Meeting At Airport-one shot by ufaq


we here an announcement that the flight from the Canada to the. India has been landed
a girl of 23 years is seen coming out with her luggage
obthe otherside the boy of 25 years is also seen coming wiypth his luggage and is busy in talking on his phone
the boy collides with the girl
girl: ouch
boy : sorry sorry WO main ghalti she take a dia
girl; ye ghalti she tm larke kabhi truck she Ku nae takrate ho surf khubsoorat larkiyoun se hi Ku takrate ho????

boy: wait wait khobsorat r tm hahahahah nice joke r sunnao
girl: shut up
boy: agar tm khobsorat ho to main suicide kr ln ga
girl: to ja k kr lo na mera dimagh mt khao
boy: seriously dimagh hai tmhare pass
girl: han hai now move
boy : han han ja raha Hn anyway sorry again hahahaha khobsorat hahaha
girl: aaaaawwwwwwwww agar agli dafa mila to is ki to main jaan nikal ln Ge batameez kahin ka
girl takes her luggage and leaves the airport
scene ends
same boy is scene in a restaurant with his friend
friend: yar order something

boy: OK let me see the menu
boy is busy in seeing menu when the same girl enters the restaurant and sits on the chair next to boy’s table they don’t see each other
boy ordered the food when some reflecting light starts to fell on his eyes he places his hand on the light to see where it is coming then he sees the same girl and the diamond of her purse was reflecting the light she was laughing the boy gets mesmerized seeing her
boy : yar ye to such main bht khobsorat h
friend: hain kn khobsorat Thai?????

boy: WO larki ………
all his friend turn to see the girl
boy: yar mjhe is se love at second sight ho gaya h
friend: first sight to suna tha ye second sight kia hota h??????
boy : wo actually job main first time is she mila tha tb………( he tells all things happened at airport)
friend: oye tune us ki khobsorti k bare main BT ki ab WO the nae chore ge
boy: han ye to h
friend: or us ka kia hoga js se tera rishta hoa h
boy : kn Sania ki friend???
friend: g Teri behn ki friend
boy: us se main bat kr ln ga
friend agar WO is se b ziada khobsorat hoi to……!??????

boy: I don’t think so
friend: chal Teri marzi best of luck
boy: thanks they eat dinner and leave
whole night the boy thought how to find that girl……..
Next Evening
there is a party in the house of the same boy
ramnath calls : sharavan idhar aao beta
shr: aya papa
he excuse himself and goes to his father
shr: g papa

ram: mjhe tmhein kisi she milwana h
shr: kis se papa
ram: suman se us se jis se hamne tmhara rishta kia ha
shr; PR papa WO to aae nae abhi tk
ram : WO ajae Ge tm yahen raho
shr: OK papa
after sometime suman comes
ram: suman beta idhar aao

suman goes there
ram: suman ye h mera beta sharavan r sharavn ye h suman
both shakes hand with each other
ram: main abhi aya
he leaves
suman: tm tm ho sharavan khadoss
shr: tm ne mjhe khadros Khan??
suman: han kha tm ne b to mjhe badsorat kha tha
yes guys the girl was suman and boy was sharavan
shr: ohhhh to tmhein yad h
suman : tmhein kya lgta h main bhol jaon gi khaross
shr: hey you stop calling me khadroos
suman: oho mune ko ghussa aya
shr: shut up

suman: main tm se shadi nae krn Ge
shr: Ku???
sumu: meri marzi
shr: thk h main to shadi sirf tm se hi krn ga
sumu: kuuuuuu?????
shr: being a straightforward person I should tell u that…….
sumu; that what
shr: that I love u
sumu shocked
sumu; kia kha tm ne

shr: behri ho???
sumu: shut up m tm se shadi nae krn Ge
shr; thk h to main kr ln ga
sumu : shut up
she leaves
Next Day
suman goes for jogging sharavan also follows her
sumu stops
sumu: Ku peecha kr rae ho mera
shr: tm mjhse shadi k liye man jao main peecha krna chor dn ga
sumu: main tm se shadi nae krn Ge

shr : main b tmhara peecha nae choron ga
sumu: awwwww go to hell
shr: along with you
sumu gets angry and leaves
like this shravan always followed her some days suman feels it awkward but after somedays she became habitual of it
she also started feeling for sharavan
One Day
sumu went to park shr as usual followed her
sumu started playing with children and while playing she fell down shr rushes to him
shr: ye umar h tmhari khelne ki dekho kitni chot lag gae h tmhein pagal ab dekhao mjhe
sumu was not listening him and was lost in his eyes

shr does her bandage
sumu: mjhe tm se kuch kehna h
shr: ye mt kehna k tmhein mjh se shadi nae krni mera peecha mat kia karo ala bla
sumu: nae WO mjhe tm se kehna tha k
shr: k?????????

