My meet with Mr.Perfect (Episode 1-3)


Story starts with..

A lady talking in phone.. Lady: hello Aruna ji..I’m so happy for seeing match to my daughter.. I will surely talk to my husband.. Thankyou!

Aruna: Thankyou Shomi ji..

She cuts the call.. Yes the lady was Shomi..

She cuts the call… She gets so excited and runs to speak with her husband.

Shomi: Shekar, Aruna ji..saw a match for Shona.. That guy is Maheswari son.. We heard about that family na..Shona will be very lucky if she goes to that house..

Shekar: hahahhahahah nice joke.. Shona will be lucky, but did you think about that house.. If Shona goes to that house.. That’s it… Poor maheswaris!! Hahahhaah..

Shomi: hmm.. Shekar, stop behaving like This.. This is serious.. I want my daughter life to be happy.. Il fix this match.. I can’t tell u and ur daughter.. Everything is in my hands..

Shekar: Hahahah u can fix it later, by d way see whether Shona came home or not.. She went to party last night.. I think at 3:00am.. I went to her room she is not there..

Shomi: what?? She dint come yet?? She goes to her room.. She watches her sleeping..

“Thankgod she slept”!!

She leaves the room..

As soon as she leaves… Shona opens her eyes.. She goes towards the window and calls her friends..

Shona: Kavya.. U guys go.. My mom dint get doubt..

Kavya: Kk take care Swara.. Wil meet in the afternoon..

Swara gets freshup..and she goes down.. Singing songs..

Shekar: good morning shona, how was ur party last night??

Shona: gud morning dad.. Party was awesome.. U know Deepak just rocked it.. The way he arranged.. Liquors and starters.. Woww!!


Shomi: Deepak? U said girl birthday?? Shona: haa Ma.. Deepika.. Birthday.. Not Deepak.. She winks at Shekar..

Shomi: k leave that.. Aruna aunty has mailed you a photo of a guy, for a match..

Shona: Hahahaha match!! Ma ur marrying again?? Shekar and Swara burst out laughing, and both give hifi

Shomi: Shona, that photo is for u.. Just see and tell me did u liked it or not..

Shona: Maa.. Come on,

Shomi: i don’t care if u don’t like.. I already talked with her.. Nd she is coming to see you today, that’s it.. If u go out today, il break ur legs!!

Shona: Ma.. I’m just 22! Why marriage so soon?? I’m not interested

Shomi: when I was 18years, I got married.. Ur 22.. This is the correct age..

At that time Shona mobile rings, before she lifts it.. Shomi lifts the call

Shomi: Shona friends, today afternoon at 1:00pm all should come home, I saw a match for Shona.. They r coming home.. U all should make her ready

They was a giggle sound on the phone.. “Hahaha Kk aunty sure,will come now only” do we have any work?? We are alwayssssss free

Shona: Ma why did u tell them?? They are world wide web Ma, now all status in FB,whatsapp and Twitter everything will be my topic.. Il be a hot topic now

(As she guessed, everyone’s FB status, whatsapp status.. Filled with shona’s name.. Ur hurting me Ma..

Shomi: today is my day, u should do whatever I say.. That’s it!!



Shekar: (whispers) what Shona, ur behaving like ur mom.. She said na today it’s her day.. So today listen to her.. Tomorrow we will see tomorrow understood..??

Shona: (giggles) papa ur my best friend!! Ur my chocho.. (She pulls his cheeks)

Shona: stop ur discussions, Shona.. Come il make you ready..

Shona: (imitates Shomi) il make u ready

Shekar smiles seeing her Shona struggle..

Shomi takes her inside and selects a saree..

Shona: Maa plz don’t say that this saree is for me..

Shomi: it’s for u Shona..

Maa I hate sarees..


Shomi: shonaaa.. Today is my day!!

Shona: okay!!

Shona wears saree.. And Shomi makes her ready.. Applying bindi, earings, bangles..

At that time Shona frnds come.. They look at her and smiles

Shomi: how is my Shona looking?? Frnds: (teases) Woww!! Shona is soo cute.. (They giggle)

Shomi: haha I know.. My Shona is beautiful.. U all talk to her.. Il make other arrangements..

