My meet with Mr.Perfect (Episode 4)


Sanskar reaches home…

He goes to his room.. He thinks about Swara.. Her smile, her antics.. “Crazy girl.. How can I bear her life long”

He sleeps..

Next day:

Swara wakes up.. She remembers the night with Sanksar, his caring, his anger.. Which gives a smile to her face..

She gets freshup… And goes down.

She watches Shomi.. Biting her nails and being worried

Shona: hey old lady?? Why r u soo worried?

Shomi: Shona, I’m waiting for they call..

Shona: mad mother.. Don’t worry.. I’m Shona Ma.. All loves ur daughter.. Even Sanskar too.. U know I can go in saree if I wish to impress him.. But I want to show him myself Ma..

Shomi: if he likes u.. Will u agree for this proposal..?

Shona: (blushes) Maa.. Maaaaa.. He is sweet Ma.. May be Shona likes him I liked his care soo much.. I never seen such guy.. He is really Soo sweet.. May be love at first sight.. He is different Ma.. But 1meeting is not enough.. I need another meeting to tell my answer

Shomi: I told na, you will be happy.. If Sanskar agrees.. Il be happy!!

Shona blushes and runs…

Shomi and Shekar smiles at her…

Shona friends comes to her house..

Frnd: soo Shona how was ur hero?? Shona: he is awesome.. He is soo cute.. You know what happened.. (She tells them how she troubled him, his anger, his care.. She is totally Fida)

Frnds: (teases) shonaaa… How lucky he is.. To get u in his life.. We are very happy!!

Frnd: so finally Shona is also in love!!

They start teasing her..

Maheswari house:

Sanskar wakes up… He comes down for breakfast.. Sujatha serves her… Sujatha: sanskar did u meet her?? Sanksar: haa Ma.. Sujatha: did u like her?? Sanskar: Maa how can you think I will like her.. She’s a brain eater.. She’s totally opposite to me.. She’s so fast Ma.. U gave a wrong info about her… She is totally reverse to me.. Sujatha: no Sanskar may be ur mistaken.. Meet her again..

Sanskar: one time meet is enough.. I’m going to office.. My answer is NO… He leaves to office..

Shekar house landline rings… Shomi picks it.. Even picks the landline from her room.. It was from Aruna.. Shona gets excited to know what Sanskar feels for her..

Aruna: Shomi ji.. I’m sorry to say this.. They don’t want this match..

Shomi is shocked.. Even Swara..

Shomi: dint he like Swara? Aruna: he feels that she is totally reverse.. Nd she is not traditional..And Swara is bit fast too.. So he dint like Swara..

Swara eyes are filled with tears..

Aruna: I’m sorry.. But they told to cancel this match.

Shomi gets sad and cuts the call.. Shona wipes her tears.. Her friends console her..

Shona: he rejected me.. I tried to be myself.. Is that wrong?? Nd who the hell is he to reject me?? I should do that na?? He hurted my ego.. He may be Mr.perfect! But he is not perfect..

Frnds: (confused) ahh what?? I dint get u..

Swara: Abba… I mean no one is perfect..

Frnds: Ohkk!!

Swara: am I fast?? How can he say that? Did I ever crossed my limits?? I’m soo angry.. I want to kill him.. He rejected me I won’t leave him…

Rajesh: Swara.. Who is that idiot who rejected u.. Shall I handle it??

Swara: Haaa.. Rajesh.. Beat him nicely.. No no.. Leave him.. It’s my fault.. My mom said.. Wear saree and go.. May be if I go with saree he might have liked me.. How funny it is.. Saree has a value but no value for a girl.. How sad..

Frnd: Swara, I know ur hurt.. Leave him!!

Shona: I want to reject him.. I want to scold him.. Give me some ideas na.. I’m getting mad..

Rajesh: Shona.. Call him and scold him what ever u want to speak??

Shona: Haaa il do that… He is over today..

She goes to her balcony.. She wipes her tears And calls him..

Sanky: hello!! Shona doesn’t speak.. She only cries silently..

Sanky: hello.. Who is this..

Shona: why did u reject me??

Sanky is shocked.. Sanky: Swaraa! Shona: haa..

Sanky: actually haa I rejected because.. We are opposite, I feel that we can’t live happily forever..

Shona: achaa how can u say that?? How can say I’m fast.. And how can u reject this Swara…u don’t have right to reject me.. Only I have have that right.. U idiot..

Sanky: what the hell?? How dare you call me..

Shona: Don’t talk… U don’t have right!! Nd how can u decide in one meet.. Kk fine leave it.. We are different na.. Fine.. Will u do me a favour??

Sanky: what?!

Swara: stay with me for some hours..

Sanky: what?!

