medical drama (part 2)

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Next day sanchi woke up and went to hostel.she goes to washroom to get ready for hospital.just then veer comes.
Veer-how r you sanchi?
Sanch-i am fine.And thanks for taking care of me

Veer-no need to thank me.hey you didnt answer me about my pending question that why you helped me?
Sanchi blushes.(in serial also sanchi is falling for veer but in my ff kanchi will be the end game)/
Just then sanchi slips and veer holds her.they have an eyelock.riya sees them secretly
Riya pov-now as sanchi and veer r in way for kabir is clear!

In malhotras cabin:
Dr Malholtra

To his brother- did you find whos sandel was tht?
Adarsh – no
Malhotra-who can be it who destroyed pic
Adarsh-i think the culprit is smart.he intentionally left the sandel to confuse us
Dr malholtra-yeah right but i am now 100% sure that dr manchanda was saying truth that he saw sanchi aggrawal.
in jayas house
Khushboo-i have to get throw jaya out from this house to fullfill my plan
Jaya-whats in khushboos mind.ihave to find

In Sdch hospital
All interns enter classroom.just then dr kabir enters and sees sanchi
Dr kabir-how r you dr sanchi?
Sanchi-i am fine sir
Dr get back to your duties
Dr kabir to all interns-tommrrow is FAREWALL function of MD students.SO all interns r also invited for this.just then ms fernades enters and distribute cards for party

In hostel

Isha:yaar guys tell me what should i wear!
Pragya-abe o nautanki . Wear anything u have wasted 1 hour for selecting clothes now hurry up
just then sanchi enters and she is wearing a simple white coloured kurta with pearl earings.
Pragya-abe o herione what r you wearing u r not you for surgery u r going to a party
Isha-yeah right pls change clothes
Sanchi-sorry i am doing so.and see time we have to go.

In kabirs cabin .
Kabir is writting some important notes for surgery . He writes sanchi.
After sometime he notices what he has written and tears page
At the party
Riya and her friends enters.

Veer-hi behna looking hot
Riya stares and stands at corner waiting for dr kabir to come.
Veer pov-yaar where is sanchi?
Just then dr kabir comes wearing black suit
Riya comes and stands infront of dr kabir.but dr kabir ignores her and goes to greet dr malhotra.
Aftersometime isha,pragya and sanchi enters. Veer gets mesmerised by sanchi.dr kabir just then looks at sanchi and gets mesmerised by her simple clothing and smiles.
Veer-sanchi u r looking amazing
Sanchi blushes.

Just then dr kabir gets a call from home.
Servant-sir mam got fainted come fast
Dr kabir panics .and runs
Sanchi to isha and pragya-i have to go . I think there is some emergency in hospital.thats why dr kabir panic
Outside party hall
Sanchi sees dr kabir going she calls from behind sir …
Dr kabir-what r u doing here go

Sanchi-sir is there any problem?
Dr kabir-sanchi maa got fainted i have to go
Sanchi-sir i will also come .
Sir i was study aunty case so i can help
Dr kabir-ok
Dr kabir and sanchi comes home and rushes kusum to hospital.
Doctor to kabir-sir the patient got mild heart attack because of high bp
Dr kabir:what!
Doctor-sir dont panic.she will get fine by surgery

sanchi stares at dr kabir
Sanchi pov-god pls help aunty
After surgery
Doctor-dr kabir patient is fine u can meet her but after sometime
Dr kabir sits in bench.
Sanchi-sir take coffee .
Dr kabir-thanks but not now
Sanchi nods and sits besides dr kabir she feels sleepy and sleeps. Dr kabir also sleeps.dr kabir puts his head over sanchis shoulder.

Precap-kusum-kabir i think u r in love with sanchi

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