After Shomi leaves.. Shona frnds started teasing her.

Frnds: hey Shona… New bride!! Arey look at her, she is blushing

Frnd2: did u see her face.. She already got that marriage glow..

Shona: stop it guys!! It’s soo irritating!! I hate this matches.. This is my life.. How can they decide.. Whom to marry!

Shona gets upset..

Meanwhile.. Shona frnd Aditya

Aditya: (teases) shonaa… Smile…1 pic plz!! First time u in saree.. Il upload in Instagram, lol!! Comments will flood… Plzz!! I don’t want to miss this chance..

Shona gives a fake smile.. While all friends laugh at her..

After sometime..

Aruna comes to Shekar house.. Shomi gets happy seeing her..

Shomi: hello Aruna ji plz come in.. He is my husband..

Shekar: hello ji..

They talk for sometime

Aruna: where is Swara, I want to see her.. Shomi: il get her..

Shomi goes inside.. She gets shocked..

All r playing cards..

Shomi: Shona.. Is this time to play cards?? Come na Aruna ji came..Nd Shona listen.. Deal nicely okay.. Give respect to elders.. As soon you go touch her feet..

Shona: why should I touch her feet Ma?? This is rediculous!!

Shomi: Shona do what I say..

Shona: okay!! Old ladyyyy… (She pulls her cheeks tightly with anger)

Shomi brings Shona to hall.. Shekar watches Shona and starts laughing seeing her in saree.. Shomi stamps his foot.. To make him stop!!

Shekar looks at her and stops laughing

Aruna gets happy seeing Swara, as she is beautiful..

Aruna: hello Shona..

Shomi pinches her signalling her to take blessing..

Shona angrily bends down and touches her feet.

Aruna: God bless u Beti.. Come sit beside me.. You are very beautiful.. U look so innocent.. Ur the best for Sanskar..U will be very lucky if you became bahu to that house. I know Sanskar, he is very good.. Very calm, very reserved.. And if he sees u in saree.. He will like u for sure..

Shona Angrily looks at Shomi.. As This lady is expecting so much from her

Aruna: Shona, by d way.. Do u know how to wear a saree??

Shona: no..

Shomi: ( tensed and covers) Haaa Aruna ji.. My Shona knows how to wear sarees.. She’s a specialist in it..

Shona fumes…

Aruna: haha dats very good.. By d way Shona do u know cooking??

Shomi; (tensed) Yaaa she cooks very well..

Aruna: very sweet… Learn more vegetarian curries.. Because Sanskar is pure veg!!

Shona: (thinks) what the hell.. Should I turn up into vegetarian for that idiot Sanskar.. Noo way!!

She looks at Shekar sadly..

Shekar signals her to cool down..

They talk for sometime

Aruna: I liked Swara so much.. Il talk to Sujatha ji.. She will definetely likes Swara..

Shomi: (happy) Thankyou!!

She leaves..

Shona: Maa what’s this?? Should I be like that now? Sweet, calm.. Reserved.. These are anti to me.. I don’t like it.. Cancel this match ryt now.. Nd what the hell.. Should I leave my NV for him??

Shomi: Shona u should adjust!! Let me do my work..

She angrily leaves

Maheswari house:

Aruna talks with Sujatha and she praises Shona.. Sujatha gets happy.. Nd she decided to talk with Sanskar..

Meantime Sanskar comes

Sujatha: sanskar.. My beta.. Come here..

Sanskar: haa Ma.. Sujatha: I’ve seen a match for u..

Sanskar: Maa.. How many matches Ma.

Sujatha: that’s what.. How many matches Sanskar.. Nearly I’ve seen 10 matches.. I liked all the girls.. But u dint like them..

Sanskar: haa mom.. I dint like them.. I want a girl who behaves like me..

Sujatha: I’ve brought such girls only.

Sanksar: one girl.. Is so talkative.. Another girl. She is traditional but no cleanliness… Another girl has lots of neatness but she doesn’t have kind heart.. Enough Ma.. I can’t see more.. I’m done

Sujatha: Plzz Sanksar.. This is the last one.. Plz plz!! If u won’t agree, I won’t eat anything

Sanksar: Ma ur blackmailing me.. Fine.. This is the last match.. I’m sure.. Even this won’t workout..