sumu: will u marry me
shr gets surprised
shr: of course even I , dying to marry u
sumu: I love u shravan
shr: I hate u
sumu: Ku?????
shr; meri marzi and laughs
sumu playfully hits him

shr: sorry sorry I love u
they both hug each other tightly
after a month both got married and lived happily after
so guys plz tell me u like it or not

I just wish that it gets published
Mario only for u I wrote another one shot
lots of love

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Lovely ufaq lovely u write one shot so nicely no words to describe loved it a lot

    1. Thank u soooooooo much
      I m glad u liked it

  2. Marie

    Awwwww thank u sooooo much pehle toh…….!!!
    U wrote it again just fr me….!! 😀 😀
    N dosri baat………!! Agar ye bura hai toh acha kya hota hai..????? 😀
    I just loved it to d core api..!!!!! It’s awesome fantastic amazing fab…. Or aaage tareeef ke liay mere paas words khatam ho gai…. Hehehehehehehe
    It’s a humble request plzzzzzz write another 1 plzzz as beautifully written lyk dis…!!
    Love u api…!!

    1. Ur always welcome sweet
      WO dosra tha Jo inhon ne post nae kiya
      Thank u sssoooooo much
      I m happy that u liked it
      Love u too

    2. Marie

      I think it ws written in hindi i mean d dialoges cause mere saath bhi tu walo ne kia hai aisaa jb full eng mai likho toh post kardete hain easily……

      1. No yar that was in English fully in English

      2. Marie

        Oooo 😮 phir bhi nai kia……!

      3. Nae bht hi batamez hain

      4. Marie

        Phir toh hain…….!!

  3. Khushi

    Wow ufaq it was so cute…. Loved it very very much… Hehe shravan following sumo every where I loved their meet at the airport…. U r simply amazing no words it was so cute and nice I was smiling like mad loved it yr….aise hi aur bhi bahut saari OS post karo and ffs bhi…..u r such a good writer loved it to the core….??

    1. Thank u soooooo much ya I will write ff BT not now later on and thank u soooo much again I will write others

  4. Nikita

    it was a cute one..!! Loved it.. keep making more.. 😉

    1. Thank u so much Nikki
      I m happy u liked it

  5. Sharmansangel

    Loved it awesome please post the next one soon

    1. I will post next after someti,e
      Thank u sooooo much

    1. Thanxx sweeto

  6. Loved it. It was really cute, especially the jogging-park wala. Keep writing.?

    1. Thanxx
      Happy that u liked it

  7. WeirdSister

    It was short nd sweet..loved it…!

    1. Thanxx yar
      Glad u liked it

  8. I like urs one shot very much

    1. OhThanxx sweeto

  9. Bhoomi

    Superrrrr…. Fantastic…. Aise aur bohot sard likho….. ??

    1. Bhoomi

      bohot sare *

      1. Bht sare???? Bhomi thak jaon ge …….lol
        Thank u sooooooo much
        I m glad that u liked it

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwww?? … it was too cuteee ??? .. very well done ???

    1. Thank u soooooo much sweeto

  11. It was fab☺☺..I really..liked☺☺

    1. Thank u soooooo much sweeto

    1. Thanxxx sweetu

  12. Great work ufaq its fab….wonderful story

    1. Thanxxx sweetu di

  13. It was lovely

    1. Thanxxx ishi

  14. Angel_pari

    Ufaq sorry sissy for late i was really busy mafi plzzzz
    how r u

    and coming to os it was sweet and cute amazing

    u remember i hv told u tht ur writting skills are so good that i can read ur stories 100 times i loved thm

    but hv u post love has brought the season of spring???

  15. Thank u soooo much don’t get worried for lateness

  16. Affaa

    Yaar chull bulli outstanding….The best os…I enjoyed a a lot yaar…The way you write superb Masha Allah…I don’t know how appreciate you yaar….ufaq you rocked it…
    I’m proved of you….love you baby…take care..

    1. Thank u soooooooo much a pi
      U too take care

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