face, but when he noticed the bleeding in her hand, he felt pain and rushed towards her.

‘Are you alright???’ he asked her with concern and ties his hanky around her wrist

Ishana got shocked by his question, she thought that he’ll hate her for what she has done for him. Instead of shouting at her, he concerns for her.

‘I’m…I’m alright…thanks Omkara ji…’ she says with thankfulness

‘You don’t have to thank me… in fact, I wanna thank you for saving me and… for making me realize that I shouldn’t have trusted some random person’ he said in a cold tone, by gazing at her sharply

Ishana lowers her eyes, can’t able look at his eyes. She felt guilty and his words felt like someone is stabbing her heart. Her eyes become pond and the tears blurred her vision.

‘What are you doing here???’ his words make her look at him

‘I’m working with the event planners…’ she replied by controlling her tears

‘You’re working???’ he said with a smirk, ‘I wish it’s true this time…’ he says looking straight into her eyes

He then left from there without saying another word. Ishana looks at him until he disappears around the turn. Then she collapsed down at started crying hard by recalling Om’s words. It’s the most horrible moment in her life, she met with so many problems and life ending circumstances but she didn’t felt this much pain. But his words make her to feel like hell and her heart filled with guilt for betraying such an innocent soul.

‘I’m so sorry Omkara ji…’ she says crying hard

Om saw this by standing behind a pillar, and left there wiping his tears.

So how was it??? Sorry guys if I bored you…hope you all would’ve liked it…I dedicate this OS to all the crazy and lovely fans of ISHANA and ISHKARA…if you guys feel it’s not good, don’t hesitate and just let me know through your comments…so that could improve my writing pattern…please give your valuable comments down…Thank you so much guys for reading it…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for all and All for one…

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  1. Iwaniya

    superbbbb dear….

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Iwaniya…

  2. Shaza

    Thnq sooooo much for the ishkara shot ??…
    it’s ……..can’t express in words yar …
    u know, Out of the world types ? ?… love with this one …idk how many times I have red this till now …
    ..the last scene really bought tears in my eyes ?..missing Ishkara badly ?

    1. Agreed with priya and shaza just beyond awesome sorry I can’t comment long as I am a bit busy dear hope u understand

      1. Yazhu

        Thank u so much for those beautiful words Bshama…its alright dr I understand…and I’m happy that you read it and loved it…

    2. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Shaza dr…I just had an idea of writing Ishkara OS but it’s your request that forced me to write it now…I’m so happy that you loved it…

  3. Priya15

    Tq sooo much for writing on ishkara….
    U r an amazing writer dear….

    No words to say…its just mind blowing os..emotional one…superb..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Priya dr…I’m so happy that you loved it…

  4. Jazz1

    Fabulous di. ??

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  5. It was awesomeeeeee??

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      Thanks janvi…

  6. Sat

    Really, a very emotional one. Loved it. Thanks a lot for this os, ?????

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Sat…so happy that you loved it….

  7. Mishri

    Diiiiii!!!r u planning on making me cry!!!????????..its awsum!wel done di!!!!loved it!!!

    1. Yazhu

      Awww don’t cry dr…Thanks a lot for that beautiful comment…so happy that you loved it…

  8. Goms

    Yazhu… It’s awesome.. While reading I felt how Ishkara felt the pain.. Waiting for your next part..

    Yazhu another request send me the SHIVIKA os link of yours in private chat.. I want to read it..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Goms…so happy that you loved it…sure I’ll send you the link…

  9. Superbbbbb yr….
    I really loved it…both os r beyond the words yr…i think i didn’t commented on ur privious os bcz i was busy…but they r awsome yr…thnku thnku thanku soooo much…

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks abiha…I’m really happy that you loved it…

  10. Its awssummmm yazhu……u wrote it soo well tht d readr culd feel d pain in tht…..i cn sense tht pain….wondrful dear…..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Tulasi dr…so happy that you loved it…

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    This is so nice ?????
    Loved it
    Really heart touching

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for those lovely words Fat

      1. Yazhu

        Sry typing error…

    2. Yazhu

      Thanks for those lovely words Fatarajo…I’m happy that you loved it…

  12. it was awesome… hope ishana will come back…

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks jaya…happy that you loved it…we even hoped for the same…but there’ll be no Ishana in Ishqbaaz…feeling so sad for that…
      Thanks for commenting dr…

  13. Eagerly waiting fr next episode…plz…post na….:-)

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for ur support Zoya…sure I’ll try to update my next post by tomorrow…

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