Sujatha: (happy) u agreed that’s enough… Here girl number.. Talk to her.. U both meet and tel me what u decided.

Sanskar: hmm Kk!!

Shekar house:

Shona: Ma how can we decide in our first meet?? Maa ur not understanding.. We are opposite Ma.. That lady said na.. I cant act my whole life as a good girl Infront of them..

Shomi: I think still time left for This day to over.. Did u forgot today is my day.. So talk to him.. And u both meet and tell me what u decided..

Shona: ur a saddist Ma!! R u listening.. I hate u…

Shomi: (shouts) but I love u Shona…

I do its for ur happiness..

Shona angrily leaves to her friends house..

Office: Sanskar is in his meeting.. After the meeting.. He remembers Sujatha he decided to call her.. But gets tensed..

Shona Frnds meet..

Shona: guys I’m so hungry.. I want to eat spicy biryani..yummy

Frnd1. Shona we are serious.. Tell me what u decided?? Will u talk to him? Frnd2: hmm..I’m waiting for his call.. If I meet him soon.. I can end this matter soon.. But that idiot is not calling.. Il call him.. I can’t wait for his call..

When she was about to call.. Sanskar calls her.. Shona lifts the call… Shona: (tensed) hello! Sanky: hello.. Is this Swara? Shona: Yess.. Sanky: I’m Sanskar..sanskar Maheswari.. Shona: hoo…nice name..

Sanky: so at what time shall we meet?? Shona: ur wish..

Sanky: within 1 hour, my office work will finish.. So we can meet in a coffee shop

Shona: ohh Haaa Kk.. (But she suddenly remembers that she doesn’t drink coffee) Noo.. Wait!!

Sanksar confused

Sanksar: what? Shona: I mean, I don’t drink coffee.. Why can’t we meet for dinner?? Actually i want to eat biryani.. I just love biryani..

Sanky: hmm Kk!! At green park?? @7:00pm!

Shona: Noo no.. I hate biryani at that hotel.. That too at 7:00pm.. It’s soo early.. Let’s go for extreme sports bar.. At 9:00pm, U know I just love biryani in that..yummy yumy

Sanskar thinks.. What the hell… Biryani in sports bar.. Do we get biryani even in bars?? How stupid it is.. I don’t need to meet her also.. This phone call is enough to reject her..

Sanskar: Kk fine.. !

He cuts the call…

Shona: guys, today I’m going to have biryani.. Lalalalalal… (She gets excited)

Frnd: Shona.. Ur becoming crazy day by day…

Shona: by d way guys.. Tell me what should I wear??

Frnd1: saree Shona: Noo.. I can’t act more..

Frbd2: churidhar Shona..

Shona: I can’t… It’s too hot

Frnd3: Shona, u don’t like this marriage na.. Then wear casuals.. That lady said he like tradition… So may be he will reject u seeing ur dress..

Shona: Wowww ur my best frnd dude.. Ur my chocho… Soo sweet.. Il wear casuals.. Ilbe like me..I don’t. Need to act anymore!!

Frnd1: but Shona.. I just want to see him.. I mean I want to know about him.. He is meeting our beauty queen Shona.. How lucky he is.. We should know about him..

Frnd2: lets trace him.. We have many friends circle na.. Let’s tell rocky… He will tell his details within seconds..

Shona: Woww… Do that quickly..

Frnd 2 calls Rocky.. She tells him everything..

Rocky: what’s his name?? Shona: sanskar, Rocky: full name? Shona: sanskar Maheswari… Rocky: I found him.. Il tell u the details within few mins..

He cuts the call..

Meanwhile Shona gets ready… Shona: how am I looking?? Frnd: awesome.. Shona; Thankyou..

Meantime rocky calls.. Rocky: Shona.. He is the damn sweetest person.. He is very good.. He has a nick name in his office..

Shona: what’s that?? Rocky: Mr.PERFECT!! Yes he is perfect.. Shona: hahaha then Noo doubt.. He will reject me..

