Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 4

Hi guys!! I’m back with my fourth epi…Have some revelations in the storyline. Hope u’ll like it… read & do comment if you find it worthy..( sumi is swara’s mom I have made the change as per ur wish)..
At swara’s home :
Swara goes to her room like wilted rose and falls on her bed motionless..
Swara : ( in a low tone) today wasn’t the day….that upstroll in my heart..when I met him ..what is happening to me??
Kavya: hey!! Hw was ur day??
Swara: (still rewinding the meet with sanskaar & the eyelock)
(kavya shooks her )
Kavya: di!! You don’t appear normal..what’s cooking in ur mind???
Swara : haaann.. nothing..just tired that’s it.
(swara thinks of how to reveal today’s incidents to kavya ..)
Swara: kavya! I have to…ask u..
( sumi calls kavya leaving swara’s conversation abrupt)
Swara: ( talks ..seeing her in mirror)_ okk!! Fine…INTERNA is my goal..I’ll focus only on it..These are rubbish thoughts… I’m clear now…
( she becomes relieved and composed then leaves the room)
Next day at college :
Sanskaar waits for swara @ the same place…
Sanskaar: will she come?? I hope she comes….( in a low tone)
Sanskaar turns around and finds the seniors standing at a viewable distance. Sanskaar on seeing them moves towards them in a fast pace..
Ankit: hey sanskaar! You still alive uh?? I thought you must have left this college..
Sanskaar moves with clenched fists and punches him hard.Then he beats up all the boys randomly..
Ankit : hey!!!!!stop it!! You hitting me for real ???
Sanskaar : haan!! Of course !! what you did you yesterday to me?the same for you all now…
Ankit : Buddy!! Stop it yaaarrr… we’re sorry!! We thought it would be effective …these days it’s hard to make girls believe..
( a fb is shown)
Sanskaar is the leader of the gang who have been warned by the college management ..,,,have faced lots of suspensions..criticisms..complaints for boycotting classes, organizing strikes (sometimes for good reasons)It was only for ankit that sanskaar stopped all those stuffs and ankit has taken up all the faults of sanskaar upon him for which he was given final warning by the management. His best frnd was found ragging freshers by swara…that was when sanskaar overheard her of complaining to the management..So.. to save ankit.. he put up an act before her so that she drops off her thought of complaining…
(fb ends)
Sanskaar: so…You all will beat me for real..??? I got bleeding….
Ankit : uh..But that was for good..
Sanskaar: what?? Have you gone mad??
Ankit : not really sans..She came right??
Sanskaar: who??
Ankit: that girl for whom you set up this ploy..her name was…
Sanskaar : swara..
Ankit: ahaaan( giggles while others make fun of sans) we saw that..
Sanskaar : nothing happened for you to see..just she treated my wound dats it…
Ankit: guys!! U all go to canteen..we gonna have a minute’s talk..
(all the boys leave)
Ankit: Sans! I know you did all this for me but…I saw
Sanskaar: Ohhh stop it ankit…enough for now ..I know I misused her goodness & that was wrong..
Ankit : ( To himself) so if necessary I’ll be your cupid…
Sanskaar : fine …u leave..will meet you @ 2..
Ankit: Sans!you…
Sanskaar : will meet swara and dispose this issue..i’ll put an end card to this …
Ankit glances at sanskaar and leaves smiling..
Swara : where is this kriti??( she turns around and gets startled finding arjun behind her)
Arjun : Hi!!We didn’t have time to get to know abt each other..wat abt coffee?
Swara : sorry.. having some work…( moves to leave)
Arjun : But I’m your senior..It’s an order..come .(he stresses her)
Swara : Look.. however you may be.. I never care.. get out of my way
(Arjun corners her to the wall and tries to get near …)
Arjun : Fine.. I think you feel me a stranger…dats y all dis…let’s date..,, Tmrw @ 10 am hmm…coffee shop….finalised if you don’t come then …u’ll come..
( arjun leaves smiling)..
Swara lost in her thoughts , moves unknowingly to the place where sanskaar is waiting..
Sanskaar: ( sees her) here comes swara.. have to finish this problem..
Swara walks past sanskaar.
Sanskaar : hey!!swara!! stop….
Sanskaar blocks her way and hesitantly touches her fingers.
Sanskaar: swara!!
Swara sees around as if she had been in a trance..sanskaar takes her to the seater and makes her sit.
Sanskaar : swara!!what..
Swara breaks into tears and rests her head on sanskaar’s chest….

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