What is meant by Swaragini? A short analysis for all Raglak , Ragsan, Swalak , Swasan fans!


Well I am Zuha and I write FF’s and I am a big Swaragini fan as well as. I have read many analysis some are bashing Ragini and some are bashing Swara , so whosoever is bashing any of them so please remember 1 saying “Clap is made ouy of 2 hands not 1” Same goes for our beloved Swaragini. As Swara is incomplete without Ragini , Ragini is incomplete with Swara. Both sister combine to make Swaragini. This analysis of mine is for all fans of Swara and Ragini whether they like them with Sanskaar or Laksh. To be very frank I myself am a Swasan and Raglak fan but today want to speak in favour of Swara and Ragini.

Coming to Swara , she was introduced as a bold , bubbly , charming , yet a modern girl and I loved her that avatar but right now I am not talking about the appearance but the character. Firstly , the hatred of the viewers should not be towards the character coz they are only fictional , the actors are doing whar the CV’s are making them do , so for Swara first she was showcased with Laksh , who was Ragini’s to be husband. What the CV’s were thinking at that time , I am not saying Swalak are not good but a girl maintain distance with his to be brother in law , won’t she? Of course coz in every religion their are some values, morals of relations. Later , she came to know she is an illegitimate daughter of Shekar , so what kind of father he is that he left a woman who he impregnated all alone , and even he was not married to her, if anyone of us would have been at Swara’s place would never accept such kind of a father , who first betrayed his lover and married someone else and kept that woman in darkness. But still Swara accepted him, Ragini as her sister , and all other family members as her own. She was then left alone by Laksh who married Ragini , well it was not his fault and maybe his , whatever. Later she was tied in an unwanted relation with Sanskaar who married her only for his mission. And her in laws , tortured and disliked her still she did alot for them , Hats off 2 u man!!! And that Kavita and Kavya track , I have no words for it , totally awesome. This character trait of Swara was only as a daughter , wife and a bahu but if we see her as a sister so she performed this duty of her marvelously. Saved her sissy once from death , protected her from Laksh when he was bashing her out , freed Laksh from all relations which theu had (Farmhouse). Well potrayed by Helly Shah!!

Now coming towards Ragini….

A sweet , simple girl who turned a vamp but Teju potrayed that character awesomely! And if she turned negitive in love so it is a natural feeling coz when u love someone truly you can do anythhing to acheive it , as it is said “Everthing is fair in love and war.” And speacially those people who bash Ragini’s character for this reason please keep yourself in her shoe , will you accept your lover , loving your very own sis. If me so no , but 1 thing I would like to point out hoping it does not hurt someone which is that she tried to kill Swara , that is the main thing which I disliked but overall thumbs up to Teju!!! I loved when she rectified her mistake and changed , and sacrificed her life for the stake of her sister’s , and the person who only gave her pain , which is Laksh , who firstly did a commitement with her and then fall for Swara , tried to kill her , slapped her father , betrayed her numerous times , but yeah he also changed so “All is well , which ends well!!”

Moral : Love can happen , not once but many times but love shall be true and pure……

So , this was my analysis for Swaragini hoping u all liked it , feel free to comment I will surely reply to it.

Note : I am not criticising and , an equal fan of both Swara and Ragini , whereaes Tejaswi and Helly.

Zuha Fatima.

Credit to: Fan of Swaragini...

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  1. Me too

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      ? Nice to know

  2. Ya I agree with u it was cvs fault but every one have their own opinoion on their views according to their toughts they have right to say if dont like nd one main thing is every one were saying y fighting y fighting common yar its not a fight every one were trying to keep their view on their fav actress nd mainly if we fight also it not matters as no one knows each other personally so its also a fun enjoy by reading the comments don’t say stop fighting its an entertainment for many people like mee really I enjoy by reading those comments they were very funny I just kept my point of view iam not saying to fight but take that fight in a funny manner

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Yeah I agree we can take out our frustration if we are disliking something I will also say but please donot insult any character and it was my opinion , I respect every POV.