She cuts the call..

Sanskar house:

Sanskar talks to his Friends.. He tells them about the new match.. His frnds starts laughing!!

Sanskar: guys don’t laugh.. I’m soo irritated.. How can she call me to a pub.. That too for biryani..

Frnd: sanksar, I think she is the best for u.. Just go.. If u don’t like reject her..

Sanksar: I already rejected her.. This meet only for Ma..

Frnd: okay.. Ur time is up.. Goo…

Frnd2: wait.. Will u Go like this?? In formals…

Sanskar: this is enough.. I’m not going for fashion show..

He angrily leaves…

Extreme sports bar:

They was bar.. And a restaurant.. Sanskar sits at restaurant counter.. He waits for Swara.. It’s 9:30.. But she doesn’t come.. He gets more angry and calls her..

Shona: hello!! Sanskar: where r u?? It’s been half hour..since I came… Shona: oops..I’m sorry!! I’m coming.. Just 2mins.. Sanskar angrily cuts the call..

He waits for her, after 10mins she comes.. Wearing black Long casual dress

She looks for Sanskar.. At that time she calls him..

Sanskar watches her call and lifts it angrily..

Sanskar: where r u?? Swara: I’m near the door..

Sanskar angrily turns back.. And gets stunned seeing her.. Her black long dress.. With stone neckline..she was stunning.. He was speechless

Swara still keeps talking on phone.. Swara: I’m really sorry.. Where r u?? I couldn’t find u.. Can u see me?? I’m wearing black dress.. Hahah dress means not churidhar.. It’s a casual one.. Can u see me?? She keeps talking..

For the first time he gets smile..but he covers it.. Sanskar: will u stop it?? I saw u..Come to that restaurant place..I’m sitting in the third table.. White shirt..

Swara looks at him..

Swara: Yaa I got u.. I’m coming..

She goes to meet him…Swara looks at him and gets stunned to see his charming face..

Swara: hello.. Hi I’m Swara.. (Shona) Sanskar: I’m Sanskar.. Swara: Hahha nice name…Nd ur handsome too.. actually im sorry for keeping u waiting.. U know what happened.. When I was coming.. I saw my Frnd.. I just hate him.. I slowly thought to escape from him.. But he saw me.. That’s it.. He was continuously telling about his goals and all.. Such a boring person.. Hahaa I slowly escaped… Hahahahahhaa very funny me!!! Hahahhaaha…

While laughing she moves her hand… Her hand touches a glass and water falls on it..


Swara: I’m sorry..I’m really sorry.. I know I don’t know why.. Everyday il break this glasses..

Sanskar: dats k.. Come lets go to next table..

Swara: why next table.. Just water na.. Leave it.. I love to keep my table messy.. Hahha funny na!!

Sanskar: very funny!!

Swara: shall we order.. Im starving!!

Sanksar: sure..

He calls the waiter… Waiter: yes sir.. Sanskar: Yaa get 1 vegetable biryani.. Add some extra carrots.. That’s it goo.. Swara: I dint tell my order yet.. Sanskar: I told that for u.. Swara: what vegetable biryani that too with carrot.. Noo.. I don’t like it.. Waiter.. Plz get that for sir, and for me.. Get one chicken dum biryani.. Add more onions with lemon.. Nd Yaa I want a thumsup.. Bring that with biryani.. Hurry up I’m so hungry..

Sanskar: oof!! Soo tell me.. What do u do??

Swara: I’m doing my engineering final year.. At that time Sanskar hears a song.. He gets angry as the sound was high…

Sanksar: waiter can u Plzz…..

When he was about to tell, Swara interrupts.. Swara: Wowww lovely sound… Waiter more sound plz… She starts singing loudly enjoying herself..

Sanskar: (thinks) what the hell…

Swara: wow nice song na.. I just love that song.. Lalalallala…

Food comes..

Sanksar: have ur biryani.. Swara: my biryani.. My chocho… Soo sweet.. She starts having it.. Enjoying it like a kid.. Licking her fingers..

Sanskar stares at her lovingly.. He don’t know why, but he dint get angry seeing the way she’s eating..

