Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 19

Hi guys!!Thanks a lot for Those wonderful comments.. I’m overwhelmed with your response!!Without further delay Here’s the next one..
The episode starts with Swara getting on the stage and she plays a plays..
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi sham ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho

meri duaoon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
She starts dancing gracefully while the frame focuses only on her and she was lost in dance…she forwards her hand and sees sanskaar missing…
Swara: where did he Go?

she fInds sanky sleeping in the second row of the auditorium..She pours water overhis face …Sanskaar jerks out finding Swara angry..
Sanskaar: vohh..swara..
Swara: I don’t want your stupid reasons…We cant be a pair….I don’t want an inpassionate person as my pair..get out..
Sanskaar gets disappointed and leaves from there…and stands near the canteen..he picks up the phone..
Ankit: Im here.kya hua..screwed up again?
Sanskaar: haan..bud..Vohh..I asked swara To be my pair..she said k..but..
Ankit: kya
Sanskaar: I slept..because ..

Ankit: because..what?
Sanskaar: areeyyy..dont you know I don’t know dancing..
Ankit holds his tummy and starts laughing..
Ankit: I know..I know ..but why on earth did u say ull dance with her..
Sanskaar: because..
Ankit: you love her..
Sanskaar: Haan..

Ankit: toh..ab kya..
Sanskaar: How will I stop her from dancing with someone..?
Ankit: you have To dance with her..for that..
Sanskaar: but she already Threw me out saying I CANT BE HER PAIR..
Ankit: but ab mein kya kar saktha iss mein?
Sanskaar: I need your idea and help..
Ankit: Wat?
Sanskaar: I need To learn dance..
Ankit: I can buy burgers for you…I have no connect with dance..
Sanky: serious..
Anky: thik hai…u have one way out..

Sanky: you mean dance class?
Anky: haan..not exactly..i know someone who can help you..
Sanky: wohhh…that’s great buddy…Who’s that?
Anky: swara..
Sanky: areey..come on yaarr..

Anky: Im not referring to the swara we see in our college..
Sanskaar: matlab..both are same na??
Anky: arey..buddu sanky..see both are same..but her attitude differs right?
Sanky looks confused..
Sanky: toh..
Anky: see…sanky..swara shows attitude here but not @ home..she’s ur patni right..& waise bhi..your wife mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari knows great dancing so…
Sanky: she Can teach me..

Anky: haan..
Sanky hugs ankit and gets overjoyed..

@MM mansion 5.00 pm..
Sanky appears too tired And falls on the bed..
Swara: kya hua..
Swara: haan..why are you looking weird..

Swara: ohh..k
Swara leaves the room ..He looks on while sakshi stands near the door..
Sakshi: uhh..sanky..
Sanskaar turns suddenly..
Sanky: di..aap..
Sakshi: mein tujse kuch kehna..

Sanky: kya di..
Sakshi: this Friday we need to file the case in the court..then only we’llbe able to get divorce by the end of this month..So..I need both of your signs..and hope you remember your promise to me..
She smiles fakely and leaves..Swara has overheard the convo…and also knew sanky wanted to learn dance from ankit Called up her priorly and informed her..
Swara enters the room without much reaction..she reads sanky’s face..he’S completely confused..She takes the papers she hid long back in her wardrobe..
Swara: suno..

Sanky: haan..kya..kya hua..
Swara: im leaving the city for some days..
Sanky: what..where.why..I mean..
Swara: My parents have chosen an alliance for me..
Sanky: alliance,are u mad?
Swara: kyun?
Sanskaar: kyunki tum aisa nahi kar saktha

Swara: kyun nahi kar saktha
Sanky: kyunki..we aren’t divorced till now na?
Swara: so what..soon we’ll get ..may be even this month end right?so why cantthis happen?
Sanky: Kyunki yeh galath hai?
Swara: Iss mein kya galath hai..

Sanky: tum meri patni..samjha??
Swara: aaj mein tumhari patni..par ek na ek diN..humari divorce hone ke baath..
Sanky: you wont get that chance..
Swara: Why wont I? you have signed these papers already..only I have to sign..right..if I do then definitely I’ll get that chance na?
Sanky: I wont let that happen..i wont give you divorce?
Swara: par..kyun?

Sanky shouts “ kyunki mein tujse pyaar karti yun swara…bahuth bahuth pyaar karthi yun.. and I don’t want to divorce you..please meri zindagi mein tumhari bina mein nahi reh sakthiyun..i love you swara…mujse dhoor math jao!”
Swara drops those papers and runs towards sanskaar and hugs him…
Sanky hugs her tightly and lifts her Feet off the floor..
Sanky: acchi lagri hai..
Swara: kya
Sanky: this hug..
Swara breaks the hug and runs …she bolts the door..

Sanky: areey..kya hua?
Swara: sanskaar ..tum thik hai na?
Sanky: haan..bhilkul..par kyun?
Swara: because you change suddenly..I fear again you might BE BACK TO PAVILION..
Sanky: areeyy..why do you think like this…vohh I have some secret to be shared with you..
He says all those stuffs which sakshi spoke to him and the reason for his weird attitude…and about his promise to her,…
Swara: We must get divorced..
Sanky: kya…tum pagal?

Swara: you have promised to sakshi di na?
Sanky: but how can I ..
Swara: are you sure will you risk yourself For me like the same old Sanskaar who loved me before and risked his life..?
Sanky: pakka..swara..
Swara: so..then we must fight..

Sanky: what ??? are u in senses?
Swara: We must pretend to fight..and speak about getting divorced Often…
Sanky: acting?
Swara: haan..

Sanky: but why?
Swara: huhhh….ummm because we cant convince Sakshi Di just like that..Trust me..dont ask how why..I’ll Make everything fine..
Sanskaar: I trust you more than I do on me..
Swara: thankyou..sanskaar…
Sanskaar: for what?
Swara: for being in my life..You mean my life..
Sanky: ohh..madam..dont get centi..I need your help..

Swara: what help?
Sanky: teach me dance
Swara: dance?
Sanky: huhh..yahh..and let us Maintain our Marriage secret @ College until INTERNA gets over..
Swara: haan..thik is really tuff ARE U SURE Can you do it?
Sanky: Haan..anything for you..

PRECAP: swasan suhaagrat

So guys pls leave your valuable comments..the ff is nearing completion..I will reveal all in the nxt few episodes…

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