  3. I totally agree wid u..zuha..yesterday i was feeling disappointed coz of d bashing analysis..dey were acting lyk dat was world war 3…they totally 4got dat dis is just a soap opera nd d plot is written by a writer according to trp rating..i’m a varun fan nd i lyk swasan but dat doesn’t mean i hate rags..infact i find d serial incomplete widout teju nd her sweetsmile..first of all we need to respect everyone..i still lykd rags when she was doing negative role (i’m a zain imam fan nd i still lyk him as yuvi ) and about d pairing…
    Swalak-i thought dey are cute in d begining..but after sanky entry nd d reveal of revenge…i started rooting 4 swasan..coz i know how a serial would turn out…mostly d badboy falls 4 d heroine nd marries her nd he becomes mr.perfect.(eg: begusurai,piya rangrez,etc) and der would be a devdas lyk lucky who regrets deir stupidity…
    Ragsan: dey look lyk bro nd sis 4 me..so i can’t see dem as a pair..sry ragsan fans..
    Raglak- need to see deir chemistry..dey r hot together
    swasan: d perfect couple i seen after
    arshi(arnav nd khushi is still d best couple in tv show industry)

    1. zuha (Asya fan)

      It is good that u agreed with me Hope and all characters are good.

    2. agree swasan n raglak r best baki mughe b ragsan bhai behen n swalak Bhabhi devar lgte h

      1. zuha(Asya Fan)

        yes maybe true?

    3. Ragsan- evn i can’t take dem as couple.. Mode lyk bro sis (sry ragsan fans no intention to hurt u ol)
      Abt swalak n swasan, I think d same
      In short my view regarding pairs z same as urs.. U dubbed my thoughts ?

  4. zuha its superb!!!!!!!!! mostly in epi analysis people will be bashing rags…and will tell that she is worth for nothing……but urs is unique n its speaks pf swaragini n not swara alone……happy that u gave both the jodi equal imp n told abt their +ves and -ves………..loved it……….

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks aastha

  5. Its a human nature, u will support thm whom u admire in every condition and every situatioj… Even I support this analysis… And m a Tejaswi/Ragini fan…. But before criticizing Tejaswi/Helly remember that it was only the writers… and they were just portraying their roles… Because of cvs Ragini aka Tejaswi portrayed the negative character… She went against her own family… what was Tejaswi’s fault in it tht u r criticizing her…. She then decided to quit the show because of her usual negative character… It was cvs who changed the storyline so that Tejaswi remains in the show… Makers of the show wrnt mad to make her as one of the lead of the show It is vry difficult to potray so many shades in a serial…. For swasan fans: Swasan are togthr just ncz of Ragini…
    From Swalak fan: Swalak arnt together just bcz of ragini…
    1 good thing and 1 bad thing…
    And about Helly makers would have seen smthng in her that is why they cast her as a female lead… the one who criticize her for her height… then ur accusation is baseless… may be because of some problem… it can be covered up by heels.. u r watching serial… u should only and only see serials and their acting… dont make it in real life… Helly has achieved so much in such a short time…

    Everyone has different perspective… And we are no one to comment on anyone… Everyone is unique in their way… So plzz keep it till Ragini and Swara… Do go beyond ur limits… We are no one to comment on Tejaswi and Helly…

    I know many of u ll criticize me now..

    1. regard this as an analysis or whatever… but the truth is only this…

    2. zuha(Asya Fan)

      I agree with u and Thanks for reading.

  6. I am totally agree wid u because we have similar thinking that swaragini exists only if swara & ragini is there

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thank u for ur support?

  7. I agree Zuha…

  8. Of course

  9. Tooo

  10. Totally agree with you on swara’s analysis… Damn tru!! ?

    Bt ragini, sry I can’t ?…. It’s nt dat I hate her, I lyk her a lot n nw evn more bt wat she did z nt acceptable at ol.. Yeah evrythn z fair in love n war bt wat she did z obsession.. She tried to kill her own sister, tried to pruv her characterless, evn she ditched her whn swara forgave her n requested evry1 to accept her, kidnapped her mum, n wat not.. D list z soooo long…. Diz z nt justified at ol…??

    Nyways i’ll stop here cuz her wrong doings won’t end.. Bt ol diz can’t make me hate ragini.. ☺?

    N nw m glad she z back to her own self? After ol, ol z well dat ends well isn’t it!!!??

    Love swara n ragini as well as helly n tejaswi ???

    Zuha it’s juz my POV… No intentions of opposing u or pruving u wrng… Sry if it hurts u ?

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      No re , I am not at all hurt I respect each and every POV so just chill and I also mentioned she did bad with Swara , read it once again maybe u have missed.

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