How I meet your mother – Twinj OS


Here i am again with my another twinj os

Topic : How I meet your mother

Camera ? focus on girl who is dancing and enjoys the party moment. But suddenly some guys passing bad comments on her and someone from behind is looking at the boy and when girl leave the stage to meet her friend. Then the buy went to them and warn them.

Boy: how dare u talk about her like that

Man: relax man who is she for u and why ur showing your concern and love for her stay out of it.

2Man: yeah he is right stay away and don’t spoil our moment.

Boy: hey listen Iam try to talk to u all in nice ways and don’t let me show my real face to u okay and he warn them and the group of boys say sorry to girl.

Man: we are sorry sister and they left from their.

Girl: I don’t know what happen to people now a day they just come and said sorry and left.

Boy: see baby I told u know no one will be passed bad comment or see U in bad ways. Only I have right on u.

Many days passed boy follow girl every where and but one day girl saw him beating some man.

Girl: I feel like he is following me everywhere and I saw u all time around me I think I should talk to him.

Girl: excuse me ??

Boy: hi miss Twinkle Taneja

Girl: how do u know my name ???

So now the girl is twinkle
Boy: well first sorry for following u everywhere and I followed u for your safety.

Twinkle: let it be tell me your name and why you take risk for me????

Boy: because I love u twinkle Taneja.

Twinkle: what I even don’t know your name and how should I love u back.

Boy: no more suspense hi Kunj Sarna and I saw u in college and I follow u everywhere and I just want to make u feel save so I follow u and in that party that group of boy are passing bad comments on u but u didn’t hear them but I do hear and I beat them up letter u went with your friends. That why they said sorry to u.

Twinkle : was lost in his concert for her and of course love also.

Kunj: listen I really love u and I will do anything for u promise me that u will say yes for me and my proposal.

Twinkle : listen I don’t know u and I need time to think it about it. And it not game u follow someone because u love that person. So give me time to think.

Kunj : okay as your wished and yes your wished is my commend
How many time u will take for this decision twinkle he said.

Twinkle: about 1 month

Kunj : 1 month it means I can’t see u in this 1 month. Fine take your time u will see me only when u got my answer for proposal.

He walk away and twinkle think what kind of guy he is.

Twinkle : I think I should share this with my parent it not safe for me to keep it for my-selves.

In home at night

Twinkle papa ma I want to share something but promise me that u won’t get mad or harm that person.

Lela and rt okay said it what u want to tell us twinkle

Twinkle their is one guy who follows me and he want my good and safety and also he won’t like when some guy comment and things about me. If some guys did he will never let them go so easily.
I saw him beating guys and I saw him before so I went to talk to him and he said he love me a lots that why he is following me just to keep me save. And I said I need a time and I give him 1 month time.

Lela and Rt what twinkle u should tell us before this is dangerous is not love. If u meet him gain said him no for his crazy type of proposal twinkle understands

Twinkle yes papa and ma
I been cross 1 month twinkle never saw Kunj and suddenly one when she went to college with her friend she share this to chinki also.

Suddenly unknown number pop out in twinkle phone and someone said name of Kunj is trying to jump from building and he keep saying that he love twinkle.

Twinkle run from their to save Kunj but someone stop her by hug and she was surprised to see that person. And Kunj also way.

Kunj pov: oh so that why she don’t give my answer in those 1 month it means she has a boyfriend.

Twinkle: uv bhai you here what are u doing here.

Yes bro is uv and he want to meet Kunj and also to know that is he really love twinkle to or.

Uv : yes princes Iam to see who is that the great Kunj who love u a lot and for your safety he fought with other and also he is doing some stunts today in class right princess.

Twinkle how to u know all this Iam your brother and of course ma and papa told me this all that why I came work to here

Twinkle he is Kunj who love me a lots but I don’t love him bhai pointing toward Kunj.

Uv: what twinkle he will give his life just for u go and stop him.

Twinkle : bhai
Uv go twinkle it seem like he will run from that building go princess.

