Meet my husband?? (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3
My mother’s voice brought to the present. “Sanskar.” I looked at her, and say her give a pointed glance at Swara. “I know I raised you better.” She gave me a stern look, then looked the other direction.

I knew what she meant. I was to always be the perfect gentleman, and asking a woman to dance, especially when they were sitting all by themselves, was a big issue.

I took a deep breath, feeling a bit nervous. I had never been afraid of rejection, but I have never, in my 27 years, have seen a woman as beautiful as the one sitting next to my mother right now.

“Swara, would you care to dance?” I asked. She looked up at me, and bit her lip. Again, it looked like she was asking herself a question rather than answering one. She looked down at her shoes.

“I’m a bit clumsy, and a horrible dancer. Actually, I can’t dance. ” She said. At least it wasn’t a full blown no.

“That’s ok. I can dance, and I won’t let you fall. I promise.”

She looked at me again, her eyes wondering if I could promise that. It seemed like someone had promised her something before, and wasn’t able to keep it.

I held my hand out to her, which, after a moment of staring at it, she took. I walked her into the other room, which was twice as big as the other one, and led her to the middle part.

“Sanskar” She pleaded. My heart skipped a beat when she said my name. I turned to look into her eyes. “Why do we have to go to the middle, why can’t we just stay near the edges?”

I smiled at her, and turned to face her. It was a slower song, so I stepped real close to her, wrapping my arms around her tiny waist. Her arms went around my neck, linking her hands together. I spun her around slowly, in time with the music. When a crescendo came, I dipped her down low. When she came back up, she came closer than before. I didn’t mind, so I wrapped my arms tighter and held on.

She sighed as the song came to a close. I was faintly aware that we had stopped moving, but other wise all I could think about was her. Her breathing, which was a little fast for normal, the smell of her breath as it was warm on my face. It was truly intoxicating, having her there.

But the next song was a fast song…. and Swara shook her head.

“No matter what you do Sanskar…. there is no way I’m going to dance that fast.”

I nodded, and reluctantly let her go. I followed her like a little lost puppy to where my mother still sat, but was on the phone.

“Ok, I’ll be home soon… ten minutes tops… yes…… I know… okay bye.” She slid the light blue phone shut and gave us an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, but I have to go. Your father sent a car, and it will be here soon.”

“Well let me grab our coats…” I started to say before my mother cut me off.

“You will do NO such thing. I said I had to go, not you. You’re young, stay have fun. I love you Edward. Call me when you get home. It was nice meeting you Swara, have a wonderful evening.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and started towards the other end of the room.

“You too,AnnuAunty, good-bye.” Bella called after my retreating mother.

“Love you mom, Bye.” I said. Once I made sure she was out the door, and from what I could tell safely in the car I turned to Swara. “So, what’s your favorite color?”

Credit to: Pearl

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  10. Well .?….yes I adopted theme for a scene…. and in thought process wrote there names…….no sanskar is not paranormal being….?but maybe I can make him…….I am just thinking about what to write next……so stay with me and …….wait for next chapter….

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