Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 15

Hi guys!!! Here with my fifteenth episode… So as I said I’ll reveal all the mysteries in this episode ..
Kriti in her room.. She is on her bed crying..She takes a pic of hers with swara…
Kriti: Im sorry swara!!! My heart is heavy and grief-stricken.. but Im doing this to save you and change you to a strong and confident girl who can face her problems without her prince..Because now sanskaar is against you ..As long as Im alive I’ll never let anything happen to my friend…

Kriti closes her eyes ..A fb is shown..
Kriti is a family friend of MM family And her father is one of the leading industrialist and ram had decided to get sanskaar hitched to kriti for expanding their business territory..those people never considered their consent..literally money-minded who just thought about their well-being..& their properties…There is no house for sanskaar’s emotions or feelings..
Kriti knows sanskaar from childhood and she calls him devil as he always bullies her nd sanskaar calls her choti…both share a sibling bond for sanskaar he was the younger nd he wished to have a sister..but his parents were chasing money and abandoned their son..They didn’t give a thought that a Child values parental love more than money..So he often cared for kriti…he learned these values from sakshi..nd he too wanted to be a caring sibling..
Kriti was literally disgusted with their parents motive of getting them married..and moreover she never thought of this utter nonsense their parents have decided..
The duo(Sanskaar,kriti ) had planned something big for stopping their engagement which was to happen the day before swasan got married…(and guys remember sanskaar mistakenly gave a red saree which his mother bought? Actually it was kriti’s engagement saree..)

But everything changed Topsy turvy in That second.. when swara’s dad shekhar’s car hits sakshi..Sakshi was carrying with just two months for delivery..
3 seconds back:
Shekhar gets a call nd is shell shocked so he rushes and rashly drives the car..Sakshi crosses the road as her car was parked in opposite end.She has handful of bags,toys …it was her shopping for her baby…her jaan….
Shekhar’s car is flocked by public..He takes her to the hospital..Sakshi faintly sees his face…She touches her bump saying” my baby” nd tears escape from her eyes..then she falls unconscious..
2 hrs later.
.She learns from the doctor that her baby was delivered dead..She reacts violently and reacts more or less like a psychopath… Sakshi returns home seeing sanskaar married…She is not in a situation to react..she behaves weird.. … how will she say sanskaar’s champ is no more….She breaks down and says she has lost her child bcoz of an accident ..Sanskaar couldn’t bear seeing sakshi in pain…He thinks of filing complaint against that person..He is completely in rage..but sakshi is unaware of his name..

Later she is in sanskaar’s room and sees Swara’s family pic…There he is..Shekhar!!!! Drops of vengeance mix in her good thoughts like slow poison…She decides to avenge swara…so that shekhar feels the pain… sakshi is wriggling with pain bcoz of losing her child..She wanted shekhar should also get the same pain of losing his daughter..But she wanted to torture swara in such a way shekhar must be in a situation such that he can not live or die..
Sakshi doesn’t know that kriti is swara’s Friend so she tries filling bad thoughts That she has snatched her love sanskaar…As sakshi was too elder she never mingled with kriti…and eventhough sanskaar tried to say that kriti and him were more like siblings…at that time and all sakshi would get some call or any work she never Came to know about them.. It was really a relieving thought for kriti…Kriti thanks god as sakshi has shared this with her..What will bechari swara do for her father’s act…That one year had never been easy for swara..she had already faced lots of pain and tortures..but she never let her family know about it…because sanskaar was with her as a friend..( she never shared it to sanskaar even..she would just say she accidentally got hurt if he finds her wounded)
Swara hid all her pain and always wore her beautiful smile in her face..Kriti had almost saved swara from 3 deadly plans which would surely collapse her…then she would make up to sakshi saying someone came ..So Sakshi set up CCTV cam in Sanskaar room..doubting kriti..That’s why kriti Did that heartless act…and 3 months back.. Sakshi opened up the truth to sanskaar that swara’s father killed her child…and thus sanskaar should not associate his relationship with the person’s daughter who killed her child…and he should do this If he really loved his sister.. She makes him promise…if he doesn’t keep up it she also will die..(emotional blackmail)
Kriti opens her eyes…tears flow down her eyes..Fb ends..

@ MM mansion( @ present)
sanskaar dresses up and watches the broken frame & glass has been replaced..He takes the photo in his hand and rewinds 9 months, 15 days, 24 hours back..
Sanskaar’s Fb is shown…
Sanskaar is running carrying swara in his arms…she is bleeding…He takes her in a cab to the hospital..

@ Hospital
She is admitted and over 3 hrs have passed by..still no sign of doctors..And finally the doctor treating her is out..
Doctor: The patient has been injured severely..moreover it’s an accident case..The treatment may end negative..So the family members of the girl must sign..before I start the treatment..He asks are you relation to that girl? Sanskaar nods…thinking to save her we cant wait for their parents as her condition is critical..
He signs as swara’s husband….
The clock strikes 9…with alarm…Sanskaar is startled a bit…he sees the alarm clock..there ..she has put up some post it..It reads”Leave for college @9 or U’ll get late”.

Precap : Swara is dancing with a boy @ auditorium..

Pls guys…say how it was ..I have revealed a part of mystery..and will soon reveal the marraige mystery…And I thank
everyone who commented on my last part..Thankyou guys!!!that meant a lot to me…

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