A medical love story (Episode 1)


Hey guyss am back with another OS . Hope u people will shower d same love nd support on this OS too. Thanks for d huge support for by ff raglak that nyt changed my life nd OS mr. Arrogant and his personal sl*t. I was bit confused abt my first OS but u people made it as huge success. Thank u guyss nd love you people.

A medical love story.
Its not necessary if we love someone they will love us back as much as we love them. Every love story are not successful one.

A room is shown a girl of 5 yr is sleeping in a bed covered with pink pillows. A cute smile is spreading on her lips. By seeing her smile anyone can say that she is dreaming. Suddenly sm shouting sounds came. But ur sleeping beauty is still sleeping holding her teddy tightly.
Let’s allow her sleep nd check from where these sounds are coming

In a room in d same house a man nd women r shown who is busy in heated arguments. They revealed to be shekhar singhania nd his wife shomi singhania. Who r really opposite to each other in every perception of life. They were frnds in clg nd ended up marrying each other. It was a mere infacatuation which they misunderstood as love. When they realized it its become too late becoz shomi was carrying their doll ( ragini) in her womb. They both tried their level best to adjust with each other for their doll. But nothing is going like what they planned.

(shomi) enough is enough shekhar. I can’t live like this. I need my freedom. Its my life. I will decide abt it. U r none to stop me.

She shouted from d top of her lungs

(shekhar) u and ur high society life. Can’t u c d men r looking at with u lust

(shomi) its not my mistake. If am gorgeous then everyone will look me. Why r u becoming hyper. I never interfere in ur life. I know what is happening between u nd d cat kathyy

(shekhar) why r u dragging her in this? She is just a frnd

Shomi laughed sarcastically
(shomi) better say bed mate for ur business trips. Look shekhar I don’t have any interest in ur nd kathyy’s relationship. Let me live my life nd u live ur.
(shekhar) do what ever u want. I don’t mind. U can go anywhere nd enjoyed.
(sumi) kkk. But what abt ragooo
(Shekhar) I can’t live without my doll. U can’t too. Lets live like strangers in this room
(sumi) we can pretend as happy couple to ragooo nd world.
( shekhar) I will never interfere in ur life. Nd u better be don’t interfere in my.

(sumi) am least bothered about ur life. Go to he’ll nd leave me to live my life happly
She said it with attitude

Both goes different room to sleep

Shomi nd shekhar some hw to mange to pretend as happy parents to ragoo .there misunderstandings grew faster as years passed nd both hates each other nw. They bobarded ragini with luxurious but there r unaware that their ragoo is longing for love. She missed her parents on parents day. But she always thoughts that her parents are busy to give her better future. But somewhere she felt smthng strange. But she ignored everything. When she were missing her parents shekhar was busy with his extra marital affairs where as suni was busy with her high society lyfstyl parties nd show off. But hw many days they can hide d truth behind their life to their. One day or other day she will definitely cm to know abt them

On Sunday ragini was back to hm after checking her plus two result. She was extremely happy that she topped d state. She ran to her home. Opened d door what she heard or saw there was an shock for her.

(Shekhar) its my mistake to marry u. Only for my doll sake am bearing. Other wise I would have been given u divorce long back.

(sumi) oh hello blo*dy flirt. No one here is not dying to live with u. Am just bearing for d sake of my doll

( shekhar) past 18 yr I have been living in hell
( sumi) am fed up of this best couple drama. I can’t even let u cm near me.

( shekhar) u blo*dy witch mind ur tough.
(sumi) u womenizer don’t rise ur voice informs of me.
They both were busy in their heated argument.so they were unaware of ragini’ presence. Ragini ran towards her garden sat there with a thud. She was really heartbroken. She was shaken with truth her life.
When ragoo was back her parents was on there pretendence mode. They were happy for her result
Shomi made her sit there on sofa. She brought sweets for ragoo’s victory. Ragoo was really frustrated with their pretendence nd burst out

(Ragini) plz stop these all. I can’t take it more. Don’t betray me again. No need to pretended. I know d bitter truth of my life. I can’t take it more. Don’t show any fake concern. Am fed up of this. Leave me alone on my state. Am happy without u people. So u can enjoy ur life. I will not be a obstacle in u r lyfstyl. Plz leave.

She cried her heart out. Shekhshomi was abt to say something. But she stopped them them by showing her hand nd left for her room

From that day ragoo back silent. She lost her charming smile. She becm pale nd lifeless. Days were passed . Her entrance results declared. She got nice rank nd decided to join Delhi aims. After I month she joined there as she want to go somewhere far from her daily dama lyfstyl.

2 years passed. She was still same. She was not interested to talk. She always do is study. She only have two frnds swara nd sanskaar. But both of r too un aware abt her

It happens during her 3 rd yr. She was late for her pediatrics posting. When she entered a new doctor is taking class for her friends. He was an handsome hunk with brown eyes nd perfect abs. He was furious at for coming late nd didn’t allowed her for class for 3 days.

Onday she observed that d new professor or doctor was too nice. He plays with d children. She plays with new born. She cm to know his name from swara. Dr. Laksh taneja.

One day on her posting. She saw he was playing with new born.
(laksh) hw r u my little doll
Feeling happy to cm to this world.
Had ur milk. Hey tell me ur doctor uncle hw is ur life.

He keep on talking with her. Ragini was adoring him. It was her daily core to adore him till she completed her pediatrics posting. She becm to follow him everywhere, begin to notice his activity, she was unaware that he was falling for his gentle antics. She felt heart broken when swara introduced him as her BF nd sanky’s big bro.