Twinkle run to Kunj and said listen I don’t know do I love u or not but plz come down why would u give your life for someone who even don’t love u. Listen Kunj plz come down

Kunj : I know why u Sid no for this proposal twinkle because u already have boyfriends and how he is hugging u in front of all of them and especially me don fu even know what happen to me when someone touch u or even passed close by u twinkle.

Twinkle : plz come down and we will talk okay plz okay fine if u really love me come here with me Kunj

Kunj : anything for u twinkle saying this he came from to of the building and hold twinkle hand.
And said I know u also love me right twinkle suddenly their is a sound ? but what is the sound lets see oh it means twinkle slap Kunj.

Kunj : I will ready to die from u twinkle this slap is nothing for me.

Twinkle: how day u think that he is my boyfriend huh Mr. Sarna

Kunj : the ways your hugging him so tight that why I thought ur boyfriend he is.

Twinkle : Dumbo he is my bro and that bro sis hug ?

Kunj: Iam sorry twinkle for douting on u Iam sorry saying this he fall on his knee. And hold twinkle hand

Twinkle : u know what Mr Sarna u make me fall in love with u and with all this crazy stupid love

Kunj : what did u Sid twinkle tell me again

Twinkle : yes I love u and your ways of loving me make me love u back. And she hug and and all the college students and teachers and uv and chinki clapped ? for twinj

Kunj : I can’t believe I mean u love me. Now even my dead come na I will die in happily twinkle.

Twinkle : this much u love me

Kunj : making puppy face said my love

And he hug her and he said plz one kissed u made me wait more then 1 month and I haven’t seen u so plz one kissed

Twinkle : no Kunj my bhai is here how can I kiss u

Uv from down said to twinkle princess at least kissed him now

Kunj: he is nice not nice but very very very nice bro so plz making cute face

Twinkle close your eye and he close his eye but she kissed him on his cheek and he said ur kissing baby or me twinkle it not fear

She try to go from their but he hold her on time and move toward to her and she give him permission to kissed her and he slowly kissed her and let her go but she hold his hand and walk down and everyone Their is clapping for them.

So kids that how I meet your mother

Wow papa it like amazing story and I will used this story in my s school presentation.

Kunj ok baby now
Let go down your mom is waiting for us is her happy birthday saying this he make kids follow him and they saw twinkle waiting for them and twinkle cute the cake and screen freeze on feeding cake to Kunj.

So finally done with os. Hope u all like it and plz comment your feedback thanks u lots of love to U all. Bye see u next time.

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  1. Chiku

    Woaah it’s awesome ??❤️?Lovely
    Lots of love??

  2. Lama

    Superbbb yaar…
    very nice…
    well done…
    Do write more…
    Love u ???

  3. Ramya

    Hey sidmin cute is loved it d way u expressed is superb

  4. Adya

    Sidmin yrr I was missing u soo much!!!!
    Where were u hnn ???
    Sooo cute ….it was awesome…keep writing
    Nd yeah post ur ff soon !!
    Love u

  5. Meeta

    It’s amazing.

  6. SidMin23

    Thanks u all of u for showering your love and I will try to post it on time. Thanks u meeta/Adya/Ramya/Lama/Chiku lots of love to u all.

  7. Ayu

    Awww that was sooo cute!!! I loved it!! Awesome!

  8. Hey SidMin23 OS is shoooooo cute yaar…do write cute OS like this…

  9. SidMin23

    Thanks u all of u and I will try to write more but now Iam kinda a busy with my class.

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  11. Aww so cute.. loved it.. keep writing more ❣

  12. SidMin23

    You guys can give me some topic tips and I will write the os or ff dm me if u guys have topic for OS. Thanks u all for showering so much love to the OS.

  13. Angita

    Awesome just loved it
    A very sweet story

  14. Aamu

    It was fantastic…
    Lobed d way kunj love her .. .shooooo cute …..
    Love uh♥♥♥♥

  15. Lovely and soooo cute os plzzz try to write more os like this

  16. SidMin

    Loved it too good the OS was so sweet 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

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