Swara: don’t take me wrong.. I’m not so fast as u think.. U dint understand me.. Just like how we met yesterday, let’s meet today too.. @4:00pm till night 9:00pm.. Just give this hours to me today.. I will show u what I am..

Sanskar: okay!! Fine.. Only till 4:00 to 9:00pm.. Not a minute extra..

Swara: ok..

Sanskar: Nd u should promise that… After that u should not disturb me with ur calls..

Shona: I’m not dying to call u.. Mr.sanskar.. Sorry sorry.. Mr.PERFECT!!

Sanky angry.. Sanky: Kk.. 4:00.. Let’s meet..

He angrily cuts the call..

Today he is over… Real meet started..

Friends: what Shona?

Shona: My Meet With Mr.PERFECT

Shona gets ready she struggles to wear saree.. She gets ready. And starts…


Swara again calls him…

Sanskar: what?? Swara: I’m at coffee.. Come fast..

She cuts the call…

Sanskar wonders.. She don’t drink coffee, why is she at coffee day.. These girls are really mad..

He goes to coffee day

He stops near coffee day.. He searches for Swara, suddenly he get shocked to see Swara in saree.. He is confused.. He goes and sit in opposite chair..

Swara looks at him and again bends her face.. Sanky is confused.. He doesn’t understand what is going on..

Sanky: Swara what’s this??

She doesn’t respond and keeps looking down..

Sanskar thinks..”what’s happening with her”??

Shona: am I looking pretty?? Sanky: wh..what??!

Shona: I wore saree na.. Actually, u like girls who are traditional na.. So I wore saree.. Is it nice

Sanskar: Swara whats this… Do u think, I will accept if u wear saree??

Swara: Noo.. I don’t want u to accept.. But I just want to be like a traditional girl for few hours..Don’t ask me why.. Il tell u later.. This is my day.. So let me do what I want to..

Sanskar: ur wasting my time..

Swara: no problem.. Time won’t feel bad if u spend some time with me.. So don’t worry..

Sanskar: wh..what??

Swara: Kk now time started.. Now I’m a girl who is totally like u.. Like same like u.. Just think ur talking to a girl like u.. Okay??

Sanskar: but.. Swara: sanskar, u will understand..

Sanskar: okay…

Swara starts acting like him…she bends her face.. And acts being shy..

Waiter : sir do u want to order something.. Sanskar: haa 1 coffee.. Swara what about you?? Swara: anything ur wish.. (Shyingly)

Sanksar doesn’t understand her behaviour..

Sanskar: Swaraa.. U hate coffee na.. Drink what u like.. SwaaRa: (shy) u like coffee na, even il have coffee..

Sanksar: ooff… Kk get 2 coffees..

Sanskar: Swara what’s necessary to do all this??

Swara: you will understand that ji..

Waiter brings the coffee..

Sanskar starts having it.. Swara struggles as its her first time..

They was a complete silence.. Sanskar is waiting for Swara to speak, and Swara is waiting for Sanskar to speak.. Both are not talking anything…

Sanskar: Swara.. Can u plz tell me why did u call me?? This silence.. I’m not able to bear it..

Swara: Kk..(she again shyly bends her head)

Sanksar: Swara lets go.. I’m getting mad..

They walk outside.. They was a rain.. Rain water has blocked the road.. And the car was on other side..

Sanskar crosses the water and goes other side.. Thinking its untidy..

Sanskar: Swara. What r u doing there come??

Swara: Noo I won’t come until this water goes..

Sanskar: Swara.. This water doesn’t go.. Come na!!

Swara: neatness Sanskar, my Swara becomes untidy.. Noo I won’t come.. (She again angrily turns her head)

Sanskar looks at her actings and gets angry…

He too goes near her and waits for the water to go..

After the rain.. Sanksar looks at the time it was 6

Sanksar: Swara its 6 u have 3 more hours left.. Tell me next where..

Swara: ur wish take to any place..

They was a park nearby they both walk.. They was pin drop silence..

Sanskar: Swara speak something.. Swara: haha I like to be calm.. Sanskar: oof!!

They spend some time boringly..

Swara looks at the time.. It was 7:00.. She gets excited..

Swara: Sanskar its 7:00.. Now I’m back as Swara.. take me to some restaurant.. I fee like eating something..

Sanskar: okay..

They both walk towards the car..

Suddenly swaraa starts speaking.. She watches a guy who raised his spikes..he looks so funny..

Swara starts burst laughing..

Swara: Hahahaha.. Sanskar look at him.. He is soo funny na.. Hahahhaahhahah.

Sanskar smiles.. Hahahah Swaraa.. Shh… He will listen..

Swara: (laughing) hahah but I can’t control my laugh…

Sanskar: Swaraa.. Shh.. (He closes her mouth)

They both sit in a car.. Swara again starts laughing..

Sanskar: Swara ur soo mad.. Don’t know what’s happening to u..

