A Meeting.. That Changed The Meaning of My Life.. Swasan-Five shots_Third-Shot_Part-2


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So here we go wid part-2
at maheswari mansion~
Laksh enters mm wid the baby
steps so that knw sees him… But
unfortunately… He got caught…
Sanskar’s point of view_
i came to the house i was quite
happy that my lill bro has finally
fall for a girl.. That too 4 a ri8
girl…i changed n got freshen up
n thought of going into balcony…
As i went i saw lucky parking the
car out of house bt y? Then he
slowly entered the house jst like
a thief what’s wrong wid him i
too hided my self when he lukd
up.. N slowly went downstairs he
was all lost he was hidding
sumthng luckily maa n badi ma
had went out for shopping while
uttara was at her friends house…
Sabse to bach gya magar mujhse
kon bachega tujhe hahaha u r
gone bachu… He was abt to
climb stairs when he saw me n
got shocked bha…bh..bhai
aa..aa..aaap yahaaa he
stammered… H..h..h..haa main
y…ya..yaha i said whìle copying
him kya hua laksh aur yeh kya
hai jo tum chupa rahe ho..huh?i
askd him teasing as i knew it
would be ragini’s gift… He
blushed a bit whoa luk who is
blushing i thought… Kuch nahi
bhai woh…woh… woh mujhe
kuch zaruri kam yad agaya maim
chalta hu n he ran away out of

I was happy for him n i
remembered how i saw her for
the first time i fell for her…

*Fb starts*
sanskar was in america for sum
bussiness purpose when he saw
her…wearing a black trouser
white tee wid pink jacket still
being morden She luked a
prefect angel… Wid open hairs
wearing white pearl earings wid
a simple pearl chain… Wid light
make-up n baby pink lipstick n
her big eyes which had a kind of
sum spark…n her innocent smile.
Playing guitar… N getting money…
He got mesmerized wid her
beauty n her eyes.. He taught she
is luking all rich then y dis after
she finished she took those
money n bought lots of food
stuff n gave it too all the lill poor
kids nearby n also gave money
frm her wallet… He totally got
awestruck n impressed by her it
was his love at first sight before
he could go n ask her she sad in
her car n went off…
*Fb ends*

he came out of his thought and
remembered ragini telling her
abt swara nt seeing his pic nor
askd 4 details n get tensed… He
then gets idea n smirks
naughtyly ….
Here on the other side swara is
handeling everything n is busy in
that case she 4gets to take
permission 4
Halfday and gets busy… Wid the
work…here laksh cums to the ofc
wid the gift and calls swara for
telling her the details about
karma grp of companies…. He
tells her about her work and
progress of company bt before
he could tell her about sanskar or
give her the annual report böok
he gets a call from ap and
excuses himself…..
Ap- laksh beta we need ur help
lucky- jii ma bataiye
ap-laksh we need ur suggestions
for sanskar clothes plz cum fast
at the V.R mall
lucky -maa ye kaisa kam hai ap
plz khud le lijiye na plz ma he
said while pouting…
ap- nahi laksh pehele sanskar ne
mana kiya aur ab tum nahi koi
bahana nahi chalega..
Before he could say anythng they
kept the fn
hey bhagwan kaha fsa diya
erhh…. Lucky bhagwan ne nahi
bhai ne fasaya he tumhe…
He went to the cabin n asked
swara to go at home if she is
done wid her work n tommorow
will be her half day due to sum
reasons n they afterwards talk
for karma grp of companies and
swara leaves while lakshya takes
ragini’s gift n smile n
remember’s her n he too leaves….

Road swara is waiting for bus n
here sanskar sees her going in
bus n gets tensed n gets
confused that y she uses public
On the other side lakshya
reaches mall’s parking n is
thinking abt ragini gets dumped
wid a scooty n the girl falls frm
her scøoty bt her face is nt visible
due to her hair touching her face
he immedaitely gets out of the
Laksh – are u okay miss??
Girl – how can i be okay after dis
huh ?
Laksh- oops sorry? Sorry miss? N
forwards his hand to help her
getting up…
Girl- ragini? Ragini gadodia? N
she gets up… Wid giving her
hand in his… (Yes the girl was
ragini )
as she gets up she looses her
balance n lakshya holds her
song plays in bg…
Janam janam janam sath chalana
yuhi kasam tumhe ksam ake
milna yahi…
Ek jaan ho bhale do badan
gumshuda meri ho k humesha hi
rehne kabhi na keh na alvida….
n gets mesmerized by her
beautiful eyes n also gets shock
to see her again n remembers
meeting her again n again they
cums into senses….
Rags- laksh ji ap yaha?
Laksh-erh.. woh ap meri
chhodiye ap yaha ?
Rags- ji woh hum humari di ke
kapde lena aye hai (n she gets
dida’s cl who is waiting for her)
lakshji maf kariye mgr hume jana
hoga bye…
Laksh- are suniye toh

Rags- ji
Laksh- (he rubbed his hair wid
his hand)
umn…woh will u be my friend
rags- yes sure.. (She said shyly)
ab hum chalte hai lakshji
Laksh-ji vi nahi only laksh
rags- thike hum chalte hai laksh
tc bye
laksh- bye tc ragini (he too
blushes )

at godidia mansion_
swara reaches home and calls up
ragini “laado cum here bacha see
what i hv brought?”
no respones she agin calls her
“laddo cum na” again no
she again cls”bacha wh…” before
she could comp shekhar cums
wid a glass of water n tells her
abt sumi and dadi had gone for
getting sum food stuffs where as
dida n ragini had went for
shopping and reminds her of
taking halfday she spill outs the
water bt then remembers laksh
telling her abt halfday n gets
shekhar-beta what happnd? R u
ok shall i bring u sumthng juice
or anythng?
Swara- nahi papa woh khasi a
gai to sorry papa she said wid
puppy eyes n haa maine half day
le liya hai
shekhar -ok shona take rest and
he goes frm there
at the mall-
after sum tym dida and ragini
buys everythng goes n even
laksh ap sujata completes the
shopping and goes….

Maheswari mansion every1 cums
back sanskar notice’s lucky
smiling for no reason and also
notices him being lost and thinks
sum thng n smirks
at gadodia mansion-
as ragini cums swara runs n
hugs her tightly bt she seems to
be lost n she cls her bt she says
haa laksh while gets suspiscous
n sees her smiling n gets an idea
n she too smirks
the screen faces on the swasan
smirking face and raglak smiling

guys now the remaining 2 shots
would be fully swasan so guys
stay tuned…

Credit to: Heena

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