Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 12

Hi guys!!! Im here with the twelfth Mega episode…..I was happy as you all liked the ongoing I decided to make this episode an emotional treat…Do read and comment on it guys!!!
The episode starts with sanskaar leaving the mandir…sanskaar descends two steps …
Swara:( to herself as a mindvoice) I came here to help him…even lied to my mom..but he’s leaving me can he do this to me??
Sanskaar stops…He turns..and moves towards her..

Sanskaar: You already lied to your mom and cant go anywhere as your nani is outstation…”I who started this play will end it myself” as of now there’s nothing… you hear it ???nothing between us…I’m just helping you as a stranger….where should I leave you now?
Swara: I don’t have any known people here…I cant go anywhere except stay in this mandir..
Sanskaar: Are you mad???in this temple???(sighs)
Swara: I’m not mad …see mr.sanskaar I risked my situation for you..and I don’t need your help..I’m not weak..i can handle this situation (she grips her dupatta firmly)..
Sanskaar: ahhh….I forgot are very brave…but please tell these good stories to some stupid not me…I Know very well about you…because your face is such..i see fear overshadowing your face..
Swara: ohhh!!!! Are you any fortune teller???finding people by their face…ultimate stupidity..
Sanskaar: then why is your hand trembling and tearing your duppata???If that fabric has some voice it will cry for help…
Swara: ohhh you..(she is about to say something)

Sanskaar: Shut up !!!(shouts loud) If you want to fight with me lets Do it some Other day..cant you see its 12 it good for you to stand and shout at this hour in the road.. (swara is about to say something) not now swara..come with me..I know what to do..
Sanskaar moves at a fast pace while swara follows him lagging a bit..
Sanskaar: cant you be fast???
Swara: why are you fast??my legs are whining with pain..
Sanskaar: I’m an injured one …even im fast …don’t be lagging or you’ll lose ur way..
Swara: if you say the place I myself will go ..
Sanskaar: ohh..accha!!you know bandra???
Swara: yes its very simple!!! in Hyderabad..

Sanskaar: fhewww!!!Swara its bandra…where are your thoughts??
Swara: frankly speaking I’m not good in travelling..I have not been alone to any place in this city..I was not allowed ..hmmm(sighs) more jokes swara…I’m already sick with your jokes..(trying to divert her topic)..
swara: ( glances at him) where are we going???
Sanskaar: you’ll see it by yourself now..
Both walk towards a point where the street splits as two ..swara drops her phone down by mistake ..the phone thrashes randomly…swara collects the battery,panel and raises up..obviously she has lost the track of sanskaar..
Swara: sanskaar…where’s he??
She runs to the corner of the street and searches him..
Swara: I’m scared to shout …I’m scared of this darkness…don’t know where he went..
She runs on the right turn and SHOUTS his name..the road seems abondoned and there is no trace of him..she comes back to spot where she missed him…she weeps..
Swara: I don’t know where he went…it was my mistake..he asked me to keep pace with him..I even don’t know how to get back …

She taps her phone and Finds its shut down..
Swara: oh noooo!!!notnow..she starts to cry sitting on the stone nearby…
She wails burying her face in her hands..she suddenly feels some movement over …she wipes her face fixing her view at the ground and finds a shadow..she raises her view …
Swara: (to herself) I’m in trouble again!!
A man is staring at her probably not in a good sense..swara’s body turns cold…she backs off slowly while the man moves towards her…

Swara:Please god help me…
The man seems startled and turns back leaving her…swara too hears some thudding footsteps..she turns around finding god has answered her prayers…”he comes whenever I need him” Swara thinks to herself…finding a panting sanskaar…
Swara: sanskaar!!
Sanskaar: (Is about to scold her )
Swara rushes towards sanskaar and beats him…
Swara: stupid!!Idiot!!why did you leave me???i said naa I’ll lose my way..(she breaks into tears)do you know I was very scared sanskaar..
Sanskaar: swara..calmdown..I came na..nothing will happen…see I came searching you..I’ll not let anything happen to you..
Sanskaar hugs swara and consoles her..swara grabs his shirt tight as she seems to be pretty scared..sanskaar cups her face in his hands..and wipes her tears..sanskaar seems uneasy with her cry..
Sanskaar: please don’t cry swara…
Swara suddenly stops her cry ..and their hug breaks..
Swara: sanskaar…why are your eyes teary???
Sanskaar: (gets conscious realizing he has broke down seeing her tears unable to see her tears..he has become teary…)Huhhhh…I came rushing for you and something got into..
Swara: oh…can I help you???
Sanskaar: Mmmmm..noo I’ll fine..lets leave..
Sanskaar: uhhh..wait!!! Give me your dupatta..

Swara: whattt????
Sanskaar: I’m asking it in a right sense…its for your good…
Swara: but…(she hesitates and gives)
Sanskaargrabs hold of the other end of the dupatta and he ties the latter end on her wrist…
Sanskaar: now you’ll not get lost….I don’t want to take advantage on strangers…
Swara: huh..(to herself…I feel like taking phereas with him.since the day I met him I have been getting weird thoughts and experiences…but why??? His touch and voice seems very similar..but how???)

