My meet with Mr.Perfect (Episode 5)


Sanskar gets disturbed with Swara.. He thinks about her words..he feels somewhat she is right..he calls her but she doesn’t lift it..

He thinks..”Swaraa, why ur not lifting my ur really done with me?’ What have u done to me?? He feels restless..

It’s been 1 week.. He tries to talk.. But she doesn’t respond He understood that it was love..

One day

Sanskar calls Swara from other number.. Swara lifts it..

Swara: hello!! Sanskar: Swara why ur not lifting my calls.. Swara: bye..

Sanskar: Swara today is my day.. If u cut ur call it wont be good..

Swara: abba.. Kk tell me what u want..

Sanskar: I want to meet u.. Ryt now!! Swara: Noooo, Sanskar: Swara that day I gave my time for u.. Today can’t u give it??

Swara: hmm Kk.. Only 1 hour.. Sanskar: (smiles) Kk…where r u tell me.. Il come

Swara: I’m in college..

He goes to college…he waits for Swara

He watches her coming.. She comes so happily running, as if she is soo excited to see him.. But as soon Ashe watches him seeing.. She acts as if she is angry..

Sanskar smiles seeing her antics

They was silence..

Swara: why did u called me?? Sanskar: swaraaa I think I’m in love with u..Swara shall we Marry?

Swara is shocked.. She looks at him angrily..

Swara: nooo!! I don’t like u.. We are opposite. Nd ur too slow.. I’m sorry. We can’t live happily..

Sanskar: (smiles) if I’m slow.. Ur there na.. To handle me..

Swara: (smiles but hides) Whatever, u can’t adjust with me.. I don’t know how to wear sarees.. I don’t know even cooking..

Sanskar: Swara.. No problem.. U don’t need to cook.. Swaraa, the first time I saw u.. I was so mesmerised seeing u.. But I got to know that, we are different so I rejected.. But you showed me my future with u.. (He cups her face) it’s so beautiful Swara..

Swara smiles.. But again acts..

Swara: wtever I don’t want u..

Sanskar: (smiles) Swaraa.. Why r u overacting too much..

Swara: am I over acting?? K bye…

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry…Kk leave all that… Just listen…I love u.. I love u Swara, U made my life beautiful.. The time I spent with you.. That’s really so memorable.. U know I never talked with any girl like that

Swaraa: how can I trust u..

Sanskar: tell me what should I do?

Swara: prove ur love Infront of everyone..

Sanskar: (smiles) okay..

Without thinking… She shouts loudly..”Swara. .will u marry me??”

Swara gets surprised and happy.. All looks at them and claps…

Swara fees shy..

Swara: Hahahaha Sanskar…Arey stop it… I was just kidding..

Sanskar: will u trust me now??

Yess.. (She hugs him) I love u too..


Sanskar smiles and hugs her.. Swara breaks the hug.

Sanskar: Kya hua??

Swara: (teases) but I have some conditions Mr. PERFECT Sanskar: what’s that?? Swara: u should let me do whatever I want.. You should…

Sanskar cuts her talk

Sanskar: (he cups her face) Swara.. Be like u are.. I just liked the way you are.. U Don’t need to change ur self

Swara: Thankyou Sanskar.. Now u can hug me

Sanskar smiles and hugs her..

Sanskar: Swara ur really mad!! come lets go from here..

They leave

In car: Sanskar: swara, I should pick my sister, no problem na?? Swara: come on Sanskar, ur sister is even my sister.. Sanskar: what?? Swara: ohh.. No no I mean, what will she become to me.. Actually I don’t know this relations..

Sanskar: you will become Bhabi to her Swara: (giggles) Bhabi.. Haha nice na

Sanskar stops near Uttara college.. Uttara gets in, Sanskar introduces Uttara to Swara.. Swara starts talking so freely to her

wow bhabi.. Ur awesome.. I liked u


soo much Swara: even I liked u Uttara.. I never thought that Sanskar has a talkative sister.. I thought even ur like him

Sanskar; haha nice joke.. U all should again have a birth to be like me., Swara: Hahahaha Thankgod not in this birth..

Uttara and Swara gives hifi.. Swara: il keep some songs.. We can more fun She switch on’s the Radio Her fav song comes.. Swara: Wowww lovely song… She keeps high volume..

Sanskar looks at her angrily.. While Uttara giggles looking at Sanskar

Sanshar switch offs the radio



Sanshar: silence plz!!

Swara: u forgot?? U told that ul do anything..k fine.. We are not meant for each other.. We can’t adjust.. Bye.. It’s over Il get down.. Stop the car

Sanskar: what happened now.. Ur using such a big dialogues,. U want to listen songs.. Kk listen He switch on’s the radio again

Swara winks at Uttara..

Uttara: bhai, let’s go long ride.. Plzz

Sanskar: Uttara r u mad?? Now ride?? Nooo!

Swara: why no?? U should tAke us.. Sanskar: Swara its so hot..

Swara: Kk fine.. fine.. We are not meant for each other.. We can’t adjust.. Bye.. It’s over stop the car il get down

Sanskar: ooff.. Kk relax.. Il take u..

Swara smiles but covers her smile She looks at Sanskar very lovingly

Uttara again gets a plan

Uttara: bhai lets go for shopping., Sanskar: Uttara

Swara; ur not taking, Kk fine we..,

Plzz!! Nooo.. Il take Kk happy.,


Swara: happy

He takes them to happy..Uttara whispers to Swara Uttara: bhabi Thankyou, Swara: it’s our day lets enjoy.. They both give hifi

Uttara dies lots of shopping, as its her first time going shopping with Sanskar.. She felt so happy!