Swara: Hahahah sanskar.. I love to be like this… I’m mad.. Hahahaha!!

They go to a restaurant…

Sanskar: Swara what u want to eat.. Swara: sanskar, I don’t want to eat.. Sanskar: what?? u told u want to have it.. Swara: hmm I want to eat biryani again.. Sanskar: don’t say that sports bar again.. I won’t accept..

Swara: Plzz Sanskar.. Ur my Sweetu na.. Plz plz… U will be with me na.. So I don’t need to worry.. Nd only today na.. From tomorrow I won’t call u or meet u..

Sanskar: hmm Kk.. Today it’s ur day na.. So fine.. Challo

Swara: Thankyou…

They both go to sports bar again..

Sanskar: waiter.. 1 chicken biryani and 1 veg biryani.. Nd 1 thumsup..

Swara: Thankyou.. Ur really Soo sweet..

Sanskar: Swara.. Shall I ask u onething.. Swara: what?? Sanskar: did u felt bad when I rejected u..

Swara: Yaa.. Actually.. Who gave u that right to reject me.. I’m Shona… Kk!! Leave that.. Let me enjoy this day..

At that time biryani comes.. Sanskar gets call..

Sanskar: Swara u keep eating.. Il come just now..

Swara gets a plan.. She collects the carrot from the biryani.. And tells waiter to take away the veg biryani.. And tells him to bring a bowl..

He brings it.. She keeps chicken biryani rice in it.. And places carrots on it..

At that time Sanskar comes.. He starts having it thinking its veg biryani.. He first get doubt but later enjoys eating it.. Swara smiles.. After he completes his biryani she starts laughing continuously…

Snaskar: Swara why r u laughing?? Swara: nothing..

Sanskar: Over shall we go.??

Swara: but there is 1 hour more.. K let’s go out..

They go out..

Swara keeps asking him questions, he continuously speaks with her..

Swara watches icecream vehicle

Swara: sanskar U stay here.. Il get icecream..

Swara goes, suddenly she smiles and runs calling Sanskar..

Swara: sanskar run.. Fast..

Sanskar gets shock..

Sanskar: Swara what Happened?? Swara: run run…

They keep running and stop.. They breathe heavily..

Sanskar: Swara what happened??

Swara burst out laughing..

Swara: just for fun.. Hahaha look at you..

Sanskar gets angry..

Sanskar: Swara.. R u mad??? R u a kid?? Stop behaving like this?? Ur so difficult Swara.. U know how much I was tensed.. Forget it.. U have 10mins left.. I should bear you another 10 mins.. I’m done with u.. I can’t take it anymore

Swara eyes are filled with tears..

Swara: I’m sorry.. For wasting ur time..U asked me na why am I behaving strangely..u love to be silent na Sanskar.. U want a girl who follows same like u.. I behaved same like that.. But what happened?? R u happy?? Noo for the first time u felt bored.. For the first time u said u can’t bear this silence.. If u Marry a girl like that.. U can’t be happy Sanksar.. Ur life will be like that..

When u are with me.. A girl like Swara.. U started laughing.. U started njoying.. U even ate chicken biryani.. Hahha I mixed it.. U ate full bowl.. Because for the first time u felt new taste.. I’m not telling this to marry me.. But u can’t tell all the girls who behave like me are fast. We are modern.. Our thinking ways is modern.. That doesn’t mean we are fast.. Our life should be colourful.. Not same boring life.. If u marry a girl like u, your life will be same.. But if I marry a boy like u.. My life will be same as happy always because I’m there to make our life beautiful with my naughtiness..

Sanskar stares at her lovingly

She looks at the time it was 10:00

Swara: my time is up.. I’m sorry for eating ur brain.. I won’t disturb u ever.. Bye.. Ur nothing to me..

Sanskar: Swaraa.. (He holds her hands to stop her.. He gets shock seeing her hand bleeding..)

Sanskar: Swara.. What happened ??

Swara: that’s non of ur business.. Leave me..

Sanskar; Swara its bleeding.. R u mad?? He holds her hand.. She pushes him..

Swara: ur done with me na.. It’s over.. You don’t need to worry for me.. Bye..

She leaves…

Sanskar angrily reaches his home.. He thinks about the day he spent with her.. He starts blushing.. He feels like talking to her, as he misses her voice.. He starts calling her but she doesn’t respond

He again keeps calling..

Swara room:

Shomi: Swara what happened to ur hand??

Swara: I fell down near ice shop Ma.. All started watching me.. I felt shame..

Shomi burst out laughing

She watches Sanskar call..

Shomi: why Sanskar is calling?? Swara: I wont lift his call.. I will avoid him.. He rejected Shona.. Let him die.. He will get some Girl like him.. He will enjoy!!

She sleeps without lifting..


Credit to: neha

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