They begam to hang out together. But laksh never paid an attention to her. It was hurting her badly. When she saw swaragini together she felt her heart broken apart. She was confused about her feelings. But the truth was she was feed to accept the truth. She don’t want another heart break. But she realized her feelings when she saw him with bandage on his forehead nd hanging on his left hand. She visited him everyday. But only hai nd bye between them. He never talked to her when they both were alone
She decided to tell him her feelings on d convocation day. But she left her broken when she found swaragini hugging each other. Swara had a bunch full of red rose on her hands nd said I love you to him. She ran from there nd buried her feelings in her heart forever. She was unable to forget him. She kept her busy with her MD exam preparations. She joined a hospital as trained too. But nothing could keep her away from him. Soon she got admission for pediatrics (MD). She never contact swara nd sanky after their miss. She again lost her charming smile which only her Dr. Laksh can bring back with his antics. Why she chooses pediatrics d answer is him. Why she living. D answer is him. Her every day starts nd ends with adoring his pic, d only pic she had of him.

Years passed.
Swasan r back to India for meet laksh wife. They didn’t met her becoz they can’t back before Their MS.then after marriage swara got pregnant in one month nd there is sm complications in her pregnancy. Then for child citizenship they have to stay there for 2 more years. In these laksh got married nd becm pa of twins girls. Nd most important part he is india’s best pediatrician. Swara missed her ragoo too. She tried her level best to find her but couldn’t.

When we opened laksh bhaiya house two girls of 3 yreas ran towards as chachi chachu. They giggled him. This is our ragya nd raksha my laksh bhai’s dolls. We skypped them every night. But my bhabhi never showed up. Laksh bhayya cm to c who is at door. He was shocked c me swara along with our doll on door step.

(laksh) hey sanky swara when did u back with sanskriti
( Swasan) surprise
(Sanky) where is my bhabhi.
(LAksh) first have ur seat.
We sat dwn.
(Laksh) Jaan here is smone to meet u
Soon a lady with long curly hairs nd baby bomb cm to us.it was visible that she was five month pregnant.
We shocked c her

Ragini was standing near her window.sge looked at laksh who is busy with his dolls. His ragya nd raksha r not ready to sleep. But sm hw he managed to put them sleep. Soon laksh joined her. She back hugged her nd caressed her pregnant belly, placed his chin over shoulders nd kissed her nape
(Laksh) jaan. Remembering our past

Its was for 2 months she back after her MD exam to her home. Her mom nd bad compete each other bring alliance for her. She was fed up of this nd decided to ran away. She was not ready to give up on laksh. But her parents agreed for Dr. S’ alliance. So she becm ready to meet them becoz for d first tym her parents were agreeing on same thing. She decided to meet him. But she was sure that her answer will be a big NOOOO

She was shocked not angry no sad to find laksh as d bride groom. She tried her hard to stop her tears from falling. Soon their parents send them to talk.
They were in her room. Both r silent for half an hr.
( ragini) laksh I know u love swara. Don’t agree this alliance for ur parents. I know u might agreed to meet me for there sake. I will say no to them. Don’t wry. After that u can tell abt ur swara’ relationship. They will agree as they know her from childhood.

She said holding her tears

(Laksh) u r ready to give up ur 4 yr love for ur frnd
(Ragini) no. I didn’t love u. I don’t love you
She said after turning her face from her. Her voice cracked

(laksh) then what was that
She asked pointing towards his photo under my pillow.

She was shocked and stammered. It was nothing like that this was only she managed to say.

Before she could speak he pinned her against her wall nd kissed her lips hungry. She tried to push him. But he was too strong nd squeezed her waist to calm her. He took his anger frustration on her. They part away when they were out of air

( laksh) on ur convocation day. I was going to propose u. Suddenly I got call from swara nd I moved to meet her. She told me sanky proposed her just nw. nd I hugged my best frnd nd wished her. I was happy that she got her love for which she waited long 12 years. When I left them alone I found a card nd ring box on ur door step. Before I could meet u u left college. I tried my best to find u. But u were no where to found. Then I got ur address from clg nd reach here.

He said taking d same card which I left on our room door. I was shocked to c d ring which I brought for him on his ring finger on which RL is written.

He hugged me. Nd whispered in my ears r u ready for this alliance.

(ragini) nooooo

(laksh) why? Asked shocked nd shattered

(ragini) u didn’t confessed ur feeling yet. Nd not propossed me for marrige

(laksh) I did
( ragini) when? How?
( laksh) like this
Before she could understand anything he dragged her close nd kissed her lips nd squeezed her waist it was yet nd passionate kiss which reflected their life
********* after 3 month. After ragini were joined for her MD. They got married. On d wedding day he told her he didn’t confessed her during her clg lyf becoz he didn’t want to mess her studies. He avoided her becoz if he talk to her he will lose his control nd end up smthng (kissing) which he may regret later. Its was hard for him c his love far from him. He tried his level best to meet her everyday. He was always behind her as shadow. They consummate their marriage nd with in a month ragoo got pregnant with twins. They were fast must say took fast

Screen again shifted to raglak room. There the lovely couple was busy in chitchatting with each other. The was hugging her nd she was cuddling him. Soon their trance broke by their dolls sound. Soon they joined their dolls on bed. Screen freeze on sleeping position of raglak. Laksh with his dolls on right side nd his angle on left side nd other 3 were cuddling to their hero.


Hope u guyss enjoyed sry if it was not up to d mark. Sorry for types. This is hw d medical love blossom. If u liked plz throw ur valuable cmmnt.

Fingers crossed hopping for d best

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