Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 14

Hi guys! This is my 14th episode..Im really upset as I didn’t get much comments inspite of my hard efforts on the storyline .Thankyou guys!!who have been commenting on my ff. I decided to end this ff soon bcoz of less comments…
The episode starts with the photo getting shattered into innumerable pieces…Swara bends down and places her hand over the photo ..and removes the glass pieces..The anonymous person sporting blue jean nd a pointed heel moves towards swara… The person stamps on swara’s hand intentionally with the pointed heel….and gives more pressure to the stamp…Swara is abt to shout ..while the person shuts her mouth..fromshouting..The person removes the pointed heel from swara’shand..The person’s face is not clearly shown..Swara raises her vision and her eyeballs are focused..there we see…Its kriti…

She kneels over and touches swara’s hand and harshly pulls her by forefinger..Swara’s upper side of hand seemed to have a black inflammation like craters on moon..Swara lifts her hand…
Kriti: Awwww!!! Its really good to see you hurt..
Kriti lets off swara’s hand and finds blood in her fingertip..
Kriti: Ohh..are you bleeding??
She flips her hand and finds glass pieces pierced halfway through her skin..Kriti extends her hand and presses the pieces hard into swara’s hand..
Kriti: Shhhh!!! Not a sound..Your relationship with sanskaar will also face the fate of this glass…
Tears run down swara’scheek..And there outside seeing her cry..the clouds shed their tears…kriti leaves the room..Swara picks the photo…nd she glances at it ..sitting on the left corner of the bed..
Swara: Sanskaar ….I can’t keep still seeing you avoiding me..I want my old sanskaar back..
She keeps the photo in her cupboard..And some papers like autumn leaves Fall on the floor..they fall showing the blank side…swara bends and picks them …she flips the latter side..Swara’s eyes widen as she sees..It reads…Divorce agreement b/w mr.sanskaar maheshwari & mrs.Swara sanskaar maheshwari…
Sanskaar: Good that you came to know about this..Imgonna submit thisonce you complete your college..and then( pauses nd composes himself) …you can marry any guy your father wishes..

Swara drops the papers ..a bit shocked..her heart pains more than her hands..blood oozes out and drenches the papers..
Sanskaar: Forget not that our relationship must never come to limelight @ college..moreover our marriage was an accident…
Swara :sanskaar(cries..)I just..
Sanskaar:Look ! I don’t have time for your stories..
Sanskaar bends to take the papers and sees it drenched in blood..He sees swara’s hand injured..he is about to hold her hand..He gets conscious seeing kriti in the mirror behind him..
Sanskaar: You have spoiled my divorce papers..(shouts) go and treat your hand don’t irritate me..
Kriti leaves smiling..swara takes a scissor and sits on the bed..sanskaar watches her..she plucks out the glasses pierced in her skin..Her face is serene her eyes have dried up..Her face has traces of dried tears..She is continuously plucking hardly the pieces..blood is flowing …she is expressionless…as if she had turned to a puppet..Sanskaar becomes restless seeing this and drinks water..He sees her hand and his helpless situation …he closes his eyes trying hard to control his feelings..he exerts his feelings as pressure on the water glass in his hands.The glass breaks.Swara gets conscious hearing the sound..nd Sees sanskaar’shand..She rushes to him..
Swara: sanskaar!! What have you done??

She holds his hand and sees his hand slightly injured…Her heart beats faster…She is not even in her senses seeing his hand injured..she runs and treats his hand..blows air on his palm as she applies ointment…
Sanskaar: Thankyou..imfine..Now I need some rest pls..swara..Leave me alone for sometime..
Swara stands near the window extending her injured hand in rain…the rain drops kiss her wounds…but it felt like thousand needles piercing her hand..for her..
Swara: I’ll win his friendship back at any cost..I’ll break every misunderstanding B/W us…NO matter who comes in b/w’s swara’s resolution..
She sleeps on the couch..The sun spreads its warmth into their room…Its morning 7.00am.Sanskaar opens his eyes finding swara missing…
Sanskaar: Where is she??
Swara: here’s ur tea sanskaar! Jaldiutonaa..or you will be late..
Sanskaar is puzzled seeing her attitude…thinking what’s going on with her..He drinks the tea…Raju kaka..(he shouts)..(tea is good yaar..(he thinks to himself..)
Swara: I made the tea..Here is ur dress…I’ve ironed them..Wear this after you bath..
Sanskaar looks on confused..
Swara: why are you looking me like this..?? Go and get ready..
Sanskaar goes to restroom..
Sanskaar: (scratches his head continuously) weird…what is going on???

