My meet with Mr.Perfect (Promo)


. As it is Sunday, I came up with a very funny short story, containing 2 to 3 parts.. Il post all the parts today.. Here is the promo!!

Sujatha : I want the best bahu for this Maheswari house Aruna.. I don’t know where you will get her, but she should be perfect for my Sanskar..

Aruna: sure, but tell me what qualities do u want in her?

Sujatha: firstly she should be equal to my Sanskar.. I’ve trained him like that.. Il tell u wait.. The word Sanskar, describes my son character S – smooth The girl should be smooth in handling things

Sanksar goes to office, a girl worker watches him and gets stunned to see his charming face.. She roughly checks the files Sanskar watches her.. He angrily goes to her.. “Careful, Plzz!! Handle things smoothly!!

In a pub: A girl comes to meet her friends Girl: hello guys.. (By mistakenly she breaks the glass) Frnds: shonaa.. Ur soo harsh in handling things yar.. Shona: oops sorry!!!

Sujatha: A- appearance The girl should look good, her appearance should be perfect.. She should be traditional. I want my bahu to be traditional..

Office: Sanskar: what is ur dress? Jeans and tshirt..Is this way to come for office?? Ur a girl, u girls have something like churidhar a na.. From tomorrow wear that..

Pub: A guy looks at Shona dress.. She wore a short 1 piece dress, Guy: hey Shona!!! wow shona, ur soo hot!! Shona: thanks dude!!

Sujatha: N- neatness

Office: sanskar goes to his cabin.. He sits pon his chair and finds dust on table Sanskar: chotu clean my table.. How many times should I say, I don’t want to see dust Anywhere.. Neatness chotu meatiness

Pub: Shona starts having vodka, but mistakenly she drops the vodka on the table Frnds: ohh no.. Shona let’s go to other table it’s neat over there… Shona: chill yar.. This table is good..I hate cleanliness

Sujatha: S- silent

Sanskar gets call from his sister Uttara Uttara: bhai pick me up plz Sanskar : I’m coming He leaves and picks her Car: there was pin drop silent, Uttara gets bored and turns on radio, she gets excited to listen to her fav song Uttara: wow superb song (she increases the volume) Sanskar: (turns off the radio) Silence plz!! Uttara shocked

Pub: Shona frnds start dancing.. Shona gets excited Shona: (shouts) Wowww Bob!! Awesome yar While she shouts all looks at her Shona frnd: shonaa calm down plz.. It’s a pub!! Shona: come on yar.. Let’s enjoy.. I hate silence

Sujatha: K- kind

Car: A small boy begs money knocking Sanskar window Sanskar gives 500 Uttara: bhai why 500? Savshar: he is a kid Uttara.. We should have some Kindheart

Pub: Shona comes out from pub, she’s on a way to home A begger ask money Shona: why should I give u?? U have legs and hands why can’t you do a job instead of begging, I won’t give u 1re also Because I’m not at all kind

Sujatha; A- alert

Car: Sanskar suddenly slows his car Uttara looks at the signal light 10,9,8 Uttara : bhai go fast, Savshar: no Uttara, we should follow rules.. We should sways be alert Uttara:

Shona in her car.. Traffic signal 2,1… Shona speeds up a car, so quickly that she leaves without getting red signal

Sujatha R- reserved

Car: Uttara: bhai, my friends are asking u.. Why can’t u meet them once Sanskar: Uttara plz.. Ur frnds r so talkative j can’t tolerate them, I hate People who talk much.. I like people who are reserved

Shona watches a person, she gets excited Shona: hey Rahul how r u? Guy; sorry, I’m not Rahul.. Shona: oh I’m sorry.. I thought my school frnd, anyways nice meeting u.. My name is Shona She keeps talking..

Sujatha : Aruna, I told the qualities na,my son is Mr.PERFECT Get the best bahu for me.,

Aruna: Sujatha ji, I forgot to say, I have a friend name Shomi, she’s women organisation president, she has a daughter I’ve seen her onetime she is so beautiful She is perfect for Sanskar.. Il arrange a meet for Sanskar and Shona

What will happen when 2 opposite characters meet?? Will they fall in love or will they be a problem creating a disaster.. Let’s see

My Meet With Mr.PERFECT !!

Credit to: neha

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  1. Superb neha .

  2. Dharsha Aka Kaladharshini

    I read it in fb and also here #neha….
    Just amazing and though am not capable of praising u ….. I dare say u r the best in capable of creating magic of love so simply yet beautifully….just fab

  3. Wow. Very very interesting. Different and unique.
    Excited to know what happens next

  4. Ncy ….spcially d way u give intro….

  5. Awesome pls post even true love never dies fast pls pls

  6. Wow neha superb I’m really very excited… I just love ur stories even though I’m a raglak fan I never miss any of ur ff… Plz post true love never dies n swasan frm darkness to light..

  7. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Superb neha di extremely beautiful story it is di each and every story u write has a beautiful meaning to it loved it soooo much di one humble request pls…… endless , from darkness to lightness and most important true love never dies pls……. I luv these ff like a hell pls upload these everyday anyways loved all of ur ff like a crazy fan luv u di ummaah ???

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