Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 18

Hi guys!! Sorry for the late update as I was juggling between my exam portfolio preparations and internship works….Thanks a lot for Those wonderful comments.. I’m overwhelmed with your response!!Without further delay Here’s the next one..

The episode starts with ankit saying sanskaar that some guy is proposing his wife.
Sanskaar: Buddy!!Im going there…Let me break his face..
Ankit: sanky!just use your brain..
Sanskaar: What?
Ankit: Who are you to break his face or whatever..I mean ..see Swara is an independent you only wished that no one should know she is your cant have any rights over her..
Sanskaar: Buddy..are you trying to pinpoint me..

Ankit: oh..come on sanky! Im not ..see now you cant do anything..
Sanky: Oh come on man!! How can I..I mean.still We aren’t divorced..
Ankit: Yeah! But soon to be right?then she has to choose a new life for her own
Sanskaar: So you are taking her side?

Ankit: Nothing like that sanky!! I think for the first time you have taken some good I mean..No one knows swara and you are married one will hesitate to marry her and she doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone…no one will pinpoint her character.I hope after your Divorce she’ll have no problem in getting a good life..
Sanskaar gets irritated hearing about their divorce and swara marrying another guy..he shouts out loud..

Sanskaar: I don’t want to divorce her you get it? And I cant see her getting away from get it..not even a second I can think her getting away with another guy..She’s mine..just mine..are you getting me..
Ankit: love her still?
Sanskaar realizes he has poured his heart out..he looks on a bit confused..

Ankit: Sanky..lets put your feelings apart and think how to stop your wife from becoming that guy’s lover.
Sanskaar: But..
Ankit: no buts sanky..first you have two ways: one you can say she’s your wife which you cant say..second..

Sanskaar: second?
Ankit: I Don’t know..
Sanskaar: oh..come on bud..

Ankit: sanky..mujhe bhi bata nahi yaar…
Suddenly sanskaar runs out rapidly where the guy is proposing..The guy was kneeling down forwarding rose to her..he was saying some poetry and all…
Sanskaar breaks in through the crowd…
Sanskaar: Hi swara!!
Swara looks on confused..thinking why is he here..
Sanskaar: Please reply fast to him na..see he is waiting..

Swara: uhh..waise aap yahaan kya kar rhi yun?
Sanskaar: To help you out..
Swara: Help me?? On what?
Sanskaar: You are going to say yes to him na..So Im gonna shower flowers over you both..
Swara: Uhh??

The guy is continoiusly speaking and trying to convince swara ..And everyone around suddenly started to shout “accept him”..Sanskaar realizes the suitation is slowly getting out of control .
Sanskaar: He shouts..”She cant”..
The guy tries to make swara accept his proposal..
Sanskaar: See..Mr..
Guy: Im hari..
Sanskaar: uhhh..Hari..she cant accept you..

Hari: but why ..
Sanskaar: Because ..

Swara: senior ji…aap kya bolna chahtiyun?
Sanskaar: Sach..
Hari: Sach? But who are you to speak for her..let her itself speak out..
Sanskaar: Im speaking for her because..
Swara looks upon what he’s gonna say.
Hari: Because..
Sanskaar: I know it might be hurting your feelings but still have to say the truth na..swara loves someone else..

Hari: Cant be that are trying to divert me..
Sanskaar: why am I gonna divert you? Im saying the truth..
Hari: If its truth ..then let swara say who’s that guy..if its true..swaraji..pls say na.he’s lying..if you really love a guy then say who is that..if its true I’ll not disturb you again..
Sanskaar gets angry and irritated ..and starts shouting and arguing..
Sanskaar: Im saying na..
Hari: who are you to say?let swara say!

Sanskaar: she saying na??
Hari: who are you to say?

Sanskaar: Im her lover..(he shouts)..
Swara gets shocked and looks at sanskaar..Sanskaar realizes he had created real trouble..He looks around him.everyone are looking at them..He grabs swara’s hand and leaves that place immediately.
Swara: Can you please say..what are you trying to do?You have created a big problem For me.
Sanskaar: see.I tried to convince him normally..but he only forced Do so..
Swara: did I ask your help?

Sanskaar gets near her and looks at her eyes and asks “Should you ask even? I’ll be there even if you don’t ask my help”
Sanskaar leaves smiling..
Swara: Whats going on with him..Im staring at him and he is smiling at me..
Ankit: He is in love swara..
Swara turns around ..
Swara: Love?

Ankit: haan..he still loves you..
Swara: yes..i know ankit..But why is reacting like this now?
Ankit: simple..male possesiveness.. He is slowly getting back to you..Destiny is putting things on track as it has tobe….
Swara: Ankit..Im..

Ankit: Don’t be scared swara..everything is going on right..I can sense sanskaar is now on a mindset ..I mean ..Im getting what he is feeling now and how will it end too..
Swara: hope everything happens good..
Ankit: it will swara! Hmmm..waise tumhari Dance practice kab shuru hoga?
Swara: from today on probably ankit..but why ankit?
Ankit smiles mischeiviously And says nothing..

Ankit: Have you chosen pair ?
Swara: No..ankit..
Ankit: I heard lots of guys are queuing up ..
Swara: Uff oh..ankit stop kidding me..
Ankit: no swara ..i saw them near your dance practice area..

Swara: are you serious?
Ankit: yes.
Swara: fine..then..lets see..I’ll leave ankit..
Ankit: haan..bye swara..

Swara finds lots of guys near her practice room..Swara asks them to Go and meet the dance faculty .A guy stands still..
Swara: I said na..go and meet sir..
He introduces himself to be rafiq..
Rafiq: why not you yourself test my capability..

Swara: That’s not my job ..and I dont have time ..pls ab jao..
The guy moves near swara and tries to misbehave with her..swara pushes him away and gets away from the room..while the guy moves behind swara..Swara finds sanky standing near the library and tries to get that guy beaten up..

Swara: let me teach him a lesson..
She goes to library and reacts as if she met sanky accidentally..the guy calls her name and tries to hold her hand..Swara gets near sanky and ..
Swara: You got me into see he tried to misbehave with me..
Sanskaar who normally argues with her gets angry and slaps that guy..

Sanskaar: how dare you try to touch her..she’s my girl..
He beats him up blue and black..and swara runs and Stops sanky…
Swara: sanskaar..stop..

The guy runs away..
Swara tries to pacify him..
Sanskaar: why is he behind you?
Swara: Dance Partner selection..

Sanskaar: I’ll dance with you???
Swara: you?
Sanskaar: yeah..
Swara: You know to dance?
Sanskaar: I’ll try..

Swara: toh chalo..

Precap: The duo dance ..and swara scolds him..and says we cant be partners..Sanskaar looks on helplessly..
Pls drop in your valuable comments it means a lot to me..I’ll post the next one tomorrow itself..

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