when we meet shivika part 7

Hi guys I am very sorry for extremely late update
Shiv- everything is fair in war and love
Someone hear their convo and is shocked they leave that place immediately
Shiv -karan am I mad like u to jump from 2nd floor because aleena did not accept ur proposal .by god’s grace u r alive now.

Karan- true I was a fool to kill myself because she did not accept me. I realized my mistake now .i did not think abt my parents before doing that. I was soo mad in love with someone who is not even looking at me .I risked my life for someone not worth it.
Shivaaay came close to karan and said “ love does not come only once. It is not necessary that u should live in her memories. someone will be waiting for u reach her before it is too late “and looked at mallika.
Karan -ok bye

Shivaay pov
Karan I did this for u. I lied to u it is true that I got the same ring from the pond for anika. this is not my madness but this is my true love for a girl who has the same feeling for me.
Karan to prove u wrong I had to lie this is the only way to teach a lesson to u. hope u meet ur true love soon . and sighs

In the bus
Rahul and annika were sitting together .annika was tired so she was sleeping slanting on the window resting uncomfortably.
Rahul was listening to song
Shivaay saw this and asked rahul to swap places. rahul obeyed without a word.
When shivaay sat next to annika she rested on his shoulder and slept peacefully till the end of the journey.

After 3 months
In classroom
Annika was sitting in her class. but she was busy admiring the ring which shivaay gave .the prof noticed this and scolded annika .she left the class with tears.

After the class
Annika went to the prof
Prof-anika wat happened to u
Anika- mam I am sorry for not paying attention in class I will not repeat it again
Prof -not that anika wat happened to ur marks u hav failed in ur exams
Annika was shocked she excused herself and ran to the notice board she was shocked to see her marks

Annika started to cry uncontrollably
She made a decision she called shivaay
Anika- hello shivaay I want to talk something imp with u pls meet me at the garden
shivaay was overjoyed he expected her to confess her feeling for him he was unaware of the storm waiting

in garden
anika was standing in the garden all are childhood memories flashed before her
her dream to become a doc and how her mom made her to promise to become a doctor before dying as her last wish, then shivaay ,the tour everything came in her mind .
she promised herself not to disappoint her mom

shivaay reached the garden and said “hi annika”
anika wiped her tears to hide her sorrow of leaving him forever
anika – shivaay I am leaving this place I am going to my brother place to study
shivaay was shocked to the core he held her shoulders tight and said
shivaay -don’t u dare to leave me what happened u r taking such a decision
anika -it is my personal matter
shivaay – annika give me the damn reason

annika was shocked to see him shouting. she gained courage and said
annika- it is you because of u , ur love , u r a distraction to me , u r hindrance in my studies ,u affect me a lot ,ur presence affect me. pls love is not my cup of tea .i am here to study not become a fool in love .i want to fulfill my mom last wish .pls try to understand lets part ways.

shivaay had mixed emotions he was happy by the indirect love confession of his lady love and also sad they r going to separate

anika started moving from there but stopped in her track she turned back and said
annika- our relationship started with lies . it is true that a relationship made with lies will not stand long . it is true in our case .
she removed the ring and placed it in the bench near by and left

before shivaay could understand the meaning of her words she left
shivaay- o shit she heard my convo with karan .
he looked at the path annika traveled and whispered
shivaay -annika half truth is worse than a lie ……..

hope u enjoy it pls share ur views abt this part with me

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