Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 13

Hi guys!!! Sorry for the late update…This is the thirteenth episode …I don’t know whether you guys would love the revelations in today’s episode…I’ve crafted this hoping you like it….do read it and comment on it frnds…
This episode starts with sanskaar moving close to swara…obviously they couldn’t do it…sakshi calls out sanskaar…they both get conscious and withdraw from each other..both are completely drenched in shower…
Sakshi: sans!!!I’ll leave …I’m feeling very enjoy your shower..
Sanskaar: ohhh..diii..ok..

Sakshi leaves the room closing the door..sanskaar slowly opens the door creepily looks out..and rushes ,bolts the room door.
Sanskaar: swara(in a low tone)…(he goes into the bathroom and forwards his hand)
Swara limps refusing to hold his hand…she is about to fall while sanskaar holds and lifts her all of a sudden in his arms shocking swara.
Swara: sanskaar put me down!!! You said we are strangers right??then don’t take advantage..(noticessanskaar staring at her and He puts her on the bed).
Sanskaar: Is your lecture over??what do you think about yourself? Pretty?Huh??? For your kind information you are just average..and I don’t have any idea about those advantages..I don’t wish to be with you got it???I lifted you because I have to clean the floor if you stain it spilling blood …Always overreacting to everything..(he appears lil bit mean na??? If he doesn’t speak like this she wont stop her argument… she will over react not realizing he is caring and is treating her special.she is really a buddhu…what to do???)
Swara: (did I overreact?…nowadays he is showing too much attitude)to herself…
Sanskaar: Your mindvoice is loud..can you mute it?? I don’t wish to hear it..(he is just teasing …eventhough he didn’t hear any)
Swara: ohh..Is it loud..i didn’t realize..(confused)
Sanskaar smiles turning to the other side..he goes near the cupboard & returns with a first aid box..and treats her leg..he bullies her now and then so that she doesn’t realize the pain as she is involved in argument with him…
Sanskaar: The aid is done …(he leaves)
Swara: where did he go leaving me here ?
Sanskaar returns with a plate ..he sits in front of her and starts eating..
Swara: (how mean)
Sanskaar: don’t stare at me..I’ll get stomach ache..any ways we are strangers..(he just makes sounds like mmm..while eating to irritate her)
Swara gets irritated and suddenly shivers …
Sanskaar: what..whathappened..u feel cold?

Swara nods her head and sanskaarleaves the room..swara slightly peeks out finding sanskaargone..she grabs the fresh sandwiches..and dumps into her mouth in a hurry-burry..she hears footsteps nd starts her act…(Idiot how dare he irritate me..)(to herself)..
Sanskaar comes and hands her a bag..
Swara: what is this?
sanskaar: hmmm…actually sakshi used to wear modern dresses and you are…
Swara: so…
Sanskaar: I purchased a new dress for sakshi..but as of now you need it..(he places the bag on the bed and turns to leave)..

Swara: (is about to call him )
Sanskaar: haan…and finish the sandwich need to eat stealthily ..Bcoz I got it for both of us..
Swara smiles sheepishly..(embarrassed)..she gets her dress changed..and opens the door….Sanskaar looks on..(Swara stands in a stunning bright red saree)
Swara: What happened???kyoonaisedekhriyun???
Sanskaar: because you are changed..
Swara: im changed uh???
Sanskaar: no …I Mean I ‘ve Totally messed it..Im done..
Swara: what do you mean …Why are you blabbering??
Sanskaar: Nothing…..this saree was purchased by my mom..I swapped the sarees unknowingly…

Swara: Don’t worry..I’ll change my old dress and you replace this saree..
Sanskaar: no leave it..I’ll manage…
Sanskaar locks the room and sleeps on the couch..whileswara sleeps on the bed..Suddenlysanskaar wakes up hearing some sound…..sanskaar finds it’s swara…he goes near her..
Sanskaar: why is she moaning????no…no..notmoaning..I hope she is shivering..Probably the A/C is too cold..
He switches off the A/C and covers her quilt properly..suddenly she grabs his hand in sleep …he tries freeing his hand..but she grabs tighter..
Swara: (in her sleep moans) today before kissing I have to see your face..

Sanskaar caresses her hair and falls asleep leaning on the headboard..
The morning sun rays disturbs swara’s sleep and she opens hereyes..findingsanskaar near her..then realizes she has been holding his hand…she frees her hand carefully so she doesn’t disturb his sleep..she gets out of the bed.. and closes the curtains as sanskaar was covering his eyes with his hands in sleep..And He was continuously turning over &over..Crushing his shirt..rubbing his neck nd all..
Swara: why is he having a disturbed sleep?? I Hope he is feeling hot..or suffocated…
She switches on the A/C..and moves to the restroom..Then she comes out washing her face..sits in front of the dressing table ..Meanwhile sanskaar wakes up…shouting”TEA…mujhe tea chahi.”.(swara runs and shuts his mouth)

Swara: sanskaar!! Why are you shouting??
sanskaar rubs his eyes …comes out of his sleepy mood..
Sanskaar: Swara..(he jumps up)..we have to leave….
Swara: haan…sanskaar..but..
Sanskaar: swara ..its already 7..I’ll drop you at your home..
Swara: Haan….
Both leave the house via back entrance..
Sanskaar: see! I thought of dropping you in car..but..actually mom and dad might see I couldn’t ..

Swara:’s not a problem…you get back I’ll get some cab and leave..
They both reach the main road..
Sanskaar: Uhh..are you sure..??
Swara: Haan..pakka..
Sanskaar: And for your kind information…cab drivers are not your relatives to drop you for free..have this (he hands some amount)
Swara: I know Mr.stranger..(she snatches the money from his hands).I’ll repay this amount…
Sanskaar leaves her with uncertainity..sighing at her …A car rashly approaches him at a rapid speed…
Swara: sanskaar !!watch out..

Swara runs and pushes sanskaaraside ..the car hits swara…..sanskaar who fell on the other end gets up …and doesn’t realize swara has been hit..sanskaar runs and finds swara heavily injured and bleeding…
24 hrs later…
Someone grabs swara by hand and fills her maang..takespheras..makes her wear mangalsutar..whileswara looks teary eyed….
The story takes a year leap…

Swara is standing near the window and gazing at the night sky( she is shown in a side angle)…the wind blows harder….doors bang ..curtains seem to copy swara’s hair sway..butswara stands motionless…her dark peacock blue sareefloats in air…the photos in wall move like a pendulum…One of the photo’s screw gets loose and is about to fall..A hand holds it just in time…It’s swara..she places her hand over the photo..(only the glaring surface of glass is shown)and runs her hand over it…The frame is zoomed to the photo and it shows swara’s marriage pic with sanskaar…Suddenly a hand grabs the photo from her hand and intentionally Drops the photo on the floor…The photo gets shattered to pieces…(screen freezes showing swara sanskaar marriage photo)..

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    So much thng in 1 epi. Update next part soon.

  6. Swarna01

    So much thng in 1 epi. Update next part soon. N reveal the full suspense

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    Awesome…. Shocking

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    omg……so many things unfolded in one episode… have to update soon….

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    I plan to end this ff soon… So pls give u’r feedbacks… I really don’t know whether u like it or not… Thnks to all for commenting… U all have been the source of motivation for me

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