medical drama (part 1)

Hi everyone i am new in tellyupdates and i am a big fan of SDCH and of kanchi .without wasting time i am narrating the story.The characters of story are same and the story starts when ms fernades instructed all the interns to line up and wear the sandel one by one which was left by isha and pragya when they were destroying sanchis pic.

sanchi: i will not let you guys in trouble because of me
pragya;abe o maharani dont worry . let me think what can be done
isha: i think we will be caught guys!
sanchi: hey i have an idea .I will pretend of being fainting and you guys will change the sandel with a sandel of bigger size not of ishas size
isha;what an idea . I Think by living with veer you have learned tatics
sanch:SHUT UP

JUST as planed sanchi pretended of being fainted and just then veer comes and holds sanchi. veer panics
veer:ms golgappa what happened? wake up
just then pragya comes and
change sandel piece which was lying on table

ms fernedes:i think sanchi got fainted take her to ward
In conference hall dr kabir was dicussing about new medications developed in abroad to kill tumours in brain with dr malhotra
just then a ward boy comes and informes dr kabir about an intern of being fainted.he goes to check in the ward.
he sees sanchi in bed.
kabir looking at sanchi:what happened to dr sanchi?
pragya-sir sanchi got fainted

kabir-i know but how?
isha and pragya were tensed as now dr kabir will caught them red handed for saying lie
kabir-let me check.
veer-no need dr kabir i have checked shes fine
kabir-ok good
ria thinks why veer is possesive about sanchi.i have to find out!
all the interns go including veer.only isha, pragya and sanchi are left in room
pragya-abe oh sanchi wake up all are gone
sanchi takes a relief

isha-thank god we got saved
sanchi-yeah but what about tommorrow
pragya-lets see but at this time dont think much relax dr saanchi truth will not come out
isha – i think you have to sleep here tonight in this ward
sanchi-yeah right
at night dr kabir was going to home just then he remembers about sanchi
he comes to ward and sees sanchi sleeping he sits besides her.he sees a strand of hair in sanchi eye and removes it.just then he stands up.
kabir pov-what am i doing.i have to go

precap-dr kabir was writing key notes for a surgery he writes sanchi

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  1. luv it pls it is a request to continue the ff and post the update regularly pls I just luv it

  2. Abhilasha

    Nice start dear….. Would feel great to read ur story…… Update soon…. Plot is easily relatable to sdch!

  3. Hey nice story but plz do it long waiting 4 nxt keep writting regularly

  4. Swetatitli

    Really loved ur ff a lot yaar. Plz continue with this story and update daily. My best wishes are always with u ???

  5. Nice story line plzz update daily

  6. Moonlight25

    It was really good. I lowed it.

  7. Moonlight25

    It was really good. I loved it. Plzzzzz post regularly

  8. Awesome

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    It was awsm… But pls post a little longer…

  10. It’s awesome.

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    This was so nice …continue soon dear

  12. It’s is so nice. Please continue regularly. All the best ?

  13. wow nice start and awesome..waiting for next one

  14. nice episode plz next episode updated soon

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    Nice start write longer one would love to read
    continue soon

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