He comes out seeing swara in bright pink top and pencil Fit jean..her hair is floating in air …she has covered her maang with a new hairdo..and even her top is close necked..sufficient to hide her mangalsutar from view…She wears a coat and for the first time he is seeing her sport a modern look ..sleeveless top…(he gulps saliva.. seeing her)
Swara: why are you wasting your time seeing me?? See I’ve made ur breakfast ready…Don’t call raju kaka…I cooked it..
Sanskaar: what do you think of yourself??? Who are you to Decide what I do or not do..
Swara: Your wife mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari…you accept or not accept..that’s not my problem..because still I’m your legally lawfully wedded wife..nd I have complete rights on you as much your mom has..
When you have the rights to get divorce papers without my consent..Then I too have the same rights as you..Here @ mm mansion im your wife..
She grabs a sandwich and leaves with her bag..sanskaar is completely clueless of her overnight transformation..he hears bike sound…he peeps out finding swara riding two wheeler..
I end this epi here…pls comment and say whether you like the ongoing plot …It will be encouraging If you all comment .

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  1. I really like ur ff. Please continue and also regularly. And ah why they suddenly married???? And why they behaving like this????

    1. Aradhana

      fine dr..will definitely try to be regular..I’ll clear all the doubts in next epi..thanks for letting me know u like my FF..

  2. Simi

    New shade of Swara ??

    1. Aradhana

      Yeah Dr… Thnks for commenting… It means a lot to me

  3. NYC but confused

  4. Swarna01

    What is happening here. Show some fb yaar. Kirti to uski frnd thi na then all of sudden witch kyun ban gai? N sanky also behave lyk jerk. Wat happened

    1. Aradhana

      I’ll clear all your doubts in next episode …thnks dr.

    2. Aradhana

      I have posted my next epi… U’r doubts will b cleared in dis epi dr… ?

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks indu

  5. nice. waiting for next part..

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks sanskaar…

  6. yaar… same stry…… friend has crush vd his or her bf or gf….. thn back sta bing nd fr saving his or her love….. do everything which he or she has been told……….. i think like that….. now.. fr cinvience…….. bt it will b more oossmmm…… after seeing swara new shade…

    1. Aradhana

      sorry to disappoint you..none of the things are true in my u say..nd its lov not crush..thnks for the comments..

    1. Aradhana

      Thanks a…

    1. Aradhana

      Thanks anu…

  7. Wooh!!! A new scenario!!! loved it!!! Please continue…and don’t think of ending soon because of less comments!!! We all are busy in exams…!!

    1. Aradhana

      Thanks chandu…. ?

  8. Raina

    awesome!!!!!!!!! loving it

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks raina…

  9. Mica

    Gooooodddd i loove it….. ugh don’t dishearted with comment,…

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks mica…

  10. Wow loved it

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks romaisa..

  11. Arshaanya

    Its getting vry intrstng…
    Liked it
    Ohk so dis kriti is playing some kind of game wid dem…
    Bt m shocked seeing sankyz bhvr… first he didn’t told truth to swara dats y she was angry bt still she saved him frm daf acdnt n got injured n here hez bhvng so badly wid her…wat kind of love it was sanskar??

    1. Aradhana

      The reason behind sankys behavior ..
      I have posted the next epi.. It unwinds more mysteries than u thought Dr… Thnks arshaanya.. ?

  12. Shibil

    nice ….next part soon

    1. Aradhana

      Yup shibil I have posted the nxt one… Thnks for commenting..

  13. Soujanya


    1. Aradhana

      Thnks soujanya… I’ve posted d next part do read it Dr..

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks Indira..

  14. Moni7

    Dear…great work ???…i loved ur ff..
    Seriously dear super ra irukku en stop pandra continue pannu…nee post panna enakku oru msg pannu..
    Enakku indha madhiri villathanam ma irukkara series pudikum?

    Actually i don’t know how to write episodic ff?….. So only I’m writing OS’?…

    So plz continue…oru request enakku characters puriyala adhu mattum sollu dear…I’m new to swarangani..sry

    1. Aradhana

      Moni… Romba thnks… Nxt part post paniruken paarunga…?????

    2. Aradhana

      Link is posted in my page…..

  15. Just loved it dear

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks febi…

  16. Nice one it’s awesome

    1. Aradhana

      Thnks rufina… Have posted my nxt one too.. Do read if u have time.. As u r having exams… ?

      1. I having a gap in between my exams so that time I will read n comment too

  17. Rosey

    its reallay suprising i am amazed you are giving shocks please unfold these mysteies

    1. Aradhana

      I have cleared almost all mysteries in next part..I already posted..

      1. Rosey

        oh i didnt read ok i will read

  18. Vyshu10

    interesting…who is kriti?

    1. Aradhana

      Kriti is swara’s friend… Thnks for u’r comments vyshu..

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