Swara: u know I just love this.. Will u taste it.??

Sanksar : nooo.. I hate chicken.. Swara: don’t eat chicken.. Just eat this rice.. Sanskar: Noo.. Swara: okay!!

Meanwhile dance floor starts.. It was soo noisy.. Sanskar gets uncomfortable In that place..

After the dinner..

Swara: so tell me, what u decided?? Sanskar: can we talk outside.. It’s so irritating Swara: okay…

They go out… They watches a couple kissing in public..

Sanskar watches this and gets angry.. Swara notice his expression and smiles..

Sanskar notice her smiling.. And looks at her angrily..and turns his face.. Swara burst out laughing.. Sanskar again looks at her angrily.. But seeing her laugh. Even he smiles but hides his smile and acts being angry..

Sanskar: what the hell it is?? It’s soo irritating.. Swara how can u come to this place?? Don’t come here again.. It’s not good. Did u got it what am saying??

Swara: (giggles) haha

Swara: shall we go near that garden.. Sanskar: okay!!

They both keep walking.. It was soo silence.. Sanskar enjoying the weather..Swara couldn’t bear that silence

Swara: talk something na.. U know I hate silence.. I love to talk.. Hmm shall I tell u my college days??

Sanskar: hmm Kk tell..

Swara: I just love my college life..u know I have lots of fan following.. Hahaha I look cute na.. May be that’s why.. Nd u know what.. When my mom said about the match I was shocked.. She told me to wear saree.. Which I’m not used to.. I’m comfortable like This.. She keeps talking..

While talking she slips and falls down..

Swara: ahhhh!!!!

Sanskar is shocked… Sanskar: Swaraa!!!!

Swara starts laughing… Hahahaahhaaha lol… Look at ur face.. How scared u are..

Sanskar: r u okay?? Swara: Yaa I am… (She gives her hand) help me na..

He hold her hand and lifts her.. She slowly walks.. Nd acts as if she gets scare him..

Swara: ahhhh!! Sanskar: Swaraa.. R u alright?? Shall we go to hospital??

Swara: hahahahahhaa i was kidding.. Again ur scared…

Sanskar: Swaraa.. Enough is enough.. I hate people who play with me..

Swara: I’m sorry.. Actually I never seen u smiling, so I thought to make u smile.. But I think u don’t know how to smile..

Sanskar: I like to be like this.. Why do U care?? Just behave properly..Anyways leave that.. Nice meeting u.. Bye..

Swara: (pout face and thinks) what did I say him now.. He was serious on me.

Sanskar looks at her pout face.. He again goes towards her..

Sanskar: what r u waiting for.. Go home??

Swara doesn’t look at him and turns her face In anger.

Sanksar: Swara I’m talking to u..

Swara: why do u need?? U go home.. I will njoy the party.. (Saying this she walks towards the pub)

Sanskar: Swara it’s 10:30.. Did u see how people are behaving in public.. It’s not a good place for girls.. Go home..

Swara: (smiles but hides her smile) then tell sorry.. U hurted me!!

Sanksar: what the hell??

Swara: Kk bye..(she again walks heading into the pub)

Sanksar: Kk Swara.. I’m sorry.. Happy??

Swara: (smiles) happy Sanskar ur Soo sweet.. My chocho…(she pulls his cheeks)

Sanskar smiles seeing her cute and happy face..

Sanksar: Kk bye Swara..

Swara: bye… 1min.. Thankyou for ur biryani treat..

Sanskar: good night!!

They leave…

Swara hoes to her House… Her mom talks to Her Shomi: swara tell me, how is he??

Swara: (blushes) he is sweet.. U know he is very caring.. But bit angry too.. Hahha he is funny also..

Shomi: what u decided??

Swara: what decide??

Shomi: dos u talk about the match?? Did u like him??

Swara: we dint talk about that..

Shomi: what then why did u meet him Swara??

Swara: I went to eat chicken biryani..

Shomi: Swaraa… Did u go like this??

Swar: Yaa!!

Shomi: oof.. It’s better to forget about this match… How will he love u.. U ate chicken Infront of him.. Mad girl.. U always do against me.. She leaves


Credit to: neha

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