Meet my husband?? (Chapter 2)


“Oh no, defiantly no date, I just don’t want to intrude.” I said blushing a bit.

Suddenly I was shoved from behind. I knew that the floor would come in contact with my face soon, but it never came. But I felt strong arms around my waist.

Sanskar had moved both the glasses into one hand, and had the other arm around my waist, setting my upright.


“Welcome. Now, I promise, you won’t be intruding, I invited you.” He smiled a crooked smile, and my knees went a little weak.

What the?
Chapter 2 Sanskar POV

I looked at the woman in front of me, hoping she would take my offer.

Her deep brown eyes were questioning, maybe not someone else, but herself? Her wavy black hair hung to the middle of her shoulder blades. The deep blue dress she wore made her pale skin look soft and smooth.

She sighed, then smiled and nodded. I smiled too, instantly happier. I led her to where my mother was sitting down. My father was unable to attend, so I was my mother’s ‘date’.

“Well there’s my hot young date. I was beginning to think that you ditched me for a younger woman.” She said when we got close. I noticed that the mysterious woman was staying back a bit behind me, almost as if she was hiding.

I chuckled at my mother’s joke, and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh how could I ever leave you?” She laughed, then looked at me, then at the woman behind me. “Mother this is…”

“Swara Gadodia. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Maheshwari”

Swara Beautiful, absolutely stunning……and musical.

“Darling, please, call me annu, I feel old with the formality. And second, I’m annapurna, Sanskars adoptive mother.”

“AnnuAunty, then.” Swara smiled, giving me a look. I pulled out a chair for her, which she gladly sat in, rubbing her feet. The heels she wore were huge! I don’t understand how women can stand to walk in those!

I stood back a few feet from where my mother and the beautiful Swara were sitting. They fell into an easy conversation, chatting about God only knows what.

I could see Laksh talking to a sweet woman I had never seen before. Hump… he normally has his arms around two or three women at a time, not singling just one out.

I took my eyes away from him, and focused them on Swara. She laughed with my mother, and had a slight color to her cheeks. Her eyes were bright and happy. She looked happy too.

I smiled at my thoughts, then shook my head.

I admit I was quite shocked when she introduced me to Ayush as her husband. She seemed so confident, but not full of herself. Maybe desperation got to her, and she acted on it. Whatever it was, I was glad, because I had seen her earlier in the night too.

I had escorted my mother in, and I look into the crowd, which was much smaller than now, to see her talking with a short like girl with black brown hair. They looked like they were arguing over something. That was about 7 p.m., and it was now 8:30. I had been thinking about her all that time, but unable to see her anywhere in the fast growing crowd.

Credit to: Pearl

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