Sanskaar feels swara is lagging as the dupatta seems to grip out from him..he turns finding swara lost in thoughts..
Sanskaar: ohhh..Madam..we don’t have time..see there..
Swara gets conscious and notes a house in the direction sanskaar pointed..
Swara: It seems like a lavish bungalow…moreover like a star hotel..
Sanskaar: we are gonna go there..
Swara: the security guard may not permit us…how will we go there??
Sanskaar: I said na…we are gonna go there..that’s my need not worry..
They move towards the bungalow and approaches the gate..He flips the door slightly..and creeps down with swara..they reach the backdoor..Swara feels a sharp pain in her feet…
Swara: sans..
Sanskaar: shhhhh!!!!

Swara: sanskaaar..
Sanskaar: shh….quiet swara..
He opens the backdoor and takes swara with him via stairs …then bolts the door of a room…

Swara: sanskaar…we are creeping…
Sanskaar: Its my house..maheshwari mansion
Swara : your house ???why you brought me to your house??
Sanskaar: there are a lot of mysteries here…uhhh…they don’t care for me whether I come or not …even if I DIE..they never care..they will not mistake me bringing you to my home…but they might mistake you…your attitude…I don’t want that to happen…moreover I think today no one is here…but she is here..
Swara: sanskaar…
They hear the sound of door knock and both get alarmed….swara panics….
Sanskaar: swara ..(almost a whisper) he signals her to the bathroom…
Swara gets to the washroom..her feet is bleeding..sanskaar bolts the bathroom door from outside..

Sanskaar: I hope it must be her…
He tries arranging things and looks on for any trace that would indicate swara’s presence..
Sanskaar: blood ???is she bleeding…
The door is banged repeatedly and someone calls him by name..sanskaar covers the blood stains by piling his clothes and things over it..He opens the door..
Sanskaar: hi..sakshi..
Sakshi: huh…my bhai remembers me..

Sanskaar: diii…stop it …
Sakshi: I think you don’t wish me entering your room…
Sanskaar: ohhh!!!sorrydiii..I was just..just..hmm..come in Dii..
Sakshi: sans…u don’t seem good..anyproblem..did you get screwed up again…???
Sanskaar: uhhhh…nooo
Sakshi: waiseyeh sab kya sans????? Is this the latest version of garbage????(she sits on the bed)..

Sanskaar: dii..I’m cleaning my room..
Sakshi: cleaning ….oh this is a disaster sans…from when did you start doing this….only I used to Do this work ….
Sanskaar: haan….itnimaZaak…not bad dii..waise when are you gonna release my champ???(pointing at her cute baby bump)
Sakshi:haan….sans…still 5 months left..(swara is able to hear their talk but tries not to lend her ears to that talk as its not Decent to do so..)
Sanskaar: and why are you awaketill this point of the time???dont you know it’s not good for my mom and my champ..
Sakshi: mom???

Sanskaar: remember dii..whenever I used to cry for food you feed me and I never got a mother’s care…you showered love and care on me..taught me lessons and fulfilled all my desires that I expected from my mom…(he remembers swara is in and Diverts the topic)..
Sakshi: still not changed..but I feel some some…change..
Sanskaar: all your analysis can be done later…first you go to sleep…
Sakshi: sans…my legs are whining with pain..nowadays…
Sanskaar :ohh…champ see naur mamma is very weak..and you should not trouble her..(goes near her bump)..
Swara’s feet is bleeding a lot and the white marble bathroom tiling has turned ruby red with her blood…she goes near the door and sees through the doorhole ..
Sakshi: haannn…enough of your talks with your champ..
Sanskaar gets down at his knees and massages his sister’s feet and swara watches it…she smiles…
Swara: he may be bad as he cheated me…but he has a good side even…this side I’ve never seen in a man..he’ssoo caring..(she feels pain and notices sakshi…)”I’ve seen her ….somewhere…
Sanskaar : OK dii..come lets go..
Sakshi: sans..wait I’ll have some facewash ..(she moves towards the restroom)
Sanskaar: (with a jerk)No…..
Sakshi: (shocked) sans…please don’t scare me …your champ is hitting me..he’s too scared…Why I cant go?
Sanskaar: Hmmm…because I..uhhhhh..I want to use it now…
Sakshi: ohhh..then come fast..

Sanskaar goes inside the bathroom creepily..he finds swaraunconscious..and blood ..
Sanskaar: ohhhh..shit!!!!I forgot that her feet was injured…I have to treat her feet..
He lifts her up balancing himself against the wall and grabs hold of the shower knob it unwinds open….the water drenches them and sanskaar pats her cheek..she gets conscious…swara watches sanskaar…they share a eyelock…swara breathes heavily..andsanskaar runs his hands around her waist and gets her near him….he moves her hair on her face and sees her forehead ..hermaang..he runs his other hand and holds her face…he gets near her lips….swara closes her eyes..

Precap: Sanskaar lifts swara in his arms and the duo share an eyelock…

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