After shopping.. Sanskar; happy??? Now where?? Uttara; that’s it bhai Thankyou.. Thus is enough for today Swara: not yet Uttara.. Still 1 place left..



Swara; my house.

Sanskar: Thankgod..

Sanskar drops Uttara.. Nd he takes Swara to drop her at her home..

Swara remembers how he did everything for her, she gets happy Swara smiles and kisses his cheeks..

Sanskar is surprised and stops the car.. Swara: Thankyou Sanskar, ur my diamond.. Ur really soo kind hearted.. I’m lucky to have u. Sanskar smiles.. Sanskar: thanks to u Swara, first time I saw happiness in uttaras face.. That’s only because of u.. He caresses her cheeks and kisses we.. Sanskar: thanks for making my life beautiful

Swara smiles and sleeps on his shoulder.. After sometime they reach

Sanskar drops Swara and they leave..

Next day

Sanskar gets up.. Nd he talks to Sujatha about Swara..

Sujatha: Sanskar r u serious?? Will u be happy with her??

Sanskar: haa Ma.. I thought about all matches.. But Swara is really special ma.. She thought me what girls are.. She showed me my future after mArriage..

Sujatha gets happy as Sanskar agreed for marriage, she talks to Shomi about it.. Shomi feels happy.. They talk for sometime

Shomi: Sujatha ji.. I’m so happy, u all should come for dinner.. Sujatha: sure!!

She tells Sanskar about it..he gets happy.. Nd he get a plan

Shekar house: Shomi: Swara, today ur not going anywhere, guests are coming for dinner.. Swara: Maa what should I do if they come.. I’m telling u now.. Don’t call me in front of them.. I won’t come..

Shomi: u will only come.. She smiles and leaves, get ready.. She gives her a dress..

Swara looks at her angrily..

Night: Sanskar family reaches Shekar house.. Shekar welcomes them

They all keep talking, Sanskar seraches for Swara

Shomi: Swara is in her room Sanskar.. If you want to talk u can go

Sanskar: thanks aunty

He goes to her room, he watches the room soo messy.. He looks for her.. She is keeps her earings..

Sanskar watches her.. He goes near her and whispers

Sanskar: why dint u come down

Swara gets confused and turns back.. Swara: chocho.. When did u come??

(She hugs him with excitement) Sanky: I came long back..waited for u.. Ur not coming so I came up.,

Swara: it’s really a big surprise.. Why did u come here?? Sanskar: they r talking about our marriage Swara blushes.. Sanskar teases her

Sanskar: ur blushing… Swara again hugs him.. Sanskar: by d way, ur room is very messy.. U know my room will be very neat.. Swara: I’m there na to make it messy,. Sanskar looks at her and smile..

Sanskar: come lets go down.. Swara: okay Sanskar: what okay.. Get ready.. Ur kept only one earring.

Swara: ohh ya I forgot.. Give me 10mins.. By d way how was my dress?

Sanskar: hmm.. It’s nice.. But u look too good in saree… Why can’t u Wear saree Swara: seriously, don’t try to think even in ur dreams.. I hate sarees..

Sanskar laughs seeing her expressions.. He back hugs her.. Sanskar: Swara tell me onething.. Will u Atleast wear saree for our marriage??

Swara: nooo Sanskar: Noo Swara: again ul feel sad if everyone watch only me

ohh reAlly…


He starts tickling her…

Swara: Hahahaha sanskar stop it..

She hugs him…. They share a beautiful hug and stare at each other lovingly.,

Sometimes The Perfect One For You Is, Who You Least Expected It To Be..

Episode ends!!!

Credit to: neha

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  1. It’s so nice epi….

  2. atlast read this also. I reallllly loved it. Awesome story.

  3. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Neha di it was soo awsm and cute story u nailed once again one humble request di pls pls post true love never dies. Darkness to lightness and endless love di its a humble request and about the story it is extremely beautiful story luv u di ??

    1. true love never dies is posted till the latest part.
      as soon as neha put next part on fb i will post it here , neha will most probably post on saturday
      nd about endless love 2 parts are missing nd neha dont have a copy so cant post it

  4. Hi Neha Di I read ur each and every story on Facebook but I cannot comment coz I don’t have fb id but really I luv ur each and every story. Tlnd, fdtl,endless love,ur one shots,ur few shots everything.though I can read ur stories on fb but can’t comment but u took me as granted and every time just think that m the first to read ur story and comment on it. And truly I think its been only one min u post ur story and m always ready to read.

  5. Nice yr

  6. Finally I read both episodes..
    Dear Neha I love ur every story a lot.. Pls come back soon with next episode 🙂
    N try to update true love never dies season 2 n From darkness to light also..

    1. This is the last episide of this story dr…this is neha’s short story…only 3 episodes..

  7. u nailed it

  8. I always love reading neha’s fan fiction, but was about darkness to light. I m missing it. Plz write and post it soon. Plz plz

  9. I always love reading ur fan fiction, but was about from darkness to light. I m missing it. Plz write and post it soon. Plz plz

  10. Amazing
    Pls post true love never dies asap

  11. Its so true that opposites attracts each other. I was just imagining my cousin and his wife. They are of same kind. Funny couples.
    Thank you for this episode.

  12. Hey neha….. Too good to read buddy…..lovd d ff soo good….u gave a nc msg yaar…..
    Love